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  1. Actually I have had 2 parts replaced by squadron no issues. A seat from Wing mans Kfir kit, and a canopy for a hobby boss tucano. Never had a problem with them. Wonder what has changed?
  2. The kit itself is very nice, however I was disappointed at finding that the Argentinean sun is yellow not gold.
  3. I asked them a couple of months back in facebook. they replied back that it was still scheduled for 2016. lets hope it comes out.
  4. That' version is one of my wife's and I favorite song. It's a real great piece
  5. All that hair and flesh! this model is unbuildable! hehe thanks for the great pics! cant wait for mine.
  6. must admit i'm looking forward to this one.
  7. Pep

    Su-27 sheets?

    hi Kursad! I was just curious if you are contemplating any sheets for the upcoming hobby boss kits? I would love to see some schemes from your company! please do not be put of by Begemot owning the market! There are so many nice schemes out there and your decals are spectacular! please make it so!
  8. looks a bit over engineered, specialty for a 1/72 kit.
  9. I might have enough Hasegawa parts for a CJ. what exactly is needed? wide-mouth GE exhaust and..?
  10. Very original Kursad! I will be getting a set for sure.
  11. Looks like a vanilla Su-27 can be built from the J-11? Just a mater or removing the static strips from the nose. can anyone confirm?
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to get a 1/35 trumpeter Mi-24 hind. Let me know if you have one with price shipped to Florida 33351
  13. Great work Romain! any chance that these would be available for sale?
  14. Lol I sold mine when it was first announced, like 2 or 3 years ago.
  15. YAY! Any idea which retailer will have it first?
  16. I really like using CA then sprinkling baby powder on the CA. It sands down fast and smooth! CA by itself is harder than plastic, so you will eat into the adjacent plastic before the CA is smooth. Adding baby powder to the CA makes it easier to sand down.
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