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  1. You can also try and source the tanks form the zvesda kit, iirc it includes 2.
  2. Hope this helps. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10373695
  3. yes there are 3 or 4 that i can think of, I dont remember the details but 1 is la aereoteca basicaly an aircplane book shop. you need to go here! tons of books and a great selection of decals. http://www.aeroteca.com/botiga/ 2 Jordi rubios shop. mostly armor but very worth the visit! 3 is Palau, this is actualy 2 hobby shops one in front of the other. My recommendation is if you can only make one, go to Aereoteca. If you have the time check out the other places, however keep in mind, you wont find better prices than here in the sate anywhere in Barcelona but its still cool to visit the stores.
  4. some of the best deals i have found on amazon include: Bandai 1/48 Xwing for $50 (usually $100) shipped. Academy F-15 Seymour Johnson for $15 shipped. Special Hobby Buckeye 1/48 for $15 shipped. Hobby boss A-10 2 seater $40 shipped. there are some really good deals to be had in amazon just need to be on the look out.
  5. Lol wife decided to hire a santa for Christmas party :)
  6. Hi all Looking for $110 shipped from 33351, please let me know if interested. sorry not looking for trades right now.
  7. This kit looks familiar =) I think you bought it from me on ebay hehe glad to see it went to a good loving home! will be keeping up with this one =)
  8. I have 2 Big trumpy kits for sale. Su-27 single seater box is beat up but the parts are still sealed inside. Su-24UB two seater. goox in good condition kit unstarted. 100 for each plus shipping.
  9. i might be able to help. will check tonight.
  10. PM me a full address so I can run the quote
  11. I have a Trumpeter 1/32 Su-25UB for sale. Box open but parts sealed. looking for $110 obo plus shipping from FL.
  12. If you can get the neomega or pisco go for it. However , don't disqualify the QB nose. I've built multiple Academy Fulcrums and always used the QB nose with no issues. As far as Burner Cans i have always gone Aires, i like their detail much better. Wolf-pack has a new set out, but i have not had the pleasure of using them. As a side note, if you are replacing the cockpit, go with Eduard. the Aires one is to much hassle.
  13. also when a new/better kit is release on the subject. Example my hasegawa F-14d with all the trimmings ended up in the garbage, minus all the aftermarket. as well as an academy Su-30.
  14. I agree here, My friend all make fun of me because of all the half completed models i have. for me the process is what makes it fun, if as a bonus at the end i have a completed model then that would be a plus.
  15. let me know if you are still looking, i have some left over HB ones
  16. i might be able to help PM me to remind me to look this up tonight
  17. Pep

    Rubber tires.

    Any tips on painting/finishing rubber tires included in kits? I'm working on the Hobby Boss Su=27 and the tires unfortunately are rubber not plastic. Any tips on how to tackle them?
  18. Offers been accepted (even lowballs will be considered) trying to make room.
  19. Hi All i have these two books for sale. F.A.Q.: Planes: Frequently Asked Questions about Techniques used for Painting Aircraft $50 and Aviation Modeling Techniques, The Greatest Guide $45 Prices are for OBO shipped in the US.
  20. I have the set PM me with what you want.
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