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  1. Looking really good! thanks for the Flir Idea, does cobra sell this by itself or as part of another kit?
  2. thanks everyone. I'm working on the tanks at the moment. I'm having difficulties with one of the because the gas caps wont fit at all! This will take some more work since the tanks should be metal. CHippy the color is H61 its an aqueous color.
  3. Love the metal finish on this! Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  4. I decided to paint the fuselage before going on to the wings. I have been trying to find a good match for the anti corrosion grey the Spanish starfighters wore when I ran into a build post that suggested gunze's IJA grey. Lucky me I had a bottle of this sitting around for the longest time so I dug it up. I have never used gunze's aqueous before and boy am I impressed!!! I wish this suff was more readily available around here.
  5. Started work on this one yesterday. I had knee surgery Tuesday and am home for the week! This is my first hasegawa starfighter, I think I will keep it OOB but might add the PJ pilot. Does anyone know what would be the correct tamiya color tu use on these Spanish f-104s?
  6. Pep

    Olimp Resin

    Agree with Nachjager. Very bad quality and the detail is not there. Its not worth the money.
  7. Here are some cool shots of the first first roll out. First A-29 in Afghanistan
  8. Looking good!! Makes me want to start a second one!
  9. Cool Page! That Retro Rafale is Awsome!
  10. thanks Paolo! would not be able to do this without your help!
  11. Greets, I'm looking for stencils to use on a anti corrosion grey Spanish F-104. The decals that i have only include markings but no stencils and i am starting of from the Red Baron Kit so no help there. Please let me know if you can help.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Paolo, I will go with aztec, i also have a set from model aliance just in case. but the Aztec set have the markings for Ala 12 which is the one i like.
  13. Its been a while since i have joined a GB, But I've been looking for an excuse to start this one. Hasegawa F-104 Red Baron with either eagle strike or Aztec decals have not decided yet. Going for OOB with probably a resin seat or PJ pilot. Will post Pics of the plastic latter. A bit of back history: Ejercito del Aire units operating the Starfighter. 161 Esc, Torrejon 1965 to 1967 104 Esc, Torrejon 1967 to 1972 Around the1960s, Spain was looking for ways to upgrade the air force but was restricted by the available budget. MAP offered to the Air Force a list of aircraft in which it cou
  14. Heres Diego Quijano Basic modelling guide, by Ricardo Rodríguez: F-104 Hasegawa 1/72. Loads of great tips!
  15. Hi all. If anyone used the second option for this kit or after market and has this left over please let me know.i can buy or trade
  16. will you include masks for the sharks shape? or templates? sorry, im very exited about this one. i have been wanting to do it in 1/32 but i can settle for 1/48.
  17. Looks like they will be seriously up armored! Pretty cool.
  18. great work Andy!!!! Looks like there will be a good amount of big viper's at next year's shows!
  19. If you don't have any luck here, try Tamiya of America, they are usually very good about spares.
  20. Great work! i will be following his one!
  21. Hello, I'm getting rid of some duplicates and some I will never get to. Buy 2 or more and shipping is free in the CONUS. Note: sealed means parts in kit are sealed not actual box. Here's the list. 1/32 Tamiya Zero Model 53 60318 Sealed Box edges rough $60.00 SOLD 1/48 RoG Tornado IDS 03987 sealed $25.00 SOLD Tamiya F-16CJ 98 Sealed $35.00 SOLD Hasegawa F-2A Sealed $25.00 SOLD Hasegawa A-4M PT33 $25.00 SOLD Mouve P-40n True Details Cockpit $25.00 AFV F-5E/F-5N sundownders 48101 Sealed $35.00 SOLD Encore A-37 12461 $20.00 Eduard Mirage 2000D/N 1123 some loos
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