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  1. Gents: Here's the link to the thread in the Jets sub-Forum that contains three prop aircraft: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=213427 They are a P-3C, KC-130J and Bernard Fisher's A-1E Mark
  2. Gents: Here are the 2010 U.S. IPMS Nationals releases from Wolfpak Decals. They go on sale on Wednesday August 4, 2010. F-22A Cripes A' Mighty, EA-18G of VAQ-141, F-18D ATARS, Marine UH-1N and CH-46E, AV-8A in winter camo. F-16C of the 301st FW OIF, Bernard Fisher's A-1E, A-7D in desert camo, KC-130J, F-100F Misty FAC B-58A Pulaski Hustler or Greased Lightning, F-15E 555th TFTS, Kfir ATAC, F-105D Hanoi Special, FB-111A Apple 1, A-7D 58th TFTW. P-3C, F-4C 4453rd or 355th TFTW, A-10A 357th FS, OH-6A 4th ID Vietnam, YCH-54A Vietnam, AH-64A PA ARNG, AH-64D 8-229th Army Reserve Fort Knox
  3. archybean: If you want them in 72nd scale I have options for 3 SR-71's on sheet 72-032. http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-6.html Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  4. Gents: Looking for a reliable high quality resin pressure caster. Anyone who has the equipment, skills and experience please contact Mark Bilas at 330+550-4348 or mark.bilas@millcreekconsultants.com Mark
  5. Looks like those pods may be SUU-25 Flare pods. Mark
  6. Teeradej: My sheet wolfpak 72-034 has two sets of dark grey markings and one set of black markings. The color difference will be more apparant when you place them on the model but there are two colors present. Note that the black markings are for the F-15E. Regards, Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  7. This thread needs more Vamps in Stillettos!
  8. Gents: Spectre Resins will have the ALE-50 towed decoy fairings and the sniper pod pylon in September or October this fall. As for other B-1 items I'm looking at doing the conventional weapons 10 carry module as well. Haven't decide whether I'll do the featherless nozzles. Mark S. Spectre Resins
  9. Vpanoptes: I have a U-2S with noseart on Wolfpak sheet 72-032 along with other reccee subjects and it retails for $16.00 USD: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-6.html Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  10. Gents: Here's the Wikpedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratovision Mark
  11. Airrex: I just released a recon sheet (72-032) at the end of April. It has a SEA camo Voodoo along with several SR-71's, a RA-5C, C-130B-II, RF-4C and a U-2R. There's the early camo version of the Voodoo on sheet 72-026. Mark S.
  12. Gents: The Decals are in, Website updated and the Buttons are Hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  13. Mark S.

    379th BG B-17s

    Gents, Would you buy decals for a 379th B-17 if they were on a sheet that included modern subjects? Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  14. Mig31: Here's a link to a website that sells a very nice resin kit of the HS 125-800. It's pricey but a great little kit. Every once in a while when I have at least 6 subjects on a sheet I like to throw in an oddball like the C-29. http://www.coopersmodels.com/catalog/item/...418/6595756.htm Mark
  15. Gents, Thanks for the kind words. Julien, got the photos. If you folks like theme sheets let me know which ones you would like to see in the future. Someone requested Mig Killers a while ago so thought there might be interest in the Kosovo Mig Killers . If you want more air to air subjects once again let me know what you want. Mark S.
  16. Giles, Bat 2-1 is on sheet 72-011 which is still available and a Misty FAC will be on one of my sheets that will be released at the IPMS Nationals in Phoenix. Mark
  17. Gents, These sheets are priced at $16.00 each. I forgot that I incluced the only black C-119L from the West Virginia Air Guard on sheet 34. I'll post the artwork tomorrow and it will appear in black and white on page two of the instructions. It's a much requested reprint of the aircraft on sheet 72-006. If and when my current 48th scale helo sheet sells out I entertain doing another. Mark
  18. Gents: Have six (6) helo's spread between 2 sheets. Here's they are: SH-2F, SH-3D HC-4, HH-3A of HC-7, HH-60G of the 56th RQS, 48th FW, YMH-47E and MH-60K both in the experimental light grey scheme. No sense duplicating the posting so here's a link to the thread on these in the Jet Sub-Forum: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=211324 Mark S.
  19. Gents: Two new sheets of decals will be ready in a week or so. Sheet 72-033 has an ASW theme with a S-2G of VS-24, S-3B in the VS-24 retirement scheme, SH-2F, SH-3D and a lone combat search and rescue HH-3A of HC-7. Sheet 72-034 has a variety of subjects including: 2 F-15C MIG Killers from the 1999 Kosovo Allied Force Operations A recent F-15E in the markings of the commander of the 492nd FS AC-130A from Korat RTAB AC-130A from Hurlburt Field AC-130A in gunship grey from 1992 HH-60G of the 56th RQS, 48th FW YMH-47E and MH-60K in the experimental light grey scheme and a C-29 Navaids
  20. Ham, Aeroclub makes a set of 4 props without spinners for the L749 version of the Connie. It's their kit number 103. Mark
  21. Pete, Planning to include the launchers for all but the silo launched Spartan and Sprint missiles. In addition the kits will include the the guidance radar units for the Hawk and Patriot. Mark S.
  22. Gents, Thanks for your replies and votes. The data link pods would be just that. One for the Walleye and one for the AGM-130/GBU-15. I'll be starting the drawings for the subjects later this week. As they're done I may post them. If you are interested I've started another Poll in the Non-Aircraft Modeling Sub-Forum. Would appreciate your opinions and votes for a Poll on U.S. Army SAM's and ABM's. Thinking about producing a line in 72nd scale. Thanks, Mark S.
  23. Gents: Would appreciate your response to the Poll and any comments you might want to make. I'm looking at creating a line of U.S. Army missiles in resin in 1/72 scale. Mark S. Spectre Resins
  24. Gents, Soooo.. a powder blue leisure suit with a flora pattern shirt and black platform shoes are out? Wait, I forgot the gold chains! Seriously, think most interviewers look to see how comfortable you are in the suit you are wearing. The style as long as it's not extreme doesn't matter. Mark S.
  25. Gents, There are several C-130J-30's in AF units. The reserve unit in Biloxi has them as well as the 86th AW at Ramstein. Mark
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