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  1. just as I thought, it really looked greener...even though the kit's plastic was green, still green to me...thanks
  2. as I was searching the web, I came upon this site http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1333195654/Tamiya+color+question...A6M5+Zero what caught me was "Mitsubishi A6M5 lower surface is Tamiya XF-76...AS-29 Nakajima A6M5 lower surface is Tamiya XF-12...AS-2 " is this true?
  3. thanks guys...seems that I need to buy Tamiya's A6M3 Type 32 Zero Fighter (Hamp) or the A6M2 Type 21 Zero Fighter (ZEKE) so the XF-76 won't go to waste... thanks again guys ^^
  4. I'm just new to the hobby and am building Tamiya's A6M5c... I've read that the undersides are to be painted xf-76 but after painting it, I find it a bit too greener than grey, is it just me or is the undersides supposed to be a bit greener?
  5. still new to figure painting and need comments, tips and suggestions... this is what I did so far...primed with ijn cockpit green (was doing the cockpit so to save paint, primed the figure as well)...instructions say red brown and flat earth for the overall leather suit and flat brown to both gloves and boots but I kinda messed up the suit, mixed red brown with flat brown, plan to just make do with drybrushing and washing later...
  6. sorry...only tamiya and gunze
  7. I'm really not sure where to post this but since this is the tips and tricks section, might as well post this here since it's about paints... I'm trying to build this http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/portland/971/Reviews/70s/f-16-rnlaf-tiger.htm and I need help on getting the right paints on it, I already got a bunch of replies from a local hobby site in our area and I would like to ask some tips here on what paints to use... sadly I only have access to tamiya paints on my LHS and gunze through my friend who has a friend who can ship them to me... I would rather use tamiya paints since I
  8. guys I'm fairly new to the world of scale models and I would like to ask some help... I plan to build a dio centered on tamiya's A6M5c zero fighter (zeke) the old kit which has raised panel lines on it and six figures (excluding the pilot) but I really forgot where I saw a picture once where there was a zero taxiing and the mechanics on the ground were waiving their hats...I'm confused on what ground I should be making for the dio, if it should be dusty or a bit muddy....does anyone have any reference material on it or has anyone already made a dio using the tamiya figures? I haven't seen any
  9. well the one I'm working on is in 1/48...so I'll just have to go with hard edged then
  10. is the demarcation line between the green and gray supposed to be hard edged or soft edged for an A6M5c zero?
  11. kuya

    Tamiya 1/48 A6M5c Zeke

    well since I now have some photo reference for the cockpit...I also would like to ask some help....the kit I got is in dark green plastic...would the ijn gray green stand out if I paint it on the undersides? I was actually thinking of base coating if with flat aluminum and maybe do some salt weathering when applying the green on the uppersides...I'm afraid that the gray green might not show because of the dark green plastic
  12. kuya

    Tamiya 1/48 A6M5c Zeke

    tnx for all the help guys...never knew a Zero's cockpit was very simple to paint
  13. kuya

    Tamiya 1/48 A6M5c Zeke

    sorry link didn't work... try this instead http://kuya-mad.blogspot.com/
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