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  1. Website Updated and Buttons are Hot! I will be shipping orders once I return from Omaha. Mark S.
  2. Slobodan, Yes, That's a mistake on the profile. Thanks for catching it. The decals are correct and the modex is 310. Will correct it on the profile before it gets printed and update the website. BTW the decals are in. Mark
  3. Steve, Thanks. It's a bit of marketing. Certainly the 366th OG's home is at Mountain Home but I routinely like to include in the title the deployed and or transient sites where the photos of the aircraft were taken. If you look back thru the releases they're full of places like: Bagram, Korat, and Dobodura. Mark
  4. re are the two sheets in the Wolfpak release for the 2017 IPMS National Convention: Sheet 72-110, Don’t Call Me Shirley. First up is a F-86D in markings of the 97th FIS with noseart and as on display at the National Museum of the USAF. A side note is the crew chief of this aircraft was a gent with the name of Tom Sawyer. I had the pleasure of knowing him when he was the owner of a structural steel construction firm. Next up from a recent deployment is a F-15E in the markings of the 366th Operational Group. It is followed by a P-40N of the 25th FS. Also from a recent dep
  5. If you had purchased the incorrectly printed sheets the replacements have been sent. I'm just about thru all of the orders that were delayed while waiting the correct sheets and I'm know shipping new orders. It takes 7 to 10 days to Eastern Europe and I just sent those out on Friday June 23, 2017. Mark
  6. Gentlemen, The decals are in, website updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S.
  7. Craig, I'm sure there are variances between kits. I know there are between the 2 A's, 1 B and 1 C in 1/72nd scale. How much and does it matter I don't know. Once I can get my hands on a Meng Kit I'll compare it with the decals. It takes a lot of work to draw them up so you'll need to let me know if you want them sized for the Meng kit once I make the comparison and let you know what if any the differences are. Mark
  8. Gents, I've started shipping replacement sheets. The first batch went out yesterday. Will start shipping existing orders that weren't filled pending the correct sheets tomorrow while continuing to ship the replacements. Please be patient it's going to take a while. The buttons are once again Hot! You can now order these sheets again. As for 1/32 scale RAM panels I have to say that I doubt it. It would take a double sheet and would run around $17 or more. I haven't had success with selling in that scale and the kit is expensive. Thanks very
  9. Gentlemen, The replacement sheets are in and look good. They match the 1/72 scale sheet color. I should have the instructions from the print shop later today. Will begin packaging them and shipping replacements tomorrow. At the same time I will replace the links to the shopping cart on the website so those of you who haven't ordered yet can get them. Please be patient as it will take me over a week to send all of the replacement sheets, new orders on site awaiting the corrected sheets and any further orders. Thanks for your understanding, Mark
  10. Gents, Here are the next two sheets from Wolfpak Decals. They will retail for $17.50 and should be in stock by June 20, 2017. Sheet 72-108, Wild Things. To start we have two options of a Wisconsin AN, 115th FW F-16C, FW, the wing commander’s jet with a badger on the tail and the Ops Grp commander’s aircraft. Something different but to complement the future Airfix kit two options for a FGR.2 from 1435 Flt. at Mount Pleasant in the Falklands. The jets carry the same names as their WWII predecessors that defended Malta. A F-35C from the latest Navy squadron to fly the jet, VFA-
  11. Gentlemen, Sorry for the mistake. Fantasy Print Shop will be shipping replacement sheets to me next Wednesday. The ones you have now are don't match the intended color. It takes 7 to 10 days for me to receive them so that puts the date to June 14 thru June 17 before I can ship replacements. Decide individually whether you want replacements or a refund and let me know via email to: sales@millcreekconsultants.com Regards, Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  12. Gentlemen: If you have an order in to me whether shipped or not and I find that the decals are in fact too dark I'll refund your order in full or replace the decals with corrected ones. It's way to early to come to a conclusion and course of action. As I mentioned before I have sent an email to the print shop. In the past the owner of the shop vacations this week. I will post here and on my website as soon as I have more information. Additionally I have suspended sales and shipping of these sheets. Mark
  13. I am working the issue. It takes time. An buy the way I have a business to run. I have an email to Fantasy Printshop. When I have definitive information I will post it. Being an engineering professional of 40 years I have found to think first, obtain the facts, formulate an answer and then respond in a calm professional manner. I am sure that it may take more time that some would like but I won't be rushed. I know Ray at Fantasy in the past takes vacation this time of year so it may be a day or two before I reply. Best Regards, Mark Wolfpak Decals.
  14. The decals are the same color on both the 1/72 and 1/48th sheets. I refuse to be drawn into a discussion on merits with anyone making outlandish claims and no proof. I took a chance after 7 years to serve the 1/48th modeling community again but I can see it's not worth the effort. I will post a partial scan of both 1/48th and 1/72 scale sheets but not the entire sheet as to provide someone with the ability of and individual to copy weeks of work. Regards, Mark
  15. Gentlemen, Here is a photo taken today in direct sunlight with no flash of an Academy 1/72 scale F-35. The model was painted with Sovereign Models Colourcoat enamel FS 36170 the color noted to have been used on the F-35. All greys appear darker on the decal sheet as they are contrasted by the light blue of the decal paper. Let me know if you think the contrast isn't great enough or the color too dark when the decal is placed on a completed model as in the photo. I've sold over 400 sheets in 1/72 scale without complaint. You be the judge but I suggest that you apply them to a
  16. Nope but maybe someone who has used the 1/72 scale set for the Academy F-35A will post a photo.
  17. Once again: http://millcreekconsultants.com/WP48-1.html Mark
  18. Ching Kuo, Refresh your Browser. B2Blain, See my post above for the color and my take to date on the F-35C. Mark
  19. Gentlemen, I have already received orders. You may be on the wrong website. Here is the link to the page with the decals on it: http://millcreekconsultants.com/WP48-1.html Just scroll down to view the sheets. You can only order them on-line from my site. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals By: Mill Creek Consultants, Inc.
  20. The decals are in, Website updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  21. These decals don't have lines and circle for rivets as they are hardly visible from any reasonable viewing distance. Trying to print them on the decal would overstate their appearance. Had the opportunity to look at and photograph a F-35A at an airshow this weekend. It's remarkable how panel colors change based on incident light and viewing angle. In some cases it's hard to make out any rivets or panel lines. This aircraft along with the F-22 have the smoothest finishes I've seen on a military aircraft. Mark S.
  22. flybywire, Don't know. I haven't looked at the "C" yet. My concern would be with the rear fuselage top and bottom being different since the APU exhaust is on top on the "C". In any event you would need the sheet for the "A" and either paint or grab the refueling probe panel from the "B' sheet. FWIW if the ram panel was on an edge like those of the flaps, slats and rudders you'll need to paint those. Didn't think a decal would work well on the edges. Mark
  23. Gentlemen: New from Wolfpak Decals RAM panel decals for the KittyHawk F-35A and F-35B. They will be available on my website in about a week and cost $8.50 each Mark Wolfpak Decals
  24. Gentlemen: New from Wolfpak Decals RAM panel decals for the KittyHawk F-35A and F-35B. They will be available on my website in about a week and cost $8.50 each Mark Wolfpak Decals
  25. For me I'm going to wait for reviews of both kits after the out-of-scale F-15E of Fujimi a while ago. The price of the Academy kit is attractive but will need to factor in a set of Aries replacement engine nozzles. Do like the way they designed the Sniper pod with clear plastic windows. As for the GWH kit it looks based on the sprue shots to have detail engine nozzles. What is intriguing is the box art. It shows the AN/ASQ-236 SAR pod. Would be nice if it is included in this release or a subsequent one. Mark S.
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