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  1. thanks for the kind comments! Angelos: I used tamiya acrylics and mixed to aproximate the pictures i have. Unfortunately i did not keep record of the ratios (i really should start doing that). One think i like doing; after all 3 colors where laid down, I misted the model with the brown color. I have done this in most of my build as I think it helps blend everything in.
  2. COllin sorry for the late reply. PM is better for next time. It is not the Frecce kit its the one with argentinan markings.
  3. Agreed George, but that business model was killing them. They are more condensed now but still always have the latest kits available and the tools and paint selection are very good.
  4. haha thanks guys. Marivin i use future floor wax as a gloss coat. then seal the wash with model master acrylic.
  5. Its been a while since i have posted anything new but here goes. This is the new revell tornado, its gotten some mixed reviews but in my opinion is a really nice build. A little over engineered and way to many tidbits but overall it builds up easy. I used Aires Seats and ALARMs from the hobby boss kit (at least it was good for something) as well as a metal pitot. Finished with Tamiya acrylics and Flory Wash. Decals are from Model Alliance tornado at war.
  6. still looking for a pair of K-36s and Interior PE. Also resin wheels would be nice.
  7. Thanks to the First Coast guys for hosting an awesome show as always! Brilliant Models, great vendors,great people and great raffle! thanks for having us over, hopefully we south Florida guys can repay the favor to all you northerners some time soon.
  8. I wish they would update the B-17 molds =(
  9. Hello all. I just picked up a trumpy Su-27UB I'm looking for mainly some cockpit PE, resin seats, resin tires, pitot and perhaps exhaust. But if you have other things please let me know.
  10. Hey guys just a heads up. Amazon has the 1/48 F-16 CJ for $36 + FREE shipping. Not prime though. Hope this helped someone.
  11. Hi Dave, My work space is setup inside a closet, its a bit messy atm but i can send you pics if you want. I use a drawer unit with wheels from IKEA which i can simply simply slide back under the work bench when i'm done. I use it to keep my paints and most of my tools. Ikea Drawer Unit Hope this helps.
  12. If you want pics, please send a PM with your email address. Will save me some work :)
  13. These are all started (% stated) some have aftermarket included, let me know which one you are interested in. I will send you pictures and you can make me an offer. Mi-24 Hind X2 1/48 Revell Started 10% Wildcat 1/72 Dragon Started 10% Su-25 + extra revell kit no russian navy decals 1/48 Eduard Started 20% SOLD Mig-29 9-12 Late 1/48 GW Started 30% Mig-23ML 1/48 Trump Started 5% A-37b 1/48 Encore Started 5% J-7B 1/48 Trumpeter Started 70% Tiger tank 1/72 Dragon Started 70% Su-30 1/48 Academy Started 80% Camberra 1/48 Airfix Started 80% F-35B 1/48 KH Started 80% Yak-29 1/48 HB Starte
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