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  1. Waco, Before 911 and Afghanistan there were a few papers that stated that the carrier was a "Sunset" system. Might be able to find something in Parameters or the like from the late 90's. Would be interesting to see if the rationale broken only by their use in a conflict is repeating itself. Regards, Mark
  2. Gents, Spectre Resin will have a modular build 1/72 scale revetment kit out this summer. At the present I'm working on the drawings. May have images to show you later this week. What I am planning is a series of components that assemble in the shape of an 'L" and a straight section along with the ability to by the individual modular components A la carte. This will allow the modeler to purchase as many or as few as he needs for his particular diorama. The starter sets will be sized for fighter aircraft. If they are sucessful and there is demand I'll add those for the larger aircraft lik
  3. Gents, Decals should be available for that scheme by Wolfpak Decals at the Nats in 1/72 scale. Mark S.
  4. Gents: The 581st and 582nd Aerial Resupply Wings flew predominately black B-29's during the 50's. They were the AF Special Ops of the period. I have one on Wolfpak sheet 72-022. Typically only the fuselage and wing tops were left bare metal. Mark S.
  5. arkhunter2002: Here's a set of decals I sell for the MH-53M: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP48-1.html Mark S.
  6. Gents, Thought that the Perry class carried the SM-2 Standard missile using a MK13-Mod 4 launcher. Were they removed? Mark
  7. Gents: To answer your questions: The B83's will be cast as one piece fo the body with separate fins. The fin geometry precluded it from be cast integral to the body. The 3 fin version of the B83 from the photos in the books I've seen was carried on the B-1 and B-2. The 4 fin B83 was carried on the FB-111A and is listed in the books as being carried by a B-52. Regards, Mark
  8. Gents: A quick note. The following resin subjects have been sent to the rapid prototype shop. Look for them to be on sale by the first week in May. B-43-0 Short Nose B43-1 Long Nose with cover B83 3-fin config B83 4-fin config LIRCM for the C-130 M36 Vietnam era Thermite Cluster Bomb MK77 Current Fire Bomb A-10 spine with EGI and SATCOM SUU-25 Flare Dispenser SUU-30B Vietnam era Cluster Bomb Dispenser SUU-30H Desert Storm era Cluster Bomb Dispenser Regards, Mark S.
  9. Gents: Don't think it would be all that difficult to do a set of the beavertail doors in resin using solids modeling software. Is there enough interest to support it? They would not have interior detail unless I can find pictures that show any ribs, etc. Mark S. Spectre Resin
  10. Weeelll turns out it's oceans are liquid metal, and the planet's daytime temperature might be cold enough to freeze glycol. Fish, The planet's name is Eutectic isn't it? Mark S.
  11. Gents, If there is a unit that you would like to see done let me know. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  12. Gents: Sometime this week I show have a drawing to show you of a clip carrying four B28RI's. It will be a Spectre Resin release late spring early summer. Mark S. Spectre Resin
  13. Pete, Thanks for the question. For now I plan to update my website the first week of every month with news from Spectre and Wolfpak. In the future I may have a sub-forum on a forum site like ARC but before that I plan to start an email newsletter. Look for the newsletter this summer. As for suggestions I encourageyou to contact me at mark.bilas@millcreekconsultants.com I try to answer each e-mail I get. It may take a few days if I'm on thee road for business but I will answer them. Next up will be a few resin pieces. Several more nukes, some modern conventional ordnance, a few Vietnam
  14. Lone Buckeye, Thanks, you beat me to it! Mark S.
  15. Gents, Thanks for all the kind words. The sheets are in, website has been updated and the BUTTONS ARE HOT Dennis - let me know if you want more foreign subjects. Mruph - Thought you might like old school markings. thegoodsgt - got to ask I'm game for most subjects. Regards, Mark S.
  16. Gents: A limited number of Wolfpack 48-004, Choppers Galore, are back in stock. Get them while you can. Mark
  17. Gents: Two new sheets will go on sale later this week. The first one, Victor Alert is composed of aircraft types that were used to sit nuclear strike alert in Europe and surrounding waters. The second sheet continues the theme with 2 European based F-100's, and an A-7A that had the nuclear strike role in the Pacific. To round out sheet 2 there is a Euro I A-10 from Myrtle Beach, an A-7D in gunship grey that was zapped and finally as the result of many requests the MC-130E's used in the Son Tay Raid and Operation Eagle Claw. Mark
  18. Gents: For those who asked sheets 72-011 Vietnam Sharks and 72-012 Trail Interdictors are back in stock. The sheet with the high vis Blue Blaster's A-6 will be out in about two weeks. Mark
  19. Gents: The limited production Complementary Sheet 09-12 is gone! Thanks for your patronage. I've added a hint or a tease on the website for a subject on my next sheets that should be on sale by the end of March. Mark S.
  20. Gents: The Cheeks are back in stock. Mark S.
  21. Gents: Bringing this thread back from the past. Due to popular demand Wolfpak will be releasing a limited number of sheet 48-004 Choppers Galore in the spring. Mark S.
  22. Everything is in stock except the RC-135 cheeks. Had a run on them yesterday at a show. They'll be back in stock on Thursday February 25, 2010. Mark S.
  23. Gents: Here's the Spectre link: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/Spectre-p1.html Mark S.
  24. Gents: LIRCM's will be in the next release. Mark
  25. Gents: Three new nuke shapes iin 72nd scale the B57, B43-1 and B28RE. The Dircm fairings for the C-130's and the MISTAR dome for the EC-135C and E-6B. All on sale. Website has been updated and the buttons are hot: Mark S.
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