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  1. Gents: The decals are in, website is updated and the buttons are hot! Mark Wolfpak Decals
  2. For the current fleet of F-35's the paint color as noted above is FS 36170. Sovereign Hobbies: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/ has a range of paint called Colorcoats which has the color. When I get time I'll post somewhere on ARC a photo of a model I've built with this paint color and the 1/72 scale decals. FWIW the photos above still show a few panels with the different color of paint on the fuselage sides. Think we well need to wait until we get a few photos out under the sun. The decals themselves are printed to match FS 36231 Dark Gull Grey. Mark S. Wolfpak Decal
  3. Well for at least the Kittyhawk F-35A and F-35B kits you will have RAM panel decals by Wolfpak Decals, sheets 48-005 and 48-006 respectively, within the next month. They'll retail for $8.50 and will give you enough to do one aircraft. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  4. Gents, Here is the April 2017 Release from Wolfpak Decals. Sheet 72-106, Over Here First up on this sheet is an A-25A or the AAF’s version of the SB2C Helldiver used as a target tug. It’s followed by a P-38L of the 24th FS based in the Panama Canal Zone. Something a little different is a C-53, or militarized DC-3 used by Northeast Airlines but still carrying national insignia. The B-17D, “The Swoose”, as it appeared in 1943 while used as a transport is our third subject. This one has a small panel of flags of the countries visited at this point in time. The sheet’s final su
  5. Gents, The corrections for the ejection seat triangles are in for sheet 72-104 and will ship with the sheet now. For those of you who have already purchased the sheet I will ship them out in your next order unless you contact me and request that they go out sooner. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  6. Tosouthern66, How many decal sheets have you bought in the last five years? If there isn't market demand as a manufacturer you can't make money. As the other manufacturers have noted it's all in the numbers. In the last eight years I've produced over 100 1/72 scale sheets with typically a minimum of 5 different subjects on each sheet. Think my total now is close to 600 individual subjects. If you combine my work with the others we have produced over 800 subjects in that time period. In my mind it would be hard to say that the 1/72 scale market hasn't been served. If there a
  7. Gents: Want to give you a heads-up. Fantasy made a mistake on the F-4B decals making the ejection seat markings a red triangle in lieu of the older white with red lettering and border. They have a correction being printed ASAP and I’ll send off the correction to those purchasing the sheets in the manner I normally do. The perfect storm of Oops! I have another World War II 1/72 release due out in April and a surprise release for the 1/48 crowd in May. Don't tell them. Mark
  8. Decals are in. Website is updated and the buttons are hot!
  9. Wayne, I'll see in the future but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm not all that good with word. Mark
  10. Gentlemen, Thanks for catching the error the date should have been March 2017
  11. Paul, Thanks. I work from photos and don't use other decal manufacturers' artwork for anything. Most manufacturers missed the wing tip markings, the number on the nose gear door and the data block on this subject as well which I have included. In sizing decals I look at the relationship between the artwork and known landmarks (typically but not exclusively panel lines) on the aircraft. Mark
  12. Gentlemen, Time for the next release from Wolfpak Decals. The first sheet 72-104, Death with Finesse has the following: F-4B from VF-102 during the first Enterprise cruise in 1962. A F-16CM from the 180th FW, Ohio ANG last fall with the new Have Glass V paint scheme. The F-35A also from last year is the commanders jet of the 62nd FS. Two F-22A’s are up next. One is the commander’s jet from the 95th FS and the other has mission marks and is from the same unit. Lastly, from operations a few years ago over Libya is an EA-18G from VAQ-132. This jet has tails in a desert camoufl
  13. Anyone going to the NAS China Lake airshow this weekend? Mark S.
  14. Would anyone like decals for this aircraft?
  15. If someone would send photos which include legible crew names I'll add those subjects to my sheets this year. Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  16. Ben, Yep, The nose art says: "City of Erie." Mark
  17. Website updated and the Buttons are Hot! Mark S.
  18. Website updated and the Buttons are Hot! Mark S.
  19. Gents, Thanks for the kind words. I've enjoyed this decal venture and look forward to doing more in the future. Will try to get the SUU-30's in production after the first of the year. 650 subjects!! No wonder why I can't remember which ones are on which sheets! Mark S.
  20. Gents, Here's the prop segment of my Century Mark release. Sheet 72-102, Club Med This sheet’s theme is aircraft from the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. The sheet begins with a P-38G from the 82nd FG. From the 98th BG, The Pyramiders, a B-24D from the August 1st, 1943 raid on the Oil refinery at Ploesti, Romania. This aircraft, “The Sandman” is the one pictured in the famous photo of a B-24 flying at low level frame by billowing black clouds and the refinery structures that is found in most history texts. Next is a Mosquito night fighter from the 416th NFS.
  21. I would like to take this opportunity on my 100th 1/72 scale sheet to thank you, my customers, for your support through the years. As the saying goes, I could not have done this without your help. Your willingness to provide feedback and references, and to spend your hard earned money has enabled me to fulfill a dream. When I started this venture back in January of 2008 the conventional wisdom was that 1/72 scale was passé and didn’t sell, that a decal sheet had to consist of a single type aircraft (almost inevitably a “Teen Series” fighter), and have markings for twenty aircraft, all from
  22. Gentlemen: The website has been updated and the Buttons are hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  23. Gents, The website has been updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  24. Dutch: The number last year was $34.00 and it will be the same this year. I have very few of those sheets left. PM me.
  25. Thanks for the kind words. Murph, I was surprised by them retaining the waist guns and removing those in the tail. Think their biggest threat was if they got caught in the daylight at the end of a mission. Don, Is the profile a hint for a subject you would like to see in the future? Mark
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