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  1. Gents: There are various types of concrete blocks some of which are solid which would protect the occupants from projectiles. A 12 inch solid block will work. Poured concrete walls also will withstand a tornado with the caveate that the windows need to have the same amount of strength as the walls. Once the winds get inside all bets are off since the furnishings will become projectiles within the rooms. Typically large buildings have concrete walls that have reinforcing bar vertically on 24 or 48 inch centers that is mudded in the open cells of the hollow block. You would need to mix the
  2. Matt: You can try Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-030. It has F-100D's in BMF from both the 20th and 48th TFW's. Here's a link: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-6.html Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  3. I could see college students making a great sling shot out of the rubber barrier. Wonder how far you could launch a Volkswagon with that? Is the Cov R&D department looking at that? Trigger? "Or just maybe the "budget" option, such as Pennsylvania's installation of low-grade pavement, guaranteed to be undermined by a single Spring thaw, producing giant craters in the pavement." Fish: I'm heavily invested in orange plastic. Thanks for your support! Mark S.
  4. Gents: I take requests but with the caveat it has to be a subject that has appeal to others. My website is http://www.millcreekconsultants.com Mark S.
  5. Gents: The sheets are in. Website updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S.
  6. There has been unofficial help by groups in the U.S. to aid the children growing up in the radiation effected areas around Chernobyl. For years up until recently children from the Ukraine where sent to Northeast Ohio to spend their summers in a radiation free environment. There were several groups that sponsered this operation. It may be because of the number of ehtnic Ukrainians in the northeast Ohio area. Mark
  7. Gents: I'll bet Weapon Set IX contains at least 3 X Sniper 3 X LITENING 3 x GBU-31(V) penetrator 9 x GBU-38 and either the 3 x GBU-32 1000 lb JDAM or something else. It would fit the pattern of their last set of releases. Although three of a kind is odd I appreciate 3 ECM pods per box rather than the 2 in their early releases. Mark
  8. Gents: Don't forget Spectre Resins. Mark S.
  9. Gents: Thanks for the kind words. I'm cleaning up the typos and such on the instruction sheets. Regards, Mark
  10. Gents: Please check my post in the Jet Forum. I have three new prop subjects. The first is a MQ-9 from the 432nd Wing. Took engineering software to make this one possible. There's a FG-1D from NAS New Orleans in 1950, an aircraft that inspired a current retro scheme. The last one is a much requested T-28D from the 606th SOS, 56th SOW. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  11. Gents: Here is the April release from Wolfpak Decals. Hope you find the subjects interesting. There are a variety of subjects from multiple eras. I would like to thank my good friend Don for the help on the F-111A that he flew. They should be available in a few weeks. Sheet 72-043 F-16C in the Charcoal Lizard scheme from Shaw AFB. F-4E from the 94th TFS while part of the 1st TFW at McDill AFB in Florida MQ-9 from the 432nd wing. Hi vis. A-4M from the Wake Island Defenders, VMA-211. RB-66B with tail turret in the SEA scheme from Shaw AFB RF-4C from the 62nd TRS once again from Sh
  12. So are you saying you have developed the Rolling Rock of Oatmeal? Mark
  13. Gents: Here's a good article on the type of reactor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_water_reactor Mark S.
  14. He must be from Ambridge. In that part of the country they have different naming conventions. The town Ambridge is named after a company or rather division of U.S. Steel, Amercan Bridge. So to have a name Welding seems appropriate. I'll bet there were kids with the names Beam, Angle and Truss in that same school. Mark
  15. Gents: Thailand is a problem for me at Wolfpak Decals. Just about 3 out of 4 orders get lost and are never received by the buyer. I have been replacing them free of charge but may stop doing business in the usual way. The shipping costs quoted from Sprue Brothers are the fees associated with international guaranteed shipping. It gives the seller the documentation that the parcel has been shipped eliminating chargebacks from Paypal if the buyer doesn't get it. It's a situation beyond all of our control. The only alternative is to not process any order from Thailand and to refund the bu
  16. Gents: In every country that has had controlled markets uncontrolled (black markets) have sprung up. In these venues goods have sold for the local market price whether higher or lower than the official prices. Artificial constraints don't work. Mark
  17. Gents: Quick note. I have the MK6 weapon shapes back in stock. Mark Spectre Resins
  18. Fish: Growing up in Youngstown when it was known as Boomtown USA and Little Chicago I'll believe anything! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2216...&topic=6192 Mark S.
  19. Gents: The sheets are in, website updated and buttons are hot! Mark S.
  20. Fish: Go live and fumble with your change. Trust me those toll takers love that! Ever since the Virginia Beach Nats I avoid the Pike and the Twilight-esk town Breezewood like the plague! Mark S.
  21. Gents: A quick note. The DIRCM kits for the C-130 are back in stock. Please remember to add $3.00 for shipping. Mark S. Spectre Resins
  22. Bob: If you're going tto eat pierogi you may as well learn about drinking slivovitz! Mark
  23. Okay I got a brush and some Model Master paint. The test coupons compare from top to bottom gunshp grey to: light ghost grey, dark ghost grey, neutral grey and FS35237. I still think the relative contrast between FS 36118 and FS 35237 is closer than what I have seen in the pictures. Guess it's the 30 plus years in auto industry paint shops as an engineer that keeps me questioning it. I do think the spectral characteristics of 35237 is closer to what is in the photos than the all but possibly dark ghost grey. In absence of the T.O. or a photo with the actual govenment paint tst coupons he
  24. Keith: You'll see a few on upcoming sheets. Any in particular that you would like to see? Rank11: The lower color on the Harrier in the photos I have is definitely not FS 35237. That color is the medium blue-gray used in the F-14 TPS scheme. It's much to dark. In comparing the photos to others and looking at the contrast between it, the gunship grey and white of the landing gear it appears to be light ghost grey. I have seen some verbiage suggesting as you have the color number but it doesn't hold up well against the photograph. Mark S.
  25. Gents: Thanks to LanceB. I went with the caption from the photographer without thinking. Good catch. I'll revise the instruction sheets before I send them off to the printer and replace them in this post as well. A quick look at the instructions and the sprues of the C-27J kit I'd say that you may need to scratch build a couple of the T antennas but nothing more. BTW just got a restock of DIRCM's and they should be back on sale on the website in a day or two. Mark S.
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