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  1. Nice work, that looks pretty awesome. Love to see some in process photos of your kit bashing as that's quite a list. -Derek
  2. Hi, I'm interested in trading for (or can purchase) these subjects from various past 1/72 Wolfpak Decals: 72-084 - B-26K; A-1E 72-087 - EA-3B Skywarrior 72-091 - F-4N 72-099 - AT-38; B-26C I have other Wolfpak Decal sheets to offer in trade or many, many other 1/72 sheets, some OOP or rare. Let me know if you can help and I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks, -Derek
  3. Ah, "King Nine Will Not Return". A great "Twilight Zone" episode. I remember the late great Shep Paine did a diorama of the Lady Be Good crash site using the 1/48 Monogram kit. I believe it was featured in his "How to Build Dioramas" book. Let us know how your project turns out. -Derek
  4. Good news, sweet! Thank you Kursad. I'll be on the lookout for the pre-order. -Derek
  5. Hi Kursad, Just wanted to check the status of this sheet. Will it be released with your first new batch of 2017? I am looking forward to this one as I just picked up the kit :) -Derek
  6. Very sorry to hear about this. CC resin was good stuff! I was just thinking of ordering their 1/72 KC-97 set... :( Maybe someone else will pick up their line?! -Derek
  7. That's a tough one... About the only kit I can say for sure is the new 1/32 Roden O-1 Bird Dog. -Derek
  8. Sweet. It was a bit of a tough choice for me to decide which sheet to order... I made up my mind and just placed my order! Thanks for the O-1 decals. I really need to get cracking on this one soon. -Derek
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for the comment Jay. Glad to hear you bought one of the ICBM kits. As I've said before, I do hope they sell well so Horizon will make more ICBM kits in the near future. I'm calling this one done. It was a pleasure to build and I look forward to building more Horizon kits. Sorry for the picture quality. It was too windy for my background when shot these photos. Best regards and thanks for looking! -Derek
  10. Amazing! That's a lot of quality builds!! Really like the T-33 with the back seater punching out. -Derek
  11. Hawk, There is a pretty new "fat face" Spad out in 1/72 from an Eastern European outfit called Skale Wings: I am building one of these kits now, treating it like a limited run kit. The fuselage is much more correct to scale than the undersized, ancient 1/72 A-1E kit from Monogram. That being said, it still does have its faults. I hope to report more on the Skale Wings kit soon. -Derek
  12. Fair enough. I should have done some research before I posted this, sorry! -Derek
  13. It is a really great kit Hotdog! I sure hope they do some more ICBM kits...! The Mercury-Redstone they just announced is wonderful I'm sure but, I was really hoping for a Gemini-Titan so the Titan ICBM would be on the way. Hopefully in the near future... At any rate, I'm getting close to the finish line now with this one. The kit decals performed flawlessly. Even the decals that you wrap over the piping. I was very happy with them. Here is the first and second stage joined. I've added the piping and exhaust tubes now, being very careful not to mar the natural metal finish with any excess glue. I drilled them out but you won't really notice it once the missile is displayed in my opinion. The end is in sight, hopefully with my next post! -Derek
  14. Will the VNAF 1/32 O-1 sheet have the markings for the Bird Dog that landed on the Midway in 1975? Thanks, -Derek
  15. Another update on this one. The kit decals are really nice to work with. They seem very comprehensive and include a lot of stenciling which look great when applied. Here are some shots of the main missile body. You have to open some holes for some piping that runs along the side of the missile. Before this piping is installed, you need to apply the decals. I used that pipe to ensure things lined up before I locked the decal in place. Once I was satisfied with the alignment, it looked like this: Here is the finished top of the missile: And the nearly completed first stage: This one will be done soon, stay tuned! -Derek