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  1. Gotta love the crazy Texas weather. It was 0 degrees here this morning and supposed to be 60 degrees by Sunday 🤣
  2. This is good news. Hopefully by then Roden will have released another boxing of the later model B-36 with the jet pods. -Derek
  3. I got one as well yesterday Dutch for some decals I ordered back in September. Just another sad reminder of how bad 2020 is (soon to be was)... -Derek
  4. Thanks for all the kind words. I attached the wings yesterday with 5-minute epoxy and some styrene strips to close some minor gaps. No turning back now I guess, hahaha! Next up I'll address the wing to fuselage seams and then add the tail planes. Another update soon! -Derek
  5. Hi 11bee, Here are some photos of my gunners (non-ejection) seat. It's rough, and since I figure parts are probably impossible to find, I did what I could... Note the misspelling of "adjustable" on the data plate: And with some cushions I made up, it's now in my "war-room":
  6. Hi Gents, Thanks for all of your kind comments. I am back at this build as of a week ago. The engine pod seams were giving me fits so I shelved this build but now I am back for more punishment! I smoothed out the terrible seams on the four jet engine pods with 3M glazing putty, super glue, and Tamiya surface primer and bits of scrap plastic card. Plus lots and lots of sanding in between of course. I think that the pylons are too narrow and if I build another one of these (hahahahahaha!), shims would go a long way in reducing the gaps.
  7. Yep, as Sturm said, it sounds like you need to thin your paint quite a bit more. It's hard to tell you how much, after some practice you get a feel for how much thinner to add and what setting work best for you. 50-50 is generally a good starting point. You can buy disposable pipets on ebay so you have total control of your paint and thinner ratios. It's also not a good idea to mix your paint in the airbrush cup. I buy inexpensive tattoo ink cups on ebay or amazon. Those make great little cups for mixing paint and thinner. Medicine cups also work for larger amounts. Once mix
  8. Hi Guys, Just wanted to vent a bit. Last weekend, after several years of on and off work, my Roden 1/144 C-124C was about to receive it's coat of natural metal paint so I could maybe finally finish this kit. I sprayed it with rattle-can Rust-Oleum gloss black. I let it dry for about 18 hours, wet sanded it, and polished it back up. Next I broke out the Tamiya Silver Leaf rattle-can and sprayed the model. Then this happened 😞 The only thing I can think of is that I didn't let
  9. Here's one of mine. This is the 1/144 Academy KC-97G kit with Cobra Co. resin "L" upgrade and of course Caracal Decals! -Derek
  10. I second the 144th FW CA ANG with the griffon logo so I can do this bird that used to be stuffed and mounted on a pole close to me: Thanks Kursad. -Derek
  11. That’s good news! Glad to hear it 🙂
  12. Hope this isn't a repop of the HC kit?! -Derek
  13. Hi Jake, I know Sierra Hotel was working on one but I haven’t heard anything from them for several years... Is someone else working on one that you are aware of? Thank you! -Derek
  14. So I guess the resin QF-4 conversions and decal sheet never happened? That's too bad...
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