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  1. Lol! I might just do the academy one with some resin seats I'm not to worried about finding the eduard one =)
  2. Hi all, I'm testing the waters for an eduard boxing of academy's Mig-29 UB. if you have one please let me know.
  3. How about a dominican one? not many thrills but still fun.
  4. Great news! I have been debating on whether to get this kit or not! you just made my decision for me!
  5. Hi all, Looking to borrow or buy the scribing templates of the Eduard set 49309 for the trumpwter mig-19 . If you already build the kit or if you can let go of the PE for a couple of days I would appreciate it. I would also buy the PE if need be.
  6. Jennins Senses must be tingling hehe
  7. Is this the person that sells the F-15 exhausts on ebay? if so I must agree, customer service is some of the best I have experienced.
  8. Awesome Job brian! nice and clean! by the way what division or RR are you at? I think you guys are our customers.
  9. As a Veedub owner and enthusiast, I cant say this news changes my view. I did find it amusing that they plain out apologized and basically said "oops you cough us" heck they even lied to me! my 2015 GTI is supposed to have 200 HP of the dealer floor. It actually topped out at 230HP grrrr =)
  10. Spitfireguy, Im going to have to pass on the A-4, If galileo is interested please feel free o sell to him.
  11. TT If you see somehting you like make me an offer. Adding one more 1/48 Eduard P-38 lighning over Europe. Looking for funds for a mig-25 or trade.
  12. Aires "late" cockpit has the Msip IP. Eduard does not. As for the cans there's an "eBay" set which is very decent and includes the tubes not just the nozzles. http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/261986371407
  13. I have this nose and its rather nice. best part it actually fits the kit unlike the QB one.
  14. It's actually a very nice kit if you are looking for a quick weekend build. I keep one in my stash just for that purpose. I've also seen some really nice ones build up at shows. You can usually get them really cheap at shows, add a seat and done.
  15. More stuff. 1/48 Hobby boss A-6E Parts Sealed 81509 $55.00 SOLD 1/48 GWH Mig-29 9-13 Parts Sealed L4813 $55.00 1/48 Hasegawa F-16F Parts Sealed 07244 $35.00 1/48 Hasegawa F-16A shelfworn box 06163 $30.00 1/48 Hasegawa KF-16C 06848 $25.00 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-19M Kit sealed 02804 $35.00 1/48 Frems MB.339A Parts Sealed Art.0199 $45.00 1/48 AMK L-29 Delfin Parts Sealed 88002 $30.00 1/48 Kittyhawk Mirage F1 Parts Sealed KH80111 $35.00 1/48 Hasegawa F-2A Parts Sealed 07227 $35.00 1/48 Tamiya F-117 Parts sealed / shelfworn box 61059 $30.00 1/48 Academy Su-27UB Parts sealed /
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