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  1. Noice. Pre-order in for both 1/72 & 1/48 sheets!
  2. About time someone kitted them πŸ™‚
  3. Pre-order in! Looks like another winner for sure. I'll have to be patient and wait another month for the Thuds which will be tough, but worth the wait!!!!! -Derek
  4. Fantastic! Great work once again Kursad!
  5. Getting this dusted off to do a proper "B" model in NJ ANG (late markings) πŸ™‚ Going to be an expensive April!!!!
  6. This is wonderful news Kursad, thank you! Did the 1/32 bonus NJ ANG "B" model bits make it on the 1/48 or 1/72 sheet? Or will it be a surprise? My fingers are crossed!! Thank you, can't wait! -Derek
  7. Hi Group - Let me start off by saying I do have Wolfpak Decal sheet #72-099. I was thinking about modeling the black B-26C from the WA ANG. The only problem is, I never received the 2 large wing "ANG-896" inserts in my sheet...!! Shoot!! If anyone has this sheet and can spare the 2 large wing "ANG-896" decals I will forever be in your debt! I can buy or trade other 1/72 Wolfpak or other 1/72 U.S. subjects (Caracal, Microscale, etc., etc.)... Thanks in advance! -Derek
  8. Hi Kursad - Now that Revell has re-popped the Monogram kit, I gotta ask - are these decals close to being put on your release schedule? The only markings included in the kit are the Thunderbirds option so I'd sure be in for this sheet. I picked up this kit at Hobby Lobby yesterday at 40% off as I'm sure a lot of folks here on ARC are doing! Thanks in advance, -Derek
  9. Hi Group - I am looking for some 1/48 F-84F decals. I bought the new Revell re-pop of the Monogram this weekend at Hobby Lobby and I’m not too keen on the Thunderbird decals…. I’d love to find any USAF ANG decals for a NM bird or even a SEA camo bird using the Texas ANG decals from an original Monogram issue of the kit. Please drop me a line if you can help. I have a ton of 1/72 decals to offer in trade or can buy. Thanks! -Derek
  10. Excellent Kursad. Another winner! This will either make me finish my Williams Bros kit or buy the new Valom kit πŸ™‚ -Derek
  11. Fantastic Kursad! Another "must have" sheet!! My (pre) order is in. Thank you! -Derek
  12. Perfect! I was sort of leaning to that color myself... Thank you Cameron. -Derek
  13. Thanks for the replies gents. I too am leaning towards red, perhaps even plain ol' insignia red. After some more searching I found this photo. Looks like the entire emphanage is red. That Artic Red looks pretty good Rick. Ordering from True North paints may be a good excuse to try them out since my go-to Model Master enamels are now dead and gone 😞 I've already made the improvements to the engines, props and tail of the Minicraft/Crown kit: The first primer coat is
  14. Awesome. My pre-order is in Kursad. I'm really looking forward to these decals. -Derek
  15. Hi Gents - All this talk about the best B-29 kit here has made me buy and now start working on a Minicraft B-29 kit to help get my modeling mojo back πŸ™‚ I do want to build a black bellied Korean War era B-29. In my 1/144 decal stash is a Kitsworld sheet with the sadly infamous "Kee Bird" on it. I may do this B-29 as the black belly combined with the high-vis tail and outer wing panels would be pretty striking I think. With that in mind, I have a question about the high-vis tail markings. I'm assuming it's fluorescent red and not international orange (the
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