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  1. I don't know if there would be much interest in a 48th scale sheet. Yes, VMA-214 was never based at Alameda but that is where the picture that I used was taken. Should I just list their home base? Mark
  2. Gents: A couple of new decal sheets from Wolfpak: Sheet 72-041 has: a T-38C from the 469 FTS, an OA-4M from H&MS-42 in a Harrier type paint scheme, an OA-4M from H&MS-12 in the TPS scheme, a F-16C from the 134th FS, Vermont ANG, and a bevy of tankers. You have the option of three KC-135’s from the 22nd ARW, 931st ARG at McConnell AFB. One has the multi-point refueling, one is equipped with a refueling receptacle and one plain jane. Additionally there are optional markings for a KC-135R from the 916th ARW at Seymour Johnson AFB and a KC-135T from the 92nd ARW wing at Fairchild A
  3. Think you'll see the 48th scale weapons set "E" broken up into two 72nd scale releases. The first as they have already noted being an air-to-air set with ECM pods and a second composed of targeting pods and ordnance. If they follow the construct of their previous releases in 72nd scale we will see a more generous release. Their LGB release had 3 GBU-24's, 3 GBU-16's/Skipper, 6 GBU-10's and 9 GBU-12's all in one box. Hopefully they'll do something like 3 Snipers w/ adaptor pylons, 3 Lightnings with adopter pylons, 3 GBU-31V/2 penetrators, 9 GBU-38's and possibly three of another GPS guided
  4. Here you go Fish: http://www.dressthatman.com/cgi-bin/shoppe...;searchstart=12 Seems the jacket came before the sofa. I'll bet the owner knows Moai Vinnie! Mark S.
  5. Fish: From the Vietnam War there are several interesting loadout options: Pave Knife pod on the left inboard, GBU-10's on the left outboard and right inboard along with a fuel tank on the right outboard. Two GBU-8's on inboards and tanks on the outboards. SUU-42 flare dispensers on the outboards (looks like a rocket), 2 M36 cluster bombs on TER's on the inboards with a centerline tank. From what I've seen and others can confirm it they carried sparrows in the rear wells and ECM pods in the forward ones. What scale are you working in? Mark S.
  6. If that's light reading I'd like to see what's an involved read! Think you could get most of that on-line: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/LeverRul...idPhaseDiagram/ I know it's a humor thread but I just find it amazing what you can find on line these days! (Having worked with a gent that actually drew those type of eutectic and eutectoid diagrams for deep draw steels used in auto stampings.) Mark S.
  7. Gents: Think the decisions on the F-35 are good. It brings reality to the development and production process. You never in the auto world push the most complex version of a new car to the font of the line like what was done with the F-35B. You start with the easiest to build which is the F-35A. Learning curves, vendor quality problems and employee training all have to be dealt with at start-up. Good to see that they slowing intial production. As in cars you don't want to have a yard full of problem vehicles awaiting rework. Mark S.
  8. Fish: You forgot the mood music for that last scene! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2kMTcDOsqg...feature=related Mark S.
  9. Gents: The term "Centennial of Naval Aviation" and the logo are trade marked but not the rest of the markings on the aircraft. Wolfpak will continue to supply the modeling market with decals they have come to rely upon us for. In addition if granted a license for the logo I'll provide those markings without markup for the licensing fee. The first jet will be the S-3 on the next release due out in a few weeks. Regards, Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  10. Fish: Go easy on the cinnamon! Mark S.
  11. Gents: For what it's worth there are no modeling differences between a B-52D and B-52E. The differences are in the systems and not the external configuration. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  12. Gents: Just sold out of sheet 48-001. Found a few sheets of 72-021 so there are back on sale. It contains the RB-47H. Mark S.
  13. Gents: Some times you got to drink them pretty! Mark
  14. Gents: If you would like the South Vietnamese F-5C markings with the checkered band I have it on Wolfpak sheet 72-025 along with a bunch of other Vietnam War subjects. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  15. Gents: Finally the sheets arrived. I'm packaging them now. Website has been updated and the buttons are hot! Thanks very much for your patience. This problem was beyond my control. Mark
  16. Gents: Been able to track down thanks to Fantasy Print Shop and the Royal Mail the where abouts of the decals. Seems that they're in the US but held up do to Security Screening of all Packages. I'll keep you informed. Couldn't get any info from the USPS. Mark S.
  17. Gents: I'm waiting on the mail and have Fantasy tracking it from their end. As soon as I get them I'll put them on sale. Mark
  18. Gents: Thanks for the kind words. All the sheets are in 1/72nd scale. I'd like to do a few 48th scale sheets but only if they would sell. Mark S.
  19. Gents: Here are the new sheets from Wolfpak. They’ll be on sale in about a week. Sheet 10-12 is this year’s thank you sheet. Just like last year you can’t buy it but I’ll ship it to those who place an order of 30USD or more of decals not including shipping (void where prohibited by law.) Now for the subjects: Sheet 72-039: A Desert Storm C-130E with Rabbit Noseart, A choice of B-26K’s and RB-26K’s in the emerald green and grey scheme or a RB-26K in just coin grey. A F-8 Mig Killer. Vice Marshall Ky’s UH-1B and a choice of a silver over white B-52E from either the 17th or
  20. Gents: The B-52E will have decals for the 17th BW from Wright Patterson and the 96th BW from Dyess. I'll try to post the instruction sheets in a few days. Mark
  21. Steve: Congratulations, and many more! A great place. Mark S.
  22. Gents: Here's a little of the artwork from several of my upcoming sheets including another sheet that says Thanks for your patronage. There's more to come and the subjects are from several releases. More info in about a week Mark
  23. A reminder the Marine Corps. Birthday is November 10. Mark S.
  24. Think the main engineering issue will be in the design of the bearing assemblies used to guide the blades while they retract or extend. You will certainly have varing loads on the blades based on their position. Since they will structurally be overhung beams you will need to acount for the moment (torque) at the bearings (support points.) Going to be interesting with the loads from: lift, air vehicle forward or rearward acceleration, and any G's that it may be pulling. Sounds like a nice three dimensional problem. Mark S.
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