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  1. It would be helpful if the article included such information as whether or not the part is in the primary load carrying structure. Seems to me it is part of the structure to support the leading edge flap. Would be interesting to know if the loads on that flap are greater than anticipated in the original design and why. That's the nitty-gritty that won't leave the engineering offices of L-M and the AF. Mark S.
  2. More importantly in 72 posts this thread will have reached the 11,000 post mark. Has someone been able to summarize what has been said? I for one will be getting ready with pizza, Philly cheese steaks and assorted beverages. Mark S.
  3. Gents: If it were the height of the Cold War this grounding would not have occurred. There was an article attributed to the AF Chief of Staff on the web yesterday that the Alaskan crash was not the result of the OBOGS failure but no details were given. “A more thorough investigation of the crash site was possible during the recent summer months and yielded recovered hardware and computer memory that made a more comprehensive analysis possible. Completion of an accident investigation board report, long delayed due to difficulties in assessing the wreckage, is expected soon, Schwartz said.” T
  4. Gents: The Website is updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S.
  5. Gents: All you need to do is ask. Many of the subjects on my sheets are requests from customers. If you count the two free sheets I've done 51 so far. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  6. Gents: Would someone who has successfully added shipping to their order explain how they did it. As much as I try there are a few of you who continue to have problems with adding shipping to the resin orders. Additionally I'm unable to bring any resin you order with me to the Nats. Best Regards, Mark Spectre Resins
  7. Gents: I have a limited number of RC-135 cheeks in. You can order them from the website. If I run out I'll send an e-mail and ask if you want me to hold your order until more are cast or whether you wish to receive a prompt refund. Remember shipping is $3.00. Mark Spectre Resins
  8. Supertom: I'm bringing other inventory but the 1/72nd scale B-58 sheet may be sold out by the Nats. Not many left. Mark
  9. Gents: Sorry no pre-orders. Catch me at the table or order them from the website on Aug. 3, 2011. A picture of the gunship grey A-10 can be found in Don Logan's first A-10 book. Mark S.
  10. Gents: Here is a link to the props forum where I announce a new sheet of 1/72 scale decals that include the following helos: MH-60K, MH-47G and the two Blackhawk Down MH-60L's Venom and Thunderstruck. http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=234236 Additionally you will find another sheet in the jet sub-forum that has a grey HH-53C and 3-tone desert camo HH-60G's. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  11. Gents: Here is the props/helos sheet, 2-049, Back in Black, This is a special operations sheet containing several unique subjects. There are three WW II aircraft a Mosquito radion relay aircraft, A-26 covert high speed jump ship and a Carpetbagger B-24D. I was fortunate to obtain a color photos and information thanks to the generosity of the historian of the 492nd BG. Two options for a special ops HU-16B from the sixties and a MC-130H Combat Talon II are the next subjects. For the helo guys there are markings for one of two MH-60K’s, a MH-47G and the markings for the two BlackHawk dow
  12. Gents: Here are the Nats Releases from Wolfpak. They will go on sale Aug. 3, 2011 at the convention and on the website. I will start shipping the ones purchased on the website on Aug. 8, 2011. Sheet 144-01 B-47E 509th BW, B-47E 100th BW, B-58A Greased Lightening 305th BW and B-58A Pulaski Hustler from the 43rd BW and a B-52H from the 28th BW are the bombers on this sheet. A B-29A from the 581st ARSW is the 50’s era subject. AC-130A’s from the 16th SOS Korat and 415th SOTS Eglin.along with options for two EC-121’s from the 552nd AEWCW at Korat and a C-123K Candlestick aircraft fr
  13. Gents: Here is the preliminary artwork on the 1/144 scale sheet. It has not been proof read so there may be mistakes. Mark S.
  14. Gents: A quick note I have a limited number of MK17's, MK6's, DIRCM's and for the jet crowd the SUU-30 B/B back in stock. I'm limiting each buyer to 1 MK17 until I build up my inventory. The next item to be restocked will be the Cheeks for the RC-135's. Please remember to add the $3 for shipping. Regards, Mark S. Spectre Resins
  15. There will be decals for a B-52H in the SIOP scheme available beginning at the Nats. Is there a 1/144 scale "G" model? Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  16. Gents: Decals are iin stock, website updated and buttons hot! Mark
  17. Gents: Roll Models has that F-16ADF two pack for $42.00 USD Regards, Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  18. Gents: I haven't contacted the owner of Modern Hobbies. If he or someone would give me his e-mail address I'll see what if any of the subjects I can add to my line. There are just so many hours in a day. My goal this year is to qualify a new caster and get many of my products back in stock. Think I have found the gent and now need to build inventory. With the introduction of new injection molded weapons kits by both Hasegawa and Skunkworks Models it has become a bit dicey for a resin producer. If either firm announces a new kit which includes a resin piece you are producing the value
  19. Gents: Hasegawa is selling a two pack of 1/72 scale F-16ADF's with the correct tail configuration. Updated the website to include an index for 1/72nd scale decals. You no longer need to go through all the pages to find the sheets you want. Mark S.
  20. Gents: I will try to update my site to make it easier to go to the new sheets this weekend. Modified the original post to include mention of the two CIA/Navy U-2C. They are both dark blue with one in standard markings and one as painted for initial carrier qualifications. The 1/144 sheet will be placed on sale at the beginning of the Nats Convention on the website along with the other sheets. I will ship them when I return. Still working on the artwork for the 1/144 instruction sheet and when it's done I'll post it. There are 10 subjects on the sheet spread between 7 aircraft. You ha
  21. sharkmouth:

    My website is millcreekconsultants.com

    For whom do you write reviews and what sites do you frequent.


  22. Deke, The decals for the snake head are multi-part: You place the front one across the nose first and then the two side ones. After you do that you add the forked-tongue to the gun barrel housing. Flush: So far my multi-subject sheets in 48th scale haven't sold well so it would take a lot of interest to convince me to do them in 48th scale. Gents: Have updated the artwork for the instruction sheets and posted them. Forgot to mention that the sheet comes with a decal for the instrument panel of the A-10C. Mark S.
  23. Gents: All Nats sheets will be on sale on the website during the convention. I won't ship sheets until I return. Will correct the instruction sheet artwork. The serial on the MQ-9 is actually 08-038 and those are both U-2C's. Mark
  24. Gents: Here are the new sheets from Wolfpak Decals for June 2011. Sheet 72-045: F-16C of the 138th FS, 174th FW from Syracuse with two tail markings options. A-10C from the 163rd FS, Fort Wayne with the snake head on the nose. MQ-9 of the 138th AS, 174th FW at Syaracuse. Now if only Skunkworks would release their model. Artwork sized for 1/72nd scale. F-105G Sam Killer from Takhli, a HU-16B from the 37th RQS at Danang. The last subject on this sheet is a F-16AM from the 730th Eskadrille of the Royal Danish Air Force. This aircraft has participated in the Odyssey Dawn operation
  25. Just a word about the Wolfpak MQ-9 decals. They were drawn using the 48th scale MQ-9 scaled down to 1/72nd along with corroboration via the Unicraft kit. There will be another set out this month for the MQ-9 along with a few other interesting subjects. Mark Wolfpak Decals
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