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  1. Good point, they do state it has a " •Detailed cockpit" (Sarcasm)
  2. SO today i received my latest eBay purchase in the mail. The infamous revel hind in 48th scale. the box was sealed in what appeared to be the original plastic wrap and when i opened it the sprues where also in plastics wraps all looks legit. but when i was looking to buy the hind all the descriptions i read of the kind state "Optional standard fuel/weapons pod or extra capacity fuel/weapons pod and four nuclear bombs. " which i recon meant it had some extra bombs and external fuel tanks (i was actually really hoping for the fuel tanks) alas mine was missing all these goodies my question
  3. Thanks for the feedback and info guys, I suppose the guy at pearl just wanted to make a sale then. Since i have your attention I figured i would ask: whats the functional difference (if any) besides the protective Arm thing with these two tip? on the left BDG 20-101 - (No. 1) Spray Regulator (Fine) Midle BDG 20-102 - (No. 1) Spray Regulator w/Protective Arm (F) On the right is the tip of the airbrush both parts share the same location.
  4. Sorry i ment Pashe Talon =P and i dont remeber where i heard it i think it was from the "airbrush guy" at pearl paint
  5. Hi guys, i have a small dilemma. I have a Badger Sotar 20/20 Linky I've had it for some time now but never really used it because i haven't built anything for the last 5 years till like 2 months ago. the brush is awesome, very comfy, easy to use and easy to clean. problem it it's out of production. So if some time from now something breaks I'll be in trouble. my question is should i just go ahead and ebay it and get a Paashe renegade or something along that line? I have a Paasche H that I've had forever and it works great so i figured go with what works. as a side note the Sotar has 2 ex
  6. PMed you sir very nice build! Im bulding the same one but had to stall the project due to a nose dive accident But i just got a brand new on in the mail so im ready to start again. so i have a bunch of questions =)
  7. I know its not the right Version but i just wanted to give the sceme a try so here goes.
  8. So I'm building th HB 72nd Hind, and Big suprise theres a HUGE mold mark smak in the center of of the glass. All i can say is THANK YOU FUTURE FLOOR WAX! Here's some pics "nasty eh?" Reusable abrasive paper 3600grid (gota have it) Sanding done First dip in Future after 2 dips i think it will pass. A look inside the Cockpit Current stage Thanks for looking =)
  9. i might just bite the bullet and use the one from the Esci kit. i actualy have the Cobra kit orderd and the revel kit on its way. i started builing the 72nd one but thought that the scale just dosent do the hind justice. so basicaly this is a dry run for the cobra conversion =) Also nice work on that prop =) i like how you did the wood=)
  10. hey guys, im building the HobbyBoss Hind but im trying to convert it to the F with the twin side canons. any idea on how to SB the flash suppressors? (if thats what they are) here's the one i'm going for. PS: I have the Esci Kit as well, i was planing on KBing it but the canons on the Esci looks soooooo bad i dont think its worth it.
  11. Never mind, you got it right Called my dad and he corrected me. "Unit: Escuadron de Caza Ramfis Serial: AMD-405 (s/n.1705) In 1948. The airplane did not carry any national emblems on the sides. This aircraft was used for spying and photo reconnaissance over the training camps of exiled Dominicans and the 'Legion del Caribe' (Caribbean Legion) opposing Trujillo in Cuba, Venezuela, and Guatemala. Also nice work on the weathering During the Trujillo Dictatorship Planes in the Dominican Air force where kept in pristine condition not even a spec of dust =)
  12. Nice build sir! Those are Dominican btw also unfortunaly it should be a P51 A. The first 2 P51s the Dominican republibc recieved where's As one silver, one black (el blanquito y el negrito) but you got the essence perfetctly! Who makes those decals? I have a set of 15 yo aeromasters waiting to go on my p47
  13. Hi, I've done this by aligning the leters on the stiky side of a piece of scotch tape then you just stik the tape with the letters where you want to transfer them. Hope this help
  14. Hey Wartholvr thanks for the pics your a life saver! I dint get any good pictures during the show (I brought my camera with no memory card =) so its great that you got my corsair thanks. will you be attending the one in Venice beach next week? i would love to get the original resolution ones you have some great models pictured there. As a side note "Miami Fun Snipers".... I like it, i might get a T-shirt =)
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