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  1. Hi Anthony,


    Let's see some pics of that Phantom!




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    2. chuck540z3


      Hi Anthony,


      Yes, I can see your Facebook page and your Wild Weasel!  I can’t find a Japanese version, but that’s likely because I’m terrible at Facebook.  Do you have a link to a hosting site like Photobucket or Imageshack?  Btw, if you don’t, choose Imageshack because Photobucket sucks.


      You have a great looking family and I presume that’s your wife?  You are a very lucky man.  How old are you?  You and your wife look like my son and daughter in law who are in their early thirties, so I can relate.




    3. NavyF4s


      Hi Chuck

      Ha ha my wife loves your guess about her age. I’m 55. My wife is a little younger. No I don’t have a good hosting site. Check back to my Facebook page. My last post is of my jasdf phantom. Browse through my photos. They are all public. Thanks for the compliments about my family. My sister is in Calgary, Spring garden? If I come out I would love to hook up and share some thoughts about modeling. 

    4. chuck540z3


      Found it!  Very nice- and you highlighted some panel lines but not all of them, which is the #1 rookie mistake.


      Maybe because I'm 64 everybody looks like they are in their thirties?  🙄

  2. Chuck Your works of art are things to enjoy no different than pictures hanging on the wall or statues in parks. Art is as they say in the eye of the beholder. I have copied many of your posts for constant referral. Used many of your tips. Enjoyed your commentary ( almost a blog really). I have also enjoyed your generosity (JASDF 1/32 markings). That has caused me to pay it forward to other modellers. Please continue to post more of your efforts, and thank you for inspiring me to further up my ante. Sincerely Anthony ps I would love to share pics of my JASDF Phantom with y
  3. I have the slat wing and need the hard wing. Want to swap?
  4. I see a great build too. I agree with your views about this plane (just couldn't wait for ZM) . Love these markings! Anthony
  5. Seeing this spectacular work just messes with my mind, as I hack and slash through my builds. Epic!
  6. Oh ya! I quite agree with this statement. B)
  7. Great looking cockpit. Nice subject too!
  8. Excellent paint job, the weathering is very convincing! Well done. :thumbsup2:/>
  9. Marcell This is my absolute favorite camouflage scheme for the F-4S!! And to get the scoop on GT Resins conversion to boot. Yup count me in.
  10. That's a great looking Phantom! I like your idea about the frameless one piece wind screen.
  11. That's a great build! JASDF phantoms are truly some of the most colourful!
  12. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=280525&view=findpost&p=2764039 PM me Marcel and I will give you some TERs I have more than enough. Anthony
  13. Kike Love the paint scheme, you have really captured the look just right. I'm shocked Hasegawa hasn't offered it as an option. Love to try this in 1/32. Anthony
  14. I'm laughing at myself because I thought this was a bigger scale :doh:/> and only just noticed that it is 1/72nd. You have truly done a masterful job on this intriguing subject. I hope you continue with the larger scale as you suggested. Bravo :cheers:/>
  15. Zigi That's a great looking paint job Please tell us more? Anthony
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