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  1. Tamiya strut parts are the same on the CJ and TB so might as well.
  2. Have you considered getting the AVF F-16B boxing? It’s the academy sufa with resin parts for light weight gear, A tail (you won’t need this) and sidewinder rails (which you’ll need). Will be cheaper than getting a tamiya kid and all the needed parts.
  3. are you looking for a specific bird on the twobobs? i have a partial.
  4. Like the title reads, I’m looking for a tamiya 1/32 F-15E. Can be started, builders special etc let me know what you have.
  5. i think the struts are the same for both tamiya kits. i can check later tonight.
  6. I don't believe the academy kit has lightweight gear. Best bet is a donor hasegawa kit.
  7. I have this sheet if its what you are looking for; https://www.furballaero-design.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-020
  8. Are you buying or just testing the waters?
  9. Looking for 2 sets of the isracast 1/32 Spice bombs (total of 4 bombs) if you have a set (or 2) for sale please let me know. Located in the US but don't mind buying international.
  10. Same as Rodney, got my money back from Paypal, good luck to the rest of you
  11. Any chance of some 1/32 ACMI pods?
  12. Same as B-one27. Said he shipped last week hasn’t showed up.
  13. Pep

    F-16 ADF

    If you're interested i have the kit and willing to sell 😃
  14. He msged me las week said he would be shipping soon. Still not giving up.
  15. Good news, although I must admit the Hobby boss kit was an enjoyable build.
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