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  1. This is a wonderful build mate. The work with foil is stunning. I have a question. I believe when the engine on the P-51B shut down, the wheel well doors did NOT drop which they would on a P-51D. I have 12 photos in one book alone that shows B's or C's with no pilot or crew chiefs around, engine off and wheel well doors up. Others disagree with me though. Cheers Alan
  2. I like that a lot Aigore. Well done sir.
  3. That's a really nice build Sebastijan. Well done sir.
  4. A beautiful model mate and well displayed. :thumbsup:/>
  5. Deacon

    UBoot VII C

    I like this a lot mate. Well done.
  6. This is a great build mate. Well done.
  7. Just getting into building subs myself and I would be really chuffed if mine turned out like this. A cracking build.
  8. That is one beautiful build sir and was such a pleasure to watch come together. Deacon
  9. Looking very nice sir. I wanted to make up the Revell Hind 'Tiger Meet' kit, but when I saw the kit parts I decided to sub them for another company. I chose Zvezda's in the end, although the Hobby Boss one was a contender. Watching with interest. Deacon
  10. Now that is nice. Deacon
  11. Looking very tidy sir. Deacon
  12. Janne, its a real pleasure watching you build this kit mate. Really inspirational. Deacon
  13. Well done sir. Keep it coming. Deacon
  14. I've been away a few days mate and missed your update. Looking good sir.Nice work on the fin. Deacon
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