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  1. I think he is asking for a list of what you have for trade. He probably has one on his stash, but (like me ;) is not sure if he wants to part with it.
  2. Peter, How much would shipping be for the F-16 to 33351?
  3. Last few releases eduard has been skimping on the brasin, F-104 only had seats :(
  4. Just Cans?! no seats or wheels?
  5. HI all, At the moment i'm just looking if there is one available. Its for a friend and he is not sure yet if he want to go this route. If you have one please let me know.
  6. Get a POBOX. get a separate account for models. (paypal works) buy garage sale price stickers for when you bring new kits home. anything over $5 is to much. a 1/32 Tamiya Viper for $4.99 is not unheard of. get her her own hobby, shoes and purses can be considered a hobby. She like modeling you say? not for long. congratulations BTW =)
  7. Paint looks like it could be a coast guard stripe? but they where white not NM soooo mystery continues.
  8. a couple of my modeling buddies including Gonzalo live very close by. We always try and order together to mitigate shipping costs.
  9. Try amazon next time. tamiya primer $11 tamiya tape $5 free shipping. I have prime which gives me free 2 day shipping, but you can get free shipping on most items.
  10. Thanks Andy! I should be able to mail you and Jim a set this weekend.
  11. Tried the masks last night. Perfect fit on a hasegawa viper. NO issues to report.
  12. Saw the DXF go up, I will try to cut and paint tonight. I will take some pics of the process and the result. I am using the Hasegawa kit, but i don't foresee any problems. thanks again!
  13. I have this kit in my stash as well, was not aware of the panel line issue, Do they all need to be filled?
  14. Pep

    Minicraft T-34

    This was not on the internet. but i hope its still coming.
  15. Pep

    Minicraft T-34

    What ever happened to the minicraft T-34 release? I had heard it was completely scraped, is this true? does anyone have any inside info?
  16. ok send me an email at reyes.felipe@gmail.com . You might have to remind me to look =)
  17. Dave, I might have some from a Kopro su-25, not as refines as the trumpeter ones. Do these work?
  18. I'm in the market for a hobby boss F-14B. Please let me know if you have one and how much. Shipping would be to florida 33351. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi all, got a hasegawa kit with no decals. Need some markibgs and can't find any! Please let me know if you have an extra set, can buy or trade.
  20. Got the decals today, the look great!!!! Almost have a hasegawa viper ready for paint.
  21. any news on the mask downloads? Thanks!
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