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  1. Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28C "Warbird"

    Looking good I have their T-28B kit that looks really good in the box. Watched a couple of build threads over at LSP and the end result was pretty awesome. Sure want to get to my kit some day! -Derek
  2. Hi, Title says it all, I'm looking for the 1/72 glass nosed A-26C Invader from Italeri/Revell. Don't care which boxing. I can buy via PayPal or offer some other 1/72 kits and decals in trade. Let me know if you can help. Thanks! -Derek
  3. Hi Guys, This one is a long shot, but here goes. I'm fighting my way through the 1/72 Mach 2 Convair C-131. I'm just at the point where I'm checking out the canopy fit and guess what? I have a short shot canopy :( I don't suppose anyone here has a spare? Or if not, could maybe someone vac-form me a copy from their canopy? Would be even possible to get a replacement from Mach 2?? Thanks in advance, -Derek
  4. The Latest from Wolfpak Decals

    Order placed for both. More excellent subjects Mark! -Derek
  5. Army Aviator Flight Gear

    Here's a shot of some of my 1960's flight gear I'd use for my setup. -Derek
  6. F-105B decals?

    Here she is again, some 30+ years later, having been retired and used as a BDR airframe. At least she is still around... I'd like to build how she looked in happier times of course! -Derek
  7. F-105B decals?

    Here's a couple of low-res uploads of the bird I will build, 57-5789. -Derek
  8. Army Aviator Flight Gear

    That's a great mannequin set up, very nice!! Where did you get the mannequin, is it a certain type/brand? Are the vest pockets full of survival gear? I have a similar issue 80's army aviator vest with all the survival gear in place. The only thing missing is the PRC-90 radio. Those seem to be a bit pricey but I'll snag one eventually. If I can make some space in my man cave/war room, I'd do a similar setup as you. I may do a 1960's army aviator setup (K-2B flightsuit, APH-5 helmet, B-3A leather gloves, etc.), depicting an instructor from Ft. Wolters, TX also. Very awesome, thanks for sharing your photos! -Derek
  9. CD72059 - 1/72 F9F8-T /TF-9J "Twogar"

    That looks awesome! -Derek
  10. F-105B decals?

    I’ve got a few 35mm slides (already scanned to digital, high resolution) of the NJ ANG bird I’d like to model if they will be of any assistance! It’s in SEA camouflage of course! -Derek
  11. F-105B decals?

    Hopefully there would be room for the 108th TFW/141st TFS - NJ ANG - on the sheet. I'd be very happy with just the white "New Jersey" lettering and the wing and squadron badges, maybe as a "bonus" portion? -Derek
  12. CD72059 - 1/72 F9F8-T /TF-9J "Twogar"

    Great news sir! Thank you. So happy for a VT-22 bird! Looks like I'd better get cracking on my Sword kit :) -Derek
  13. CD72059 - 1/72 F9F8-T /TF-9J "Twogar"

    Kursad, Will we see this sheet soon? Thanks in advance! -Derek
  14. CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Hi Kursad, Hope it's not too late to request a scheme for this sheet. I'd really love to see B-52G 58-0185 El Lobo II that took part in the Secret Squirrel mission. I have some photos of her I took from the USAF Armament Museum where she currently resides... -Derek