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  1. Tamiya 1/32 FrankenViper builders kit up for grabs, The kit has been started, as you can see some part are of the sprues, some are duplicates. There lower fuselage has had work done to fit the Aires wheel wells, as well as the top fuselage for the cockpit. There are enough parts for both the GE and PW engine. Also parts for big and small mouth intakes. Please note: no light weight gear parts or TB specific parts are included. Includes Aires wheel bays and cockpit (Tamiya paint used so can be easily striped with windex), and wheeliant wheels. I have taken lots of pictures because I want
  2. You can use mirage 2000 seats, Aires makes some good one as well as Wolfpack. Canopy breakers might be slightly different but that's about it. I used true details ones but they are harder to come by.
  3. Making some space and selling some big kits. 1/32 Trumpeter Su-27UB with AM Quick Boost Instrument Panel Quick Boost Seats Master Pitot tube Eduard Zoom PE Eduard Seat PE Aires Exhaust Nozzles. Store price is about $260 looking for $185 1/32 Italer F-104G/S $95 1/72 Tu-95MS Bear-H $80 1/72 TU-16K-26 BADGER G with Masks $40 Shipping extra from 33351
  4. soon as I buy this tamiya will announce their 2 seater.
  5. I jut bought an L-39 and when I got home it had instructions for an completely different kit =/
  6. I don't think there are noticeable exterior changes. however the IP is different, now has a MFD along with an upgraded HUD. My link
  7. that's what I thought to, but they looks more like 500s no?
  8. I was wondering if someone could correctly identify the bombs on this AC. they look to big to be 250 kgs
  9. Ken, Besides canards, vectoring exhausts and tails what other external changes?
  10. I believe this is the one he is referring to.
  11. Hi all, Looking for the Aires cockpit and wheel wells for the trumpy 1/32 Su-27 single seater. Can buy or trade.
  12. Looking forward to it!
  13. Take all the time you need! if its anything like your previous releases the wait will be well worth it!
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