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  1. Thanks! And that's fornproviding those freely! They are welcome indeed! In that note, if anyone buys the decals and would like the masks please let me know. I'll gladly lend a hand.
  2. Not 100% sure i want to sell this but i recently got a craving for the Eduard F-14 Danger zone. This is the set i am selling. One side was open but all parts complete. they currently sell on ebay for $150+ I dont want to deal with Evil bay so I'm looking for $140 shipped
  3. Got the "decals shipped" note! cant wait to see them. By the way, where can i download the templates from? do you have a link?
  4. Are Aeromasters the same as testors acrylic?
  5. That PE fret is a nice addition to.
  6. I'm looking for a 1/48 Hasegawa Sufa. Can buy or trade, please let me know if you have one. Shipping would be to Florida 33351
  7. He's prety good at direct sales, I've bough from him before no problems.
  8. HI all. I'm looking to spruce up some Hasegawa kits and am looking for some spare Tamiya Pitots, AOE probes and PW exhausts. If you used Aftermarket on your and have these for sale or trade please let me know. I'm located in Florida 33351
  9. SOLD to the gentleman with the Gundam Head.
  10. Pierre: Because our are only doing very light coat, the darkening is minimal. The future coat and the weathering will darken the kit a lot more. Also if you are looking for a sun bleached effect, you can always to the lighter color. Here are some pics i took during the paining process. here you can compare the original sand color to the final appearance. I did the over-spray after painting the green, so these pics are over-sprayed.
  11. Bump + Reduced price by $20. I'll give it a couple of weeks if no one bites i might as well build it =)
  12. Fulcrum Pilot: My method is a bit unorthodox, but what I do is once my camo is done i will spray a fine mist of the last color applied over the enrite model. This blends in the camo and hides any overs-pray. I know its not for everyone but i have had very good luck with this method. This is my latest build. It was masked using silly putty but once all three colors were down i over-sprayed with the brwon to blend id all in.
  13. Looking for Caracal Models CD48037 Next generation Vipers. COuld also be interested in partial of morrocan markings along with stencils. Can buy or trade
  14. + 1 for Iwata, I have a revolution i use for day to day and an eclipse for finer work.
  15. Pep

    Iraqi Su-25s

    Haha that's hilarious! Well Kursad balls on your court, we need blood stain decals!
  16. Pep

    Iraqi Su-25s

    Does anyone know the symbolism of the bloody hand stains in the nose of this aircraft (minute 6:10)?
  17. Sio, I love the internal detail, how ever will it be possible to build the model without it? And if so may i request it be pointed out in the instructions as well.
  18. Welcome Sio!! Been waiting for this one to come out! Can't wait to see the plastics.
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