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  1. Fish: The mini van was developed to go under the radar of the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) requirements of the Feds. If it was labeled a "Truck" the vehicle didn't need to meet the emissions and fuel mileage standards for a similar sized car. Once again we see this with the Cross-Overs. I think you have a brilliant idea with the half track but I think you need to call it an agricultural vehicle to get further relief on the standards. Let me know when they're ready. Can I get one in Adak White or Tarawa Tan? Mark
  2. Derek: Here's a link to a picture of the aircraft onsheet 72-023. http://www.vermontel.net/~tomh/peasa.html Mark Wolfpak Decals
  3. Gents: Can we get serious for a moment. I have wrinkled Pancakes!! Last time I did them they wrinkled. Anyone know of a cure? Mark
  4. Gents: For what they're asking for the kit you would think they'd have acorrectly shaped JDAM and a clear piece for the sensor windows on the lower front fuselage. Isn't Dragon/DML doing an a model? Mark S.
  5. Somewhere there's a Ford Pinto or AMC Pacer without it's seat covers! Mark S.
  6. Not to mention there hasn't been an obligatory Monty Python reference in pages.
  7. Gents: If there were a kit there would be decals. Mark S.
  8. Don't know if the R&D team over at Cov can help me on this but why do wing nuts only come with swept wings? No straight, or deltas? Mark S.
  9. Gents: Sniper Pod- Clear piece for the lense and the forward section is designed to rotate so you can model it in the stored or operational positions. The GBU-38 in my opinion isn't as crisply molded as I would have like but it's okay. Clear pieces for the seekers on the GBU-24, and AGM-84E SLAM. Lots of wings and tail surfaces to glue on. The birdie for the GBU-10 is a separate part. Kit comes with decals. The GBU-39's look good. You have two carriers and 8 SDB's. My gripe is I wish they would have done what Hasegwa did in providing more of the smaller ordnance items. Would have li
  10. Think the markings will go the route of the F-22. Countershaded and minimal. What's going to be interesting is to see what type of markings go on the 33rd WG aircraft. There's going to be three variants flying for 3 services at Eglin. Will they all use the EG tail code or will the Navy use the AD code? What about the Marines? Mark
  11. Gents: Because of numerous requests I have reissued Wolfpak Sheet 72-010 SOF & CSAR. The sheet contains: an AFRC MC-130E, MC-130H Combat Talon II, MC-130P, MH-53J Magnum a Son Tay raid aircraft, OH-58D from Desert Storm and a HH-60G from Moody AFB. Mark S.
  12. I've seen a photo of a camera mod that doesn't take the entire sparrow well. It's on a ohto of a F-4E. Were there more than one type used? Mark
  13. Fish: Probably a bad time for me to bring up COIN grey? Mark
  14. Speaking of the future, will there be a celebration at the five hundreth page of this thread? I was hoping for cake and ice cream. Mark
  15. Back in the late 70's and early 80's HP was know for their quality especially in test equipment. Their products have steadily declined over the years and I think it started when the bean counters and MBA's replaced the hard-nosed engineers in upper management. Mark
  16. Jennings: Would be nice if the other variants include the CV580 in Allegheny markings. Mark
  17. Gents: If you're looking for decals for a gunship grey AC-130A from Desert storm I have them on Wolfpak sheet 72-034. You'll need 4 blade props for it. Mark S.
  18. Mark S.


    Curt: You're welcome Curt. Would like to take credit for the speedy delivery but it's the USPS. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  19. Flyingfortress: Couple of reasons for the smoke. The new JP-8 fuel is formulated to reduce it's flammability in a crash which causes coking at lower power settings. Coking is when you have incomplete combustion of the fuel which results in unburned carbon or coke in the exhaust stream. As for the KC-135's with the J57 the gas temperature is lowered in the engine helping coke to form as well even at higher power settings. Jennings may know more on that aircraft. Even C-130's leave smoke trails now. Mark
  20. Gents: Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Nats and for those who couldn't make it the website has been updated and the buttons are hot! I will ship orders when I get back next week probably on Tuesday August 10, 2010. Mark S.
  21. Fish: The Moai probably remembers the song that went with it: Mark S.
  22. Tank, Thank you very much for the response, and you are correct about the enlarged fuel tanks for the CH-46E; that issue is addressed in my "Notes To Modelers" section of the instructions. This is not the first time that I have covered a subject for which there is not an accurate kit; as a helicopter builder I'm sure you are quite aware of the lack of a truly accurate AH-64D in 1/72 scale. This issue is one of the reasons (along with my fondness for "old school" manufacturers like Modeldecal and the reasons Drew cited above) that I settled on the format of multiple aircraft types on one s
  23. Gents: I'll consider a 1/144 sheet or maybe a half size sheet. I need to get the kits before I rescale the artwork. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  24. Gents: Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the Orion is from VP-30. Got it right in the written instructions but missed it on the color sheet. It will be corrected. Mark
  25. Gents: Have 6 helo's on my Nats releases. They are: YCH-54A from Vietnam, OH-6A 4th ID Vietnam, AH-64A PA ARNG, AH-64D Army Reserve Fort Knox, UH-1N USMC, and a CH-46E. Here's the link: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=213427 Mark
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