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  1. I'm sure I know the answer for this already, but are there (or where there ever?) any aftermarket decals for the 1/35 Academy/MRC UH-1C Huey kits? I picked up both the "gunship" and "hog" MRC boxings of these kits over the weekend at the IPMS Fort Worth show. I am a big fan of the John Brennan nose art books and it just seems that there are many great subjects out there. I am friends with the 192nd AHC unit historian and have a copy of his unit's history book that he wrote. Lots of great photos in there. I'd sure love to do "The Executioner" that was on the cover of the first Brennan book (which was a 192nd ship) but I suppose I'd have to source decals on my own from a custom decal maker... -Derek
  2. Yes! So looking forward to the C-124 sheet Kursad. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in buying or trading for the 1/72 Tennessee ANG F-104 decals that were on this year's 2019 IPMS decal sheet. If you have this sheet and don't plan on using this portion, please drop me a line. Thanks in advance, -Derek
  4. Hi Mark, They do require extra skill to build and aren't easy at all. The smaller detail parts can be crude, and the clear parts aren't very clear... I recently build one of their Convair 340 kits. You are see some photos and info here: If you decide to tackle one, I wish you luck! -Derek
  5. There's one on eBay right now for $40 + postage 😞 -Derek
  6. Almost for sure, thanks for looking Kursad. I did a re-prime last night and I think I’m okay on the seams. Now I’m just re-scribing panel lines and landings gear doors. Once that is done, I’ll polish the primer up in preparation for the natural metal finish. She looks funny without the thimble nose radome at this point but no sense putting it on until after paint. Stay tuned! -Derek
  7. Great! I will send them now 🙂 -Derek
  8. This came out great! Thanks for sharing. I sure wish someone would do an injected RF-8A/G! -Derek
  9. Thanks for the kind words gents. I am still slowly plugging away on this build. This morning I gave the entire air frame a primer coat using the wonderful Tamiya fine gray rattle-can primer. Of course that primer coat relieved a number of areas that needed more attention, i.e. more filling and sanding of course! Here's a few photos of how she sits now in all her primer and bondo glory: (Note the hole in the belly for the clear acrylic rod - that also make a handy place to hold the model while painting it). Once I sand all these trouble spots smooth and re-prime, I will then re-scribe all the missing panel lines with the aid of Dynamo tape and a sewing needle in a pin vise. I am still not 100% sure which paint scheme to go with from the Caracal sheet. I don't want to do a version with a white fuselage top (I hate spraying white paint, I always seem to screw it up somehow), I do know that 🙂 . So I'm just debating whether I want to do a natural metal finish with the day-glo areas or just a straight up natural metal bird. Painting day-glo might be worse than painting white, eh? That's one color I've never tried to do. It would be eye catching though, and I do have several new bottles of MM fluorescent red enamel paint... One thing is for sure, the C-133 even in 1/144 scale, is a big bird. She is about the same size as a 1/72 C-47 but with a longer wing span. Pretty crazy. -Derek
  10. Hi Kursad, I have a small number of interesting scanned 35mm slides with C-131s on them, most from ANG units, a few MAC/TAC birds. I'll love to send them to you to help with this decal sheet. What would be the best way to get them to you? -Derek
  11. Good Morning, Sorry but I only have time for a "mini" update today. I had company over the weekend so bench time was about zero. I did however manager to get the wings on which I'm pretty happy about: In getting them level, it left a small gap at the top. I was able to fill that gap quite nicely with some small strip stryene. Once I sand it down, it should be pretty smooth hopefully. Please excuse the inverted Monogram B-52 fuselage again. I should really move that for photos. More pics and a real update soon. As always, thanks for looking. -Derek
  12. Thats awesome Kursad. Thanks! Can I send you the ANG photos I have? They are high-res from color 35mm slides. -Derek
  13. Since the 1/144 Roden Convair CV-340 is now out (or about to be out), how about some spiffy ANG C-131B/D decals? I have a good number of high-res photos to share if you need/want them for reference 🙂 -Derek
  14. Yes. I’ll be putting it on a clear plastic stand. Check out my recent 1/144 KC-97L finished build to see what it will look like. -Derek
  15. Hi, I managed to get in a little work done on my C-133 the past few days. I glued the main gear doors closed and the fit was so-so. I filled in the gaps and then I glued the sponsons to the fuselage. I'm happy to report they fit perfectly. I won't need to use any filler. Here's a shot of the belly, I need to re-scribe the doors next: Once those had dried, I glued on the horizontal stabilizers. With a little care, they fit very well also: While that was set aside to dry I turned my attention to the wings and engine nacelles. It was strange here - the starboard nacelles had a good sized gap at the top (that I filled with some scrap stryene) yet the port wing nacelles did not. Go figure... Add a bit of putty was added to smooth things out and here we are now: Once that is sanded smooth, I will re-scribe the lost panel lines and prepare to glue the wings to the fuselage! 😀 Here is how the fuselage looks now. I can't wait to get the wings on. Thanks for looking! -Derek
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