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  1. viking73

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    Oh man, that's a nasty gap alright! Thanks for posting these photos of your build, looking forward to seeing some more. -Derek
  2. viking73

    Fokker F-27 and C-46

    Are there any other reference books on the C-46 besides the Squadron "In Action" book? There are several post-war USAF schemes in there. I'll have to dig it out for specifics, but I really like the black bellied ANG birds and one scheme sticks out in my mind as being pretty unusual. It's a WV ANG bird with a black belly, white upper surfaces with a red stripe running down both sides. -Derek
  3. E-mail sent on the T-38 book. -Derek
  4. viking73

    Possible new topics?

    What about a sheet of post-war USAF and ANG C-46 Commandos in 1/72 scale? I know that there's only one old kit out there, but still... -Derek
  5. viking73

    C-46 1/72 Williams Brothers

    I'd sure love to see some 1/72 C-46 decals. Post-war USAF and ANG markings would be cool. I don't think there are any aftermarket sheets out there for it? I e-mailed Mark at Wolfpak about that but never received a reply... -Derek
  6. viking73

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    Ugh, that's terrible to hear. I have not started mine yet (too much on the bench at the moment) but I'm curious to hear more. Please post some photos of your progress if you can. -Derek
  7. viking73

    Best 1/72 Super Hornet?

    What about the “best” F/A-18A+ kit in 1/72 scale? Thanks, -Derek
  8. viking73

    CD144021 - 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster

    That looks awesome!! -Derek
  9. viking73

    Revell 1/144 B-52G surgery....

    That would be great to see Jonah! I too have thought about a G model dio at D-M with the radome up, no engines, etc. -Derek
  10. Hi, I’m looking for a set of 1/48 T-28 decals. Just about anything US Navy, US Army, or South Vietnamese AF would work. Hopefully someone out there has some leftover options available from a Microscale, AOA, or Xtradecal sheet. I have many 1/72 and some 1/32 decal sheets to offer in trade or I could buy them. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance, -Derek (in Texas)
  11. viking73

    CD144021 - 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster

    You are the man! -Derek
  12. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Bless you Kursad! I can’t wait. Let me know if you need to borrow anything - references or the kit. -Derek
  13. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Thanks Jonah. I think you should pick one up. I'm curious to find out what the fit is like. Here's some photos of the instructions: There are some very small parts included for the landing gear, some that will be hard to remove from the sprues without breaking them it seems to me. I also think it's a bit interesting that Roden chose to make the fuselage windows clear this time instead of just using decals for them like on their C-124 kit. Maybe the C-124 had too many? At any rate, I am itching to get this kit on the bench. -Derek
  14. viking73

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Well I'm happy to report that my "Weenie Wagon" arrived safely today from ModelsUA! Only 11 days to get from the Ukraine to Texas, pretty impressive. The box arrived in great condition, wrapped in brown paper on the outside. The box was encased in cardboard, the kit itself was shrink wrapped and as a further precaution, the sprues were bubble wrapped. Very nice. Once all that was removed, the box seems over-sized for what is inside: Surface detail is nicely done. The panel lines do seem a bit overdone for 1/144, but this is pretty common for this scale I'd say. Here's the tail section inside and out: The cockpit is complete with four seats, yokes, and instrument panels. The crew door on the starboard side is molded open and a door is included. A cargo floor is provided. The big let down is of course with the decals... Hopefully Kursad will come to our rescue like always!! 🙂 These were just some "quick and dirty" shots with my cell phone camera. I can post more/better ones if anyone wants to see them, just let me know. -Derek
  15. viking73

    B-52 RESIN....B-52 RESIN...someone wants inputs!

    Engine pods would be cool to use on the Monogram/Revell “D” kit to turn it into an “F”! -Derek