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  1. Finished this princess of the sky :)/> Wonderfull plane and kit to build Used RLM 65/70/71 scheme from Vallejo paints
  2. Italeri kit in 1/48 painted all with vallejo... Great kit... for all recomendation Cheers Roman
  3. thank you Sir, Lozenge cames witg kit. Roman
  4. thx :) definitly I'm recomending this kit... Great kit to work with. For shure I will do another from Eduard WW1 stash Roman
  5. One of my latest, finished few days ago I'm very sadisfied with all, it's just for my taste from wash, weathering, etc... And most importaint colors and splinter camo are correct RLM 65/70/71 Hope you like it Cheers Roman
  6. Finally finished. Most challenging model what I ever built. But enjoyable and very nice kit. Hope you like my finish, I'm sadisfied for first finished biplane in 1/48 but certainly not last. This is really Eduards jewels kit's Cheers Roman
  7. Thx all for nice comments. I'm glad you like it Cheers Roman
  8. Here it goes... hope you like it... I dont know why on pics canopy is little dimm... when you looking it in live it is not like that... In generaly I'm very happy how it's turn out... Cheers Roman
  9. While I'm struggeling with decal paper and decal, I have manage to build this pritty bird Wash is doned with ProModeller light dirt wash... great stuff Cheers Roman
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