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  1. Jake:

    Yep I predict the A-10 will serve in some capacity until 20077. Thanks Will post the correction this weekend. Ever have a project that goes to hell? This is mine this year.


  2. Darren:

    Thanks but if Brian wanted to help he would have privately told me. I see this more of him wanting to bang my products because I moved into his market area.



  3. Erick

    If Brian wanted to help he would have privately contacted me. I see this more as reaction to my moving into his market area. The engineering analysis supports my view.

    Let's see if he continues to comment when I post the artwork of the entire sheet composed of other subjects.


  4. Brendon:

    Would you send the photo you have?


  5. sharkmouth:

    My website is millcreekconsultants.com

    For whom do you write reviews and what sites do you frequent.


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