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  1. not posted this form the statr but this is how far I have got: wanted to see how i was doing so added wheels & tracks.. still need to do the darker brown camo and sort out those tracks - waaaaaay too bright - hoping weathering will help that (black undercoat then humbrol aluminium dry-brushed... just looks too "stripey") and with the air-recognition flag (yes I know it should be a swastika but domestic pressure....)
  2. i have just completed this kit - mine was OOB so look forward to seeing how you make her look. Mine was built as a USS Wasp bird from Op Pedestal (ok OOB apart from 4 numbers 7's used to correct the squadron code)
  3. nice work... will follow this one as well as using Chucks for me 1/72 work... I am in about the same position as you (need to do wheel wells and air brakes on mine but interior coming along nicely)
  4. well initial squirt happened next will be detail painting..... but to be honest, i do like what I have achieved....
  5. more updates front - throttles (I think) with handles: and then the radio set - first 2 levels done, just top radar set to go (not sure how accurate it is for a 1C but very little of it will be visible...) and in-situ
  6. well, first touch on this for 2012.... working from ChuckWs build still - front cockpit started..... dont think I will add small crank handles at the front - will see.... next will be the other side, then seat and instrument panel.... Untitled by Rob Worth, on Flickr IMG_2018 by Rob Worth, on Flickr IMG_2016 by Rob Worth, on Flickr
  7. ok - rear cockpit side walls complete (I think) and clagged together the supporting framework behind the pilot (in which should be located a fuel tank (will I build - maybe).... photos of last nights efforts
  8. so yesterday, 4 hours saw me glue the bomb-bay onto one half (having replaced the rear bulkhead), add the front portion (my original was too short), build the rear cockpit floor and add some detail to the rear-cockpit side wall (well one of them)... again, working from Chucks build is making life easier as it is a case of looking at the work he has done and try to replicate it on mine.... anyway, if i get time later I will add some wiring to the cockpit wall and then start on the other side wall, then I need to work out the front cockpit as photos i have seen show that the -1C version I am bu
  9. maybe the rear bulkhead will work with a little bit of persuasion but think I may take a bit of poetic licence and rebuild it angled & straight rather than curved..... anyway started on the front bulkhead as well... just need the curved bit and then the side bracing......
  10. thanks Jack.. its quite easy to work with, even in fiddly scale.....
  11. finally back home after a week away on business -- had a bit of quiet time this afternoon so out with the copper.... bomb-bay progressing, just for & aft bulkheads, side frames, some sloping units of the flat area at the front and then the actual bomb racks.... must say it looks about 80% like the photos i am working form so happy.....
  12. the vacform canopy is from Falcon I believe (I was donated it by a modeller on Britmodeller)... well you can only work with what you are given, it was cheap on ebay so thought it would be a good platform for more work & developing my skills......
  13. managed to get a little work done last night (well over the last 4-5 days actually, am not that fast)... so added some piping to the inside of the bomb-bay (needs cleaned up and I think I need to find thinner CA) and also started on the bomb-bay roof & mounts. My reference for this is the excellent build of the Accurate miniatures Helldiver by ChukW (recommend all Chucks builds for entertainment, knowledge, techniques etc) - his build was clear, detailed and his explanations really are helping..... so photos
  14. next question... does anyone know if, with the wings folded, could the diver brakes be deployed? they are split across the wingfold but cant work out if that means they could be deployed with wings folded, and if so were both parts deployed or just the inboard part... if you know/have photo evidence (cant find any in the refs i have => they couldnt be) it would be much appreciated
  15. very nice.... look forward to seeing this one progress... and love the wings - something I had considered on the Prowler but wasnt brave enough to attempt......
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