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  1. Hi Kursad, I just wanted to see how the Cougar sheet is coming along Thanks, -Derek
  2. Great start so far. What decals will you be using? -Derek
  3. How about the front half of one: Wish I had that kind of spare cash :) -Derek
  4. I'm really excited about the 1/144 C-133 Weenie Wagon! Guess I need to finish up my Roden C-124 kit soon... -Derek
  5. This thread reminds me that we sure could use a nice, new injected molded F-84F kit in 1/72... :( -Derek
  6. Drones, drone controllers, and Texas ANG (or other other ANG subjects) would be great Kursad! -Derek
  7. Bump - anyone? -Derek
  8. Hi Kursad, Any chance you'll do this in 1/72 at some point? There aren't many decals for the Academy kit out there... Thanks, -Derek
  9. HAHAHAHA! That's awesome Kursad. Another "must have" sheet of yours I will be buying -Derek
  10. Very good news! Will a VT-22 scheme from NAS Kingsville be on the sheet by any chance? I had a good friend was was in that unit and worked on those birds. Keep your wonderful decals coming Kursad!! -Derek
  11. Hi, I am looking for a paint mask for a 1/72 Italeri B-25J kit. I see that Eduard has a mask set for the Italeri C/D kit but not the G/J kit (or at least I couldn't find one). Does anyone know if the C/D mask would fit with the G/J cockpit canopy? Is the main canopy the the same plastic in both kits? Thanks in advance, -Derek
  12. There goes my hobby budget for February!!! -Derek
  13. Looks great Kursad! Thanks for posting these. -Derek
  14. Very good news Kursad, thank you. Another "must have"! -Derek
  15. Nice work, that looks pretty awesome. Love to see some in process photos of your kit bashing as that's quite a list. -Derek