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  1. Thank you VERY much for the info. Been checking out Youtube kit reviews and all the ones I saw had no interiors.
  2. Thanks for the link....they do have a drivers compartment for $21 and now hoping for a set for rest of the interior.
  3. Been busy building a bunch of things to use in my zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Currently working on building 3 dioramas: The Fountain, Childhood Forgotten and The Alley...at least that's what I'm going to call 'em. Find I keep my modeling mojo up by skipping between these 3. The fountains base was made by using the inside of a large sour cream lid, with the small ones from a smaller sour scream lid. The base for the fountain and the fountains themselves are from a plastic wine glass cut to size, along with some sheet styrene. Used a spray can of Krylon stone fine texture on the main part of the
  4. Think the M-577 crew you're looking for is Tamiya's 1:35 Military Miniatures US Command Figures on Ebay. Figures are bent over/standing, checking out maps on a table. As to Milliput, found a Youtube (modifying miniatures for search) video that's really helped me, especially when the figure is bent over like he's ducking/trying to hide or bending down to pick up something. Currently working on the bottom 2 figures and trick I learned was to roll a VERY small (sewing needle diameter) rope of Milliput on edge of the inside of the lower torso. Add a little bit of super glue to the inside of the up
  5. Know what you mean.....getting back into modeling late last year after 15 years of being away from it and found getting back into modeling started getting expensive as I'm going for zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Wanted a wide variety of figures....Italeri, Trumpeter, Zvezda, my old WW 2 Tamiya figures, etc. which I've just started modifying as civilian figures. With resin civilian figures going from $10 to $30 each and me looking at a dozen, maybe more in some of the dioramas...... Since there's basically no modern day cars/trucks as plastic kits, went the route of diecast in 1/32nd and 1/36th
  6. Kit build is looking great. Know what you mean about not being satisfied with figure poses out of the box. Working on a combination of Tamiya, Italeri, Master Box & Trumpeter figures for some dioramas and found out working with Milliput isn't as easy as I thought it would be after watching various Youtube videos on its use.
  7. Getting back into modeling and mentioned I'm going for zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Want to make my dioramas as real as possible and via Googling for images and just plain looking around, there's all sorts of stuff that needs to be built to add realism such as gas pumps, tool chests, lockers, book cases, cabinets, etc. None of course, are available in 1/35th scale. Didn't want to scratch build 6 gas pumps for example, so been making a variety of different sized styrene boxes, then making a mold of them for quick additional resin copies. Plan on using styrene strips to add detail where needed, b
  8. Like Lancer512 said, check out Luke Towan's youtube videos as there's a lot to learn that can be applied to 1/35th scale. As far as leaves go, check out the miniature leaf punch sold on Evilbay. Use miniature leaf punch for your search there. Punch allows you to make 4 different leaves in 1/35th scale. I tried using green paper, looked like hell. Instead, use real leaves. Spray 'em with a Mod Podge matt coating, let dry, then punch away. The "fun" part is separating them, but the result is excellent. Since you're doing Europe, check out dioramadebri series of brick wall molds, curb
  9. Welcome back. Late last year started getting back into modeling after 15 years or so and things certainly have changed since then. Heard the same about Testors enamel paints in that they're going to discontinue them and going to acrylic only. Squadron doesn't carry them or at least I couldn't find 'em, but Evilbay does. Can't help you on your airbrush---still have my Paasche airbrushes that I hope to be using very soon. One's single, the other double action. Used the heck out of the single action and bought the double action one real cheap on Evilbay. Just checked Evilbay and someone's got one
  10. Google special forces Humvee and you'll get a lot of photos
  11. If you're interested, how about a Humvee with a motorcycle rack? Oops, to many bits or what ever to post . After your reply, used Humvee with gas rack as my search and came up with these photos and some others. Hope it helps.
  12. Build started in April.....any more progress? Got a couple of these in my stash bought way back when...as when it was a state of the art kit. Built their mortar M-113 version & the one with the Saladin turret.
  13. Did you ever get what you wanted? EBay's got them.
  14. Just got 2 of the Hobby Boss M-706 kits. One will be built as a 706, other altered as V-100. Earlier this year, Squadron had a sale on their In Detail books with it showing a lot of photos of the different versions of this vehicle along with close ups. I like the shot of the dog in the hatch... adds a personal touch to the vehicle.
  15. Sorry, can't help you but in looking for photos of their vehicles, found one with an interesting gas can rack on the back of the Humvee, something I've never seen before.
  16. Man, that looks really nice. Getting back into modeling after 15 years, but instead of aircraft/armor, going for 1/35th scale zombie/apocalypse type dioramas...but no Mad Max kind of stuff. Going to use some military vehicles, some as military surplus, others active duty. One thing I never thought about when I used to build armor was lack of interior detailing/parts. Gobs & gobs of exterior stuff available but only kits I can think of with an interior is Tamiya's/Italeri's M--113's and Tamiya's Bradley which is a shame because vehicles like this cry out for having hatches/doors opened whic
  17. Finally solved my lack of women. Got about 8 boxes Master Box's French Resistance & their Pinup sets. Plan on sanding off their clothes and either painting them on or using Milliput, something I haven't done before. Can't get pinups to load. Sorry.
  18. Found another web site, 1 32 Zombie Modelers Social Club, earlier this year and got comments & links to other figures I can use. Still getting surprised by the number of different companies producing figures that I can use as civilians as is. Have several boxes of Zvezda's Russian anti-terrorist team that with very little modification, can look like basically any U.S. swat team. I'd give it 5 stars, but only giving it 4. That's because all the weapons they show on the box art is actually molded as part of the figures hands? But you also get the plastic face shields which is a really nice t
  19. Just did.....last entry has interior photos, though it's not a current/running machine at least it gives me an idea of what's suppose to be there. Thanks.
  20. Forgot, also check Walmart, Michaels & Hobby Lobby though their prices aren't as cheap as Dollar Tree. Michaels has some EXPENSIVE small animals that I'd use as babies in a zoo. Bought them because at the time it was the only ones I could find. Just checked Ebay for plastic deer, coming up with 2,232 of them in different sizes, including some 1 1/2 to 2" tall right off the bat.
  21. Getting back into modeling, but going for zombie/apocalypse type dioramas and thought the BDRM would fit perfectly in either category. Problem is, can find only 1 interior photo via Google. Checked youtube and while there's a lot of exterior shots, very few interior. And what few there are, no one's done a completer interior pan of the vehicle. There are 3 different books available on Ebay, but don't want to spend money on any of them unless I know they've got interior photos. Can anyone help me out on this?
  22. This reply is late, but at least you're getting one. Here's a link to a company that makes a lot of 1/35th stuff, including deer. The bad part is they're out of a lot of stuff. https://www.battlegategames.com/index.php/battleground/new-releases.html?p=5 If you/anyone else is looking for wildlife, take a look at the toy stores or toy section of discount stores like Dollar Tree, 99 cents store, etc. Getting back into modeling and one of the dioramas I want to build included elephants and maybe other zoo animals. Found Dollar Tree has 2 different sized elephants: African (big ear
  23. Don't know about having 'em actually glow in the dark, but I've always figured nuked people/mutants glowed a greenish/yellow kind of color from all those mind rotting comic books I read as a kid.....except for those who got hit by gamma rays like The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, etc. Went to Evilbay and using green florescent paint for my search, there's actually a pen made for this sort of thing. Or how about using what the plane people call slime green which is a yellowish/greenish color used on the various formation light panels(?) on the tail/fuselage? That's available as a paint, but don't r
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