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  1. I'm familiar with the B and D conversions of Revell, but Academy has some too? :o All I've seen are the Bombcat kits (which I have built) and some new boxing with new markings from Cartograph, but never B or D kits. As for the Revell kits, I really don't mind the fit issues to be honest =)) Darren Roberts did a fine article on how to overcome these, so its not a problem. Its just those dang raised panel lines. If I had an Achilles heel it would be scribing panel lines. In other news though I may be running low on funds for this build :( I will do it eventually but maybe not right away. I've g
  2. Hmm...I really wasn't considering getting a Revel kit again, but for the sheer difference in price as compared to the Has/HB I may reconsider this. As I said earlier, I really think Revell is underrated, and if only they fixed the raised panel lines and added a few extra sprues they'd really give everyone else a run for their money. Also, why doesn't Academy also release B or D versions? Does anybody sell aftermarket parts for a B/D of the Academy kit?
  3. Thanks for the info...didn't know they did a retooling. I just wished they fixed the raised panel lines issue, if they did that then in terms of getting your money's worth, Revell would really give the other kits a run for their money.
  4. I just saw a $30 Hasegawa kit on Ebay :o/> This may throw a monkey wrench in all my plans...haha..in a good way hopefully. Right now I'm open to both options, so I'm just waiting for the best deal to come out. I haven't jumped on the $30 kit yet because I didn't expect to find a good bargain this early. Even though it is dirt cheap for a Has kit, I still have to time these things otherwise my production line of projects may get stuck-up if I get this one right away. To be honest though, I really like the Revell kit, it was the first model I ever finished. Despite my extreme lack of experie
  5. If I'm not mistaken, its your usual low-vis paint scheme. Light ghost grey bottom, dark ghost grey top or blue grey top (see Darren Roberts builds). You don't have to be finicky about the paint scheme itself, since the usual TPS always have some touch-ups done on it.
  6. To be honest I didn't think this thread won't get this many posts. So I'll just reply to most people's questions and responses. I keep all the panels on every plane I make closed (except for the landing gear) mainly because I like displaying the plane's outline in all it's glory. Also, I try to keep my planes as "compact" as possible, as if they were on a carrier, this prevents and loose parts from breaking off when someone accidentally brushes by them. I have lost many a randome tip to incidents like that. :lol:/> However, if I do continue with this potential build, I see it as a waste of
  7. Thanks for all the input guys! It's been really helpful. To be honest I'm still a bit torn..haha. Time really isn't an issue with me, I take my time on EVERY kit I build. I got an Academy F-15E for my 16th birthday and 4 years later it's still on the workbench. :))I will finish it, I promise you guys that. By the looks of it, you guys have pretty much confirmed my suspicions about the pro's and cons of both kits. I do plan to build the kit out of the box, so aftermarket sets are pretty much out of the question (I might as well buy a new plane with the money spent on aftermarket sets :P). On
  8. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been on the modeling workbench, and even longer since the last time I was here, so I've been relatively disconnected from the modeling world. I have been busy though with other building projects, particularly movie props. I'm currently working on a fiberglass Iron Man suit and a Dark Knight Batman cowl. Anyway, enough small talk, back to business. For a long time now, it was a personal goal for me to build a 1/48 F-14D. I've already done an Academy and Revell kits, but for this project I was really planning to invest in one of the higher quality mode
  9. Haha...sorry, never saw this comment till noe, but it's worth answering. "Ring rust" is a term used by boxers when they haven't fought in a long while, hence their skills getting rusty. And since they fight in the ring...it's called "ring rust." Couldn't find a better term to describe my feeling right now with building so I figured that was the closest expression. I think what you're thinking of is ring worm...a kind of fungus that...well...needs cream :P
  10. I have taken a long hiatus from the modeling world. It's been over a year since I've last finished a plane. Any suggestions to get me going again? I think I'm a little rusty now. :(
  11. WOW man...that's my dream job :)) Nice F-14 by the way.
  12. Well, most of the time Captain America gets it all...not Iron Man. Yeah, Hawkeye's not really part of the "four" (at least in the movie adaptation), he's more like Black Widow, a SHIELD agent. Didn't catch the name though, but I knew it was him.
  13. Loved that movie! Watched it with a friend of mine who wanted to be Thor when he was a kid! But my allegiance is still with Tony Stark and the "Iron Man" films B) SPOILER FOR THE AVENGERS MOVIE: Iron Man will be the main (of the four) characters together with Captain America (Of course Thor and Hulk will be there, but Iron Man gets the spotlight) and the main villain is Loki and one other guy (I'm assuming the Red Skul
  14. My condolences. Will pray for your family.
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