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  1. I thought they had settled on the super tucano for this type of missions. what changes?
  2. I think you are right Kursad, besides if it would have worked they would have advertised the hell out of it. still makes an interesting modeling subject.
  3. looks like google answered my question
  4. Just ran into this pic while browsing. can anyone confirm is this is in fact real?
  5. Scott you are referring to other than the current Su-33 right?
  6. Zark, I might have some Chinese missiles I would trade for your Russians =) let me know if interested.
  7. going to vegas at the end of the month. Any shops worth visiting?
  8. That must have been it! Thanks for the correction!
  9. I'm pretty sure I have seen pictures of Ukrainian 2 seater with LGBs and a targeting pod. I think Airpower magazine? I belive the Targeting pod was Israeli.
  10. looks good! any more detail shots of the resin? Does the seat include PE harness?
  11. You can buy individual sprues from tamiya USA.
  12. I really regret missing this year's!! thanks for the pics! my F-15 made it to your album hehe
  13. Lol you basically drive an Italian car.
  14. Get the amazon shell its easy to do. BTW the key from VW is $150 give or take. Programming is another $150. expect to pay $300 for a replacement key from VW.
  15. It will take me about a year to get mine to the point where I need decals. You have until then sir =)
  16. Thank you my friend, I was not aware that the wolpack kit had the Beale markings!
  17. I told you to disregard!
  18. Where the Beale Melinda ever released? Can't find them.
  19. I like the WHIF aggressor camo =) the metal is really nice to.
  20. how about every single picture of every Argentinian Super Etendard? My link
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