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  1. I haven't been super active on here the last year(so many hobbies, so little time), but with winter here, RC racing is kinda out till next summer. Im still in for the box. But I am on the west coast, I think I recall most are from the east coast? Current status of the box?
  2. I was there. It was tremendous.
  3. It would have been done sooner but buying a house and having children slowed the process a bit haha. Im glad to be back at it now and having a space to do it finally. Plus, my boys are always in the garage with me so I have no excuse not to.
  4. Last update as this beeotch is finally done. Got the ordnance on and completed. One thing to note is, when attaching the sidewinders on the tips is that there is no place for them to bite on to. So made a little piece and clamped. Worked perfect. Also another note that someone else said, the decals suck.....a lot. None of them wanted to stay down.
  5. At first i was thinking that you were a Raiders fan, then i saw it. GO HAWKS!
  6. Never too early for a football thread! Im extremely excited for this season. I think the NFC west is gonna be hard to beat. Rams have showed some serious defense potential and look to be even better this year, Arizona is on the rise (only team to beat Seattle at home since 2011) 49rs have great offense and defense, and then there's obviously Seattle. Seattle has made a lot of moves this off season, mostly due to so many players being young and free agents, so there has been significant changes. But they still retain the depth through 1st 2nd and 3rd string players. This is why when a player wa
  7. I have this kit and decals in the stash, can not wait to start building it....as soon as i finish the 3 i have started right now haha. Also love what you did with the film for the screens, ill be doing that little trick when i do mine. What did you use to glue it?
  8. I'm down. Id be willing to get the box together and send it off on its maiden voyage. My question is, what would be the limits for this box? How big should it be? Can we include kits or just smaller stuff? Obviously we wanna keep shipping to a minimum, $20 or so?
  9. Is this still going? If so, I have a some goodies i could add.
  10. Bringing this thread back from the dead. A lot has gone on in the past year and have not had much time. I've completed a couple smaller builds but now it's time to really finish this bad boy......after 2 years haha. The only thing left is weapons. I'm not trying to.be accurate on what was loaded together and for what purpose, I'm just building what I think will look good. I haven't gone to extreme measures with this kit as I wanted a simple out of the box build. Here's my progress for today. AGM-88 sanded and primed, sidewinders built and Safeway halfway built with a little filler. These thi
  11. When I say 20 psi, I'm talking about "trigger-down". I always adjust my air pressure with the trigger down so i know exactly how much air pressure i pushing. "Pre-trigger" is about 31-32 psi to achieve 20 psi "trigger-down"
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I thinned the paints with isopropyl and i think i didn't use enough. I know with the Tamiya acrylics, you don't have to thin much, but it seemed that i wasn't using enough. I added some more and seems to be working fine now and also after a deep clean. But, i ordered new needles anyway just in case.
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