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  1. I second the 144th FW CA ANG with the griffon logo so I can do this bird that used to be stuffed and mounted on a pole close to me: Thanks Kursad. -Derek
  2. That’s good news! Glad to hear it 🙂
  3. Hope this isn't a repop of the HC kit?! -Derek
  4. Hi Jake, I know Sierra Hotel was working on one but I haven’t heard anything from them for several years... Is someone else working on one that you are aware of? Thank you! -Derek
  5. So I guess the resin QF-4 conversions and decal sheet never happened? That's too bad...
  6. Kursad - I am a member of an F-105 group on Facebook. There’s many great shots of her on there. Her former crewchief is a member of the group as well. I’ll get some photos together for you and send them to you today. -Derek
  7. You are the man Kursad! I cannot wait to shake your hand/fist bump/whatever we will be doing by then in San Marcos at the Nats(fingers crossed it's still a go!) to thank you for all the decal joy you have brought me and so many others over the last few years. Perhaps a bottle of your favorite beverage as well, you name it sir. It's the least I could do. If you need it, I have detailed artwork/logos for the 108th TFG and 141st TFS of the NJ ANG to make this happen. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Derek
  8. Or if you really want to get crazy with this sheet Kursad, a bonus 1/32 white “NEW JERSEY” and associated unit decals would be pretty amazing for those of us with the Cutting Edge resin “B” nose and Trumpeter “D” kit. Just saying... 🙂 -Derek
  9. This is great news Kursad! Please include the white "NEW JERSEY" lettering as a minimum for the "B" model Thud. I can cobble the rest together to sir to do this F-105B, 57-5789. I've always wanted to build this bird. Now where did I put that C&H conversion?! 🙂 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! -Derek
  10. Yeah, the hubs on the Hasegawa kit props are too small. Those white metal props are the way to go if you can find a set. -Derek
  11. Hi, I’m looking for a spare set of 1/72 OV-10A Bronco decals. Something from one of the AOA sheets or the China Lake option from the Warbird sheet would be great. I can buy or trade as I have many many 1/72 decals (post war US) to choose from. Thanks! -Derek
  12. Looking good! you gotta love the Fujimi 1/72 A-7 series. I need to do a "D" in this grey camo myself one of these days... -Derek
  13. Hi Gents, I’m looking for a set of Air Defense Weapons Center decals in 1/72 for the F-106 Delta Dart. I know Microscale did them a long time ago. Xtradecals did them for a B model more recently, sheet X72247, and I’d love to trade or buy for this option. I have many F-106 decals to offer in trade + many other US Cold War subjects. Let me know if you can help and we’ll go from there. Thanks, -Derek (in Texas)
  14. Dutch, I don't have one of these kits yet, but why even mess with the windows in this scale? I would either use Krystal Kleer after painting if you want them clear, or fill and sand them smooth and use black decals to represent the windows. Masking them in 1/144 would be a royal pain in the a$$. Just my two cents worth. 🙂 -Derek
  15. My decals arrived a few days ago Kursad and they look super as usual. Thank you. I have one almost done. I'm just getting the nacelle to wing seams smoothed out and the landing gear doors closed up (this will also be in-flight like my recent KC-97 build). It's stalled a bit like my Roden C-133 build 😞 That being said, I plan on doing a TN or OK ANG scheme. Hopefully your new decals will create the spark I need to get this one to the paint shop!! -Derek
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