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  1. Kursad are these out yet? Can't wait to order! Also don't forget my 1/72 sheet :)
  2. Lockheed Black Hawk =) sounds weird =) Heard it around the office a while back but didn't pay much attention to it. Its all kinda sinking in now lol
  3. IN the market for an affordable Trumpeter Su-27 1/32, must have updated parts. please let me know what you have,
  4. Thanks for the info Markus!
  5. Hello All, Quick question about trumpeter's big flanker. I know the 2 seater has the updated intakes and Radome, but its my understanding that the later boxings of the single seater had the updated parts as well. Can someone confirm this? and if so, is there a way to tell which box has the new parts?
  6. If you decide you want the aerobonus hit me up, I have one I can let go of for less than reatail
  7. Looking great!!! cant wait to get my hands on them!!!
  8. That one is on my bucket list.
  9. I swear Andy has a 5th sense that alerts him when ever anything good comes up lol.
  10. ZHENGDEFU?! And here I though we where friends!
  11. How about a bottom half lol? the one I have I ruined because i botched the aires wheel wells. so now it has to be in-flight lol.
  12. No hurry, I was organizing my spare parts yesterday and I figured out I have enough parts of a flanker except the canopy lol.
  13. sweet thanks man! I still havent shipped your stuff sorry! I promise to get it out soon. BTW happy first fathers Day!
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for n academy su-27 canopy for the single seater. Please let me know if you have one can buy or trade.
  15. More sold items removed, thank you all.
  16. Hi, Im interested in the Linden hill decals for the su-27 if you are willing to part with them separate. can you let me know which ones they are? tried PMing but looks like its full.
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