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  1. Gentlemen: The latest from Wolfpak Decals: Sheet 72-124, Rebels with a Cause. The first two subjects on this sheet are from the Virginia Air National Guard. An A-7D from 1987 in the Euro I scheme followed by the “Red River Raider”, a F-105D from 1978. From a more recently, a U-2S from a deployed location of the 9th RW in the fall of 2018. You have the option of doing this with the tail markings that were present before deployment or with the chalk nose art once the aircraft was deployed. Tried to capture the scruffy look of the chalk art in the laser printed piece. An A-37B from
  2. Gents, Decals are in, website updated and the Buttons are hot! Mark S.
  3. pminer, They're not in yet. I will post in this thread when they are available on the website. Mark
  4. Gents: Here’s the December 2018 release from Wolfpak Decals: 72-122, Passing the Test. First up is a Tornado IDS from the Luftwaffe in the green lizard scheme. An A-6A used by the Pacific Missile Test Center in the testing of the air launched version of what was to become the Tomahawk missile follows. Decals include those for the test missile which can be found in the ModelCollect cruise missile kit. A HH-2C rescue helicopter from HC-7 during the Vietnam War is next. From Edwards AFB is an ALCM test program safety chase F-4E with white wing tops. For thos
  5. Gents, Thanks for the kind words. The A-10A Color and Markings Book has the best information about the Mask10 and Mask10A painting of aircraft. Sheets are in, the website is updated and the Buttons are Hot!
  6. Sheet 72-120, USAFE. Starting off this sheet is an option for a F-16A of the 614th TFS at Torrejon AB in Spain followed by a hard wing F-4E of the 613th TFS from the same base. Next up options for one of two MIG Killers from Bitburg AFB as they appeared while headed to a William Tell Meet. A slatted F-4E with TISEO from the 32nd TFS at Soesterburg is the next subject. An early Mask10 painted A-10A from the 81st TFW at Woodbridge follows. This scheme was unique because of its greenish hue to the grey paint and the ability to change color from sun-lit to cloudy conditions. The 67th ARS man
  7. The more the merrier. Wolfpak's sheet of cruise missile markings are more comprehensive and will be at the printers on Monday Oct. 8, 2018. Expect them in time for the holidays. Mark S.
  8. FWIW the later B-52G's and H's had the fuselage after the vertical tail stretched for added ECM equipment. Just look at the photos. The section of the aircraft is longer than that of the "D".
  9. If someone would do a B-52F I'd have some great decals for it. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  10. Gents, My two cents. In this day and age with the amount of information on aircraft on the internet or in books and photos that can be purchased on the web it is inconceivable that a model manufacturer can get something iconic as a B-52 wrong. Having said that they should be commended for adding AGM-109's to the kit. Although most modelers aren't interested in them some are. They after all are a legitimate loadout for those B-52G's used in the fly-off competition between the AGM-109 and AGM-86B. It shows they are willing to do something different. I, for one am eagerly awa
  11. Gentlemen, The sheets are in, Website has been updated and the buttons are hot! Additionally sheet 72-086, RAM Tough, the ram panels for the Academy 1/72 scale F-35A are back in stock. Also I have a correction for the tail markings of the Ohio ANG F-16C on sheet 72-104 for those who ordered that sheet. Just contact me and I'll send it out with your next order. Regards, Mark
  12. Gentlemen, Here are the two sheets of the August or OPMS Nats release for 2018 from Wolfpak Decals: Sheet 72-118, Shamal. First up is a Rafale C as used in the operations in the Mid-East last year. This jet includes Scalp cruise missile mission marks. A Desert Storm A-7E from VA-72 follows. There are decals specific to the Airfix/Hobby Boss rudders. The next jet took a bit of research and thanks goes out to the pilot for the markings on the Mirage Killer EF-111A. A contemporary aggressor L-39 in desert camouflage breaks up all the grey jets on this sheet and is th
  13. Gentlemans: Decals are in, website is updated and the buttons are Hot! Mark S.
  14. Gents, Thanks for all the kind words. I'm not opposed to doing the Tomcat markings in 1/48th if there is enough interest. Matchbox made a F-86A in 1/72nd scale. Mark S.
  15. Gents: Here are the sheets in the June 2018 release from Wolfpak Decals. They will retail for $18.50 and be available in a few weeks. Sheet 72-116, Release the Hounds. To start we have a F-86A from the 91st FIS at RAF Bentwaters. The next two aircraft are F-4D’s assigned to the 433rd and 497th TFS’s respectively at Ubon in Thailand. The first is shown carrying the 3000lb M118 LGB and the second is one of a handful of jets modified to carry the Pave Spike pod which was under development at that time. A Hunter in the latest aggressor scheme follows. Next up is
  16. AVM makes the Tucano in 1/72. http://www.avm-scalemodels.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=18 Mark S.
  17. Gents, Website is updated, decals in stock and the buttons are hot! Mark S.
  18. Gentlemen, Here are the latest from Wolfpak. Sheet 72-114 Star Fighters First up is a F-104S from the Italian Air Force late in the paint scheme that they would retire in. Their are two marking options. The FJ-2 is from the Columbus NAS and is in the orange and white scheme of that period. From one of our own here at ARC "Gene K's" jet when he was commander of the 25th TFS at Suwon. The Happy Hooligans always make for good subjects and here are a MQ-1 Predator and a MQ-9 Reaper of this unit. The next subject is a B-26C from SAC. It has the original
  19. Gents, Thanks for all the great ideas. Will start to collect photos and such to get them on the sheets. Can I find sprue shots of the Modelcollect B-2 on the web? Mark Wolfpak Decals
  20. Gene, The only photos I have show the aircraft at Eglin AFB in Florida. Could not find any from Thailand although that doesn't mean it wasn't tested there. I'll shake the bushes and see what additional I can find about the aircraft. The color is very close to dark gull grey. Thought it might have been dark ghost grey but it isn't that blue. It may well be a custom mix from the nearest Sherwin-Williams store. There are no sources for the lights. I had thought of having them cast but finding someone to do the clear is difficult. Getting into the chemistry they are so small e
  21. Gentlemen, The decals are in, website updated and the buttons are hot! Two Questions: 1. Does anyone still want additional copies of sheet 72-086 the RAM panels for the F-35A? 2. What subjects would you like to see next year? Mark
  22. Phantom, Yes, they are Canadair CL-13A MK-5's which the Army had Flight Systems purchase and modify for the drone role. They were all registered with the FAA hence the "N" numbers. When this was done they were designated QF-86E's by the Army. A total of 55 jets were purchased.
  23. Dave, Thanks for the correction. The decal artwork is correct but missed the colors on the profile.
  24. Folks: Here are the latest sheets from Wolfpak Decals. Will get images up as soon as I can figure with who to host them or if I can hotlink directly to my website. Sheet 72-112 – The Devil’s Fork – $18.00 - First up from the most colorful era in Naval Aviation is a F4D-1 from VF-74. It is followed by the F-18E from VFA-87 which downed a Syrian SU-22 this year. From the Vietnam War the first TISEO equipped F-4E which was deployed to Da Nang for operational testing in combat. A SU-22 in Syrian markings follows. There are many units celebrating their 100th anniversary’s this year in th
  25. I will have the artwork completed tomorrow and on a 1/72 sheet going to the printer in about a week. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
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