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  1. Winne, Sorry, it's in 72nd scale. Mark
  2. Gents: Thought you might like decals for a HC-7 HH-3A from the Vietnam War era. Here's artwork that will appear on the instruction sheet for a release that will be out in a few weeks. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  3. Spike, I live within hours by car of the US Air Force Museum so getting the photos needed for US weapons has been easy. For foreign weapons let me know what you would like to see. If I can get enough reference photos and the overall dimensions I'll do foreign weapons. What I'd like to do are the French and Soviet Nukes. Mark S.
  4. Gents: The AGM-129 to my knowledge is only carried externally on the cruise missile pylons. Six missiles on a pylon under each wing. Mark
  5. Gents: Thanks for you input. An AGM-129 Advanced ACM kit containing 12 (a B-52 loadout) may cost as much as $36 USD? This is based on a preliminary estimate of my costs. Additionally because of the cost and the limited appeal I would probably make it a special purchase item in which you may wait two weeks from order placement to shipping date. Anyone still interested? Would you rather have the kits contain 3, 4, or 6 missiles to keep the sales price down? Mark S. Spectre Resins
  6. Gents, A solution to the curtain problem: http://www.fb-111a.net/goggles.html Mark
  7. Gents: There's a lot of 72nd scale subjects that need attention but I'd like to take a limited poll for future weapon model releases. You can select more than one answer to each question. Mark S. Spectre Resins
  8. Gents: Thanks for the kind words. I have plans to produce a few 48th scale weapon subjects. The first subjects may be the B43-1 and the SUU-30/B. As for future 72nd scale subjects as long as the current ones sell they'll be more. Mark
  9. Chris, Wolfpak Decals 72-025 has a South Vietnamese F-5. Mark S.
  10. Haydn, Update your browser. It reads conventional at least until it is clicked on. I'm workig the issue. BTW your order should ship tomorrow. Thanks. Mark S.
  11. Gents: The website has been updated and the Buttons are hot! Mark
  12. Gents: Here's the latest. The website will be updated and items on sale tomorrow Friday June 4, 2010. In this release there is a mixture of modern nukes and conventional weapons from several eras. Regards, Mark S. Spectre Resins
  13. Gents, The correct markings for a South Carolina AH-64A in the grey scheme is on my sheet 72-018 along with markings for an AH-1F, "Sand Shark," and a CIA Mil-17 among other subjects. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  14. If you use the process in Jim Rotramel's or my articles you'll have the metallic look with the decals on it. Haven't tried the other methods yet. Mark S.
  15. Waco, You sure you want to get the Cov loaded up on sugar and caffeine? Mark S.
  16. Gents: I'll add it to my list. Look for it in 72nd scale later this year. Mark Spectre Resins
  17. Derek: Glad you like the decals. Mark
  18. Gents: Anyone have a photo of the rear of the GBU-22? Has it become operational with anyone or was it developed and then shelved? Mark Spectre Resins
  19. Ryan, Here you go: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-6.html Berkut, The written instructions are correct and have the colors you mentioned. I'll modify the artwork before I print the next batch of instruction sheets. Gents, The faded black radome on the C-130 that appears gunship grey is probably the result of UV damage caused by the sun. Most black pigments are concentrated amounts of other colors. The three principle blacks in paints and other coatings (including anodized finishes) are red, blue and green. If you have ever used too much laundry bleach on a black sock you'
  20. Jennings, If it is faded black it must have been on the aircraft for ages. It looks in the photo to be much lighter than the prop spinners. To reproduce the color it appears the gunship grey is the closest match. Berkut, If you could find photos and post them it would be appreciated. I'll change the instructions but only based on actual photos of a MIG-25BM in color. Regards, Mark
  21. Gents: Two new sheets from Wolfpak Decals. The first sheet 72-031 is titled Sam Busters & Tyke. It contains an EF-4C from Spangdahelm, EF-10B from Danang, two F-16CJ's of the 55th FS, the F-105F flown by Leo Thorsness on his CMH mission, an A-6B of VA-34, MIG-25BM and the F-4D Terrible Tyke. The second sheet 72-032, is named Recce Birds. This sheet has an RA-5C from the Enterprise,U-2R, SR-71A's Bodonian Express, the Libyan BDA aircraft & ASARS-2 a/c, RF-101C from Shaw AFB, RF-4C from Mountain Home AFB and a C-130B-II used during the Vietnam War. The website has ben updated and t
  22. Mark S.


    Gents, In 1/72 scale you have two options for a HC-130N: 1. A California ANG bird 2. One based in Vietnam Both are SEA camo. Wolfpak sheet 72-021 http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-4.html Regards, Mark
  23. Gents: Hang in there. Some of your wishes are on my list. The Sniper pylon and the ALE-50 fairings will be the first out the door later this year. Mark S. Spectre Resin
  24. From what you have said it seems that the space component will become more dominate. A salvoed threat to Guam would be in my opinion even more of a challenge. Guam isn't made from steel and can't zig zag. It's a lot bigger than a carrier but has a civilian population which may complicate things. Naval battles have dominated military campaigns in the Pacific. If you can't project power using ships how do you prevail in that region? Will we need to control space to control the access to that region? As it stands now space defense is the role of the Army and Navy (less the ABL) while pow
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