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  1. Hi Group - Let me start off by saying I do have Wolfpak Decal sheet #72-099. I was thinking about modeling the black B-26C from the WA ANG. The only problem is, I never received the 2 large wing "ANG-896" inserts in my sheet...!! Shoot!! If anyone has this sheet and can spare the 2 large wing "ANG-896" decals I will forever be in your debt! I can buy or trade other 1/72 Wolfpak or other 1/72 U.S. subjects (Caracal, Microscale, etc., etc.)... Thanks in advance! -Derek
  2. Here's a "quick and dirty" shot of some of the parts of this kit I have assembled and laying around the bench (the red fire extinguisher is from the MRC Huey kit)... I've added a few stiffeners as you can see and also some details to the gas tank. Need to work on it some more. One funny bit is that the instructions show a cap on the gas tanks but none are included in the kit as far as I can tell... The control columns are glued together. I also want to add more bits to the engine before I apply some paint. My hat is off to you Gertjan for actually bui
  3. Hi Group, As anyone here started their kit yet? How is your build going GeejeeZ? I have started mine, not having made too much progress so far as I am being cautious. This kit will be a challenge to build and paint, that is for sure. I am still studying the instructions and boy, are they really vague in some places. Also, many of the color call outs are flat out wrong in my opinion. For example, they call out the cockpit floor, many of the engine components, and the cover over the pulleys as black. According to the photos I have, these are all wrong. T
  4. Great photos, thanks Rob! Oh no, you are right - the kit only has one collective 😞 That's a real bummer! At least it shouldn't be too hard to make a second one since it's mostly all round! And you can clearly see only one fuel tank in your photos as well, not 2 as the instructions would lead you believe. -Derek
  5. I bought my kit on eBay direct from the Ukraine. Took about 4 weeks to get here. I'm not sure who in the U.S. will carry it. I see Hannants is still showing it on back order. I paid right around $50 for my kit including shipping. -Derek
  6. Absolutely, you guys are 100% correct to never take a retired or restored museum a/c as a definitive reference. It's just that so little is out there on the TH-55 which is a real shame... My kit is finally in hand and I too was a bit nervous about the bubble envelope. A couple of my clear parts have broken loose but look okay. One problem I can already see is that the kit instructions would have you mount 2 gas tanks where I am 99.9% sure U.S. Army TH-55s only had the single tank on the left side... Rob - I have the Airframe, Flight Controls, Powerplant & Rel
  7. Thanks Rob, that's good stuff. Are you aware of any reference books for the TH-55? I mean besides some Ft Wolters postcards and training manuals, I don't think there is much out there? I also have photographed the "gate guard" a/c they have installed at the old Wolters gate but beyond that I can't really think of anything? Also, do the "US ARMY" on the decal sheet look a little too thin, not the 100% correct font? -Derek
  8. Nice! What do you think upon first inspection? No one was home when the MM tried to deliver mine today, so I have to go pick it up at the post office in the morning 😞 -Derek
  9. Wow, almost a month to the day. Looks like my kit will be delivered today, so fingers crossed! I'll be sure to post some photos of it here.
  10. I really hope a -2 kit will be released soon...
  11. Here are two photos of the kit from the eBay seller:
  12. I just saw this kit for sale from the Ukraine on eBay! I bought one, so I can do an in-box review when it shows up if anyone is interested... -Derek
  13. Hi Kursad - Now that Revell has re-popped the Monogram kit, I gotta ask - are these decals close to being put on your release schedule? The only markings included in the kit are the Thunderbirds option so I'd sure be in for this sheet. I picked up this kit at Hobby Lobby yesterday at 40% off as I'm sure a lot of folks here on ARC are doing! Thanks in advance, -Derek
  14. Hi Group - I am looking for some 1/48 F-84F decals. I bought the new Revell re-pop of the Monogram this weekend at Hobby Lobby and I’m not too keen on the Thunderbird decals…. I’d love to find any USAF ANG decals for a NM bird or even a SEA camo bird using the Texas ANG decals from an original Monogram issue of the kit. Please drop me a line if you can help. I have a ton of 1/72 decals to offer in trade or can buy. Thanks! -Derek
  15. Excellent Kursad. Another winner! This will either make me finish my Williams Bros kit or buy the new Valom kit 🙂 -Derek
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