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  1. bearmatt

    1/48 RF-20A Hammerhead shark

    Fantastic idea, photography and modeling
  2. bearmatt

    Finished models

    Joining here with the Airfix 1/72 and with Xtradecals
  3. bearmatt


    Very nice! :) Great camo job One like this, is still on my to do list. Cheers b.
  4. bearmatt

    Yak-141 'Freestyle'

    I believe that this was a blood, sweat and tears model. But for it, you have now, imho, the best built freestyle in 72.... Great job, and beautiful model. Cheers B.
  5. bearmatt

    SR-71 in 1/72

    I made two so far. One Hasegawa and one Academy. Hasegawa was a charm to build. Fits together perfectly. I didn't use ANY putty on this kit. (I guess it's the very first time this happended to me at all) Only drawback, raised panel lines (and the details they mentionned on 72scale). But really hands off the Academy! Like they say on 72scale... it's a cheap copy of the Hase kit. And lots of putty needed.... I would certainly not build one again from them... Cheers B.
  6. bearmatt

    F-16AM TIGERMEET 2010

    Very nice F-16. I especially like the exhaust paint job.
  7. bearmatt

    My Telic Harrier Gr.7

    Fantastic job! Subtile weathering and everything looks just like real. Stunning!
  8. bearmatt

    F-20 TigerShark

    Very nice F-20! Such a pitty this plane never made it into serial production...
  9. bearmatt

    F-111D Aardvark Diorama

    Very cool dio, love it!
  10. bearmatt

    F-5A Diorama.

    Really great job! And I was browsing your other pics as well. Awesome stuff you have there. Could you display the A-12 please!? Is it the one of Anigrand, 1/72? Cheers bearmatt
  11. bearmatt

    Italeri 1/72 Mig-37 Ferret-E

    Agree what Niki said. Best Ferret I've seen so far. I've build one a few years ago and I must say it's a piece of work and you need to put a lot of effort in it, in order to make it look "real".... You did an awesome job here! Very nice cheers bearmatt
  12. bearmatt

    Hasegawa F-4S -VMFA-251 Thunderbolts

    So many high skilled modelers here.... Eyegasmic Phantom!
  13. bearmatt

    Retaken Hobbyboss North Vietnamese MiG-17F

    wow, wow, wow and again...wow! This looks just,...like the real thing! Amazing job
  14. bearmatt

    F-108 Rapier

    Awesome job you did here! Have the same on the bench, but in 1/72...from Anigrand. Isn't a walk in the park.... Nice to see this rare bird put together so nicely.
  15. bearmatt

    F-16C "Peace Puma" Vipers

    Oh yeah... One of my favourite viper. Second that. Very nice job!