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  1. Open to offers, sorry no trades at this time. New means Its in good condition but i will double check the condition before the sale. Shipping extra at cost from Florida. Su-30MKK 1/72 Trump $20 SOLD Su-27 Flanker B 1/72 Trump $20 SOLD Su-27UB Flanker C 1/72 Trump SOLD Mirage F1 1/48 KH $35 New Mig-29 9-13 1/48 GW $55 New Rafale M 1/48 Revell $35 New Aermacci MB339 1/48 Frems $45 New A-4E TOP GUN 1/48 Hasegawa $35 SOLD A-4E/F VC5 1/48 Hasegawa $35 SOLD Aero L-29 DelfĂ­n 1/48 AMK $30 New Carvair 1/144 Roden $20 New F-16C Aggressor 1/48 Tamiya $45 New Macchi M.5 1/48 Fl
  2. I have a trumpeter A-4E parts sealed and full aires resin set and SAC landing gear. Retail for this combo is a nickle short of $200, I'm Looking for $130 shipped on the U.S.
  3. Lol the lady's expression is just classic.
  4. It would be nice if Eduard developed a new product line with everything in the box but the kit plastics. Most already have these kits in our stash and Eduard could still be seeing the same profit margins by only offering the updates. They could include some resin and PE along with masks and decals with full instructions. Full kit make over.
  5. Hi guys, for those of you interested, Amazon has the 1/48 Hobby Boss P-61 for $36.25 shipped. hopes this info helps some one.
  6. Already booked the hotel room. See you guys there!
  7. At least the fulcrums and flankers had full cockpits this just has a seat. Crazy in my opinion.
  8. Glad I could help, it's now back to $75 :/
  9. Just wanted to share that the one with resin and bombs is on sale for $34. Heller Super Etendard Afghanistan Airplane Model Building Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VWCQXI/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_KQmMub0DMP8YX
  10. I have it but won't be back in the country till next Sunday. If you are willing to wait let me know.
  11. PS if anyone wants one you can do the free prime membership for 30 days. If you don't want to do that let me know i might be able to order for you.
  12. Amazon will sometimes have crazy prices like that Here is Heller's Super Etendard for $46 Or the mirage 2000 for $17
  13. Would offering the masks in digital format to those of us who have cutters be viable for you?
  14. Europe has a completely different customer service culture then the US. I remember reading a label and it stated that they would love to hear your thoughts and ideas just call such and such number at 0.25 euro a min. I think your best shot is going back to the hobby shop or the importer.
  15. I would offer to looks as well but I'm leaving town tomorrow. Good thing gonz and I are in the same area so looks like you got south Florida covered :)
  16. I figured the news of Dragon picking them up as a US distributor might be a sign of hope; But nothing new has been heard.
  17. That's so sad! I love their show and listen to it at any opportunity
  18. I've ordered from him by email directly no problems ever. Try him here k816059@hotmail.com.
  19. I got a set from him when they first came out. I seemed to be to be just the tamiya cans modified to be shortened. you could still see the seams between the petals. Ther's a lot of satisfied customers out there so I wont say its a bad product, but since I already had my kit ones assembled and painted i decided to return mine. Looks like he has revised them a bit since then, and now includes a more complete kit and not just the shortened cans.
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