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  1. P-38 Guy, A correction has been printed and will be included with the sheets. Mark
  2. Gentlemen, Something new from Wolfpak this release has in addition to the two sheets of contemporary subjects two additional sheets of World War II ones. Here we go! Sheet 72-096, East of Eden: First of all on this sheet all subjects were based in New Guinea. Starting off is a P-40K followed by Neel Kearby’s P-47, Fiery Ginger. Next is a B-25D from the 3rd BG, Runts Roost. For something different we have a B-25H from the 418th NFS that was used ’s in the night intruder role while waiting on their P-61’s. Can’t do WWII without a Gooney bird. Here is a C-47 used as a hack
  3. Gentlemen: Here are the two modern releases from Wolfpak Decals this month. They are accompanied by two World War II sheets that can be found in the props forum. Now for the sheets: Sheet 72-098, On Guard: Up first is a F-89J from the Iowa ANG followed by the option of building one of two F-86H’s. The first one is from the mobilized Maryland ANG during the Pueblo Crisis. This one surprisingly uses “CT” tailcodes. The second F-86H being from the New York ANG at Syracuse. A Euro I painted A-7D from the Pennsylvania ANG is the next subject complete with chaulk noseart. A F-16CM
  4. Website Updated and the buttons are hot! I'll be on the road tomorrow for business but will try to start shipping on Friday. Enjoy!!
  5. Gene, No, Grumpy is staying home in the land of the Jayhawks. We should be in Omaha next year. Have a great time. Mark
  6. Gentlemen, Here is the August 2016 release from Wolfpak Decals. Other real-world commitments will keep me from attending the convention this year. Enjoy yourselves. Here’s the sheets: Sheet 72-094 Shaken and Stirred. First subject on the sheet is an OA-37B of the Air Guard unit at Willow Grove NAS. It is followed by the CAG jet of VAQ-209 Star Warriors . The next aircraft is the commander’s jet of the 525th FS, an F-22 unit. From the Marines, a MV-22B with a double-oh seven modex with appropriate artwork. An AH-1W of HML-269 follows. For the modelers who like test aircraft the YA-7F
  7. Sheets are in, website updated and the buttons are hot!
  8. The cheeks for the RC-135 along with MK6, 7, 17 and 41 nuke shapes are in stock and the website has been updated. Mark
  9. Gents, Thanks for the kind words. The F-100F has a different serial number than that on the earlier release. I have added a HH-60G serving in Afghanistan from Kadena AB. Forgot it when I compiled the instruction sheet. I have a partial order of the cheeks but need to update the website and package them. They should be on sale tomorrow or Thursday. Mark
  10. Here are the new sheets of the July 2016 release of Wolfpak Decals: Sheet 72-092, Shifting Sands: First we have an OA-10A of the 23rd TASS from Desert Storm with Porky the Pig nose art. This is followed by an OV-10G+ from 2015 operations in Afghanistan. You will need to scratch build 4-blade props for this one. A F1EJ of the Royal Jordanian Air Force from 1986 is the next subject. From Desert Storm we have the AMP modernized gunship grey F-111E that flew one mission from Incirlik. A HH-60G serving in Afghanistan from Kadena follows. Options for two Iranian F-14As follows. Back to Deser
  11. Gentlemen: The decals are in, Website updated and the buttons are hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  12. Doing the research a 2000 lb. Butterscotch Krimpet has 3.82 Mega-Calories and the Honey Bun a little more at 3.95 MC's. Both would qualify as Pastries of Mass Consumption or PMC's for short. Think Cov would need to develop a safe delivery system.
  13. That's some heavy math there. If it's cream filled we're talking 1000 lbs. of pastry crème. Talk about a sugar high!! All I know fur sure is 5/4 of all people have trouble with fractions.
  14. Ray, Thanks. To Paul and the rest Photobucket would not let me copy and load the artwork to ARC. Talked to another gent about it and he said everyone was having problems. I gave up at 11:45 last night. Mark
  15. Gentlemen, Wolfpaks latest release containing two sheets: 72-090, Steel Tiger and 72-091, YGBSM will be on sale on the website in about two weeks. Here are the subjects: Sheet 72-090- To start you have the option of doing one of two RF-101Cs in ADC grey. The first from the 45th TRS at Tan Son Nhut AFB and the second from the 363rd TRW at Shaw AFB. These jets are followed by a F-4E of the 34th TFS at Korat in special markings for the Tiger FACS. Id like to thank several of the Tigers for their help. A Marine A-4C from Chu Lai is next. This one is from VMA-223 and carries a fuel tank wi
  16. Wow, I haven't checked in on this thread in years. Since I last looked the world has discovered the Higgs Boson and Gravity Waves. Hostess took both Ho-Ho and Twinkies out of production for a while, and we can no longer party like it's 1999! Rubber bands went up another dime per ton. More importantly Four Roses has produced a small batch that is actually good as opposed to their long history of being the Maddog/Ripple variant of the distilled grain products set. Cov is still in dire financial straits, while Moai is eating cheesesteaks and Tastycakes. It's like I never left. I read the
  17. Gents, I'll send the SUU-30's to the caster next. What else would you like to see? I'm looking for new ideas as well. Mark
  18. Gents: I have just received and placed on sale 1/72 scale DIRCMS, MILSTAR domes and a new item the AN/AAQ-25(V) laser based DIRCM. This new kit has the fairings with the beer can shaped turrets in lieu of the FLIR ball type and are used on USAF, AFRC, ANG C-130's. In May I will restock the cheeks for the RC-135. Also in May the MK6, MK7, MK17 and MK41 special shapes will be restocked. Last but not least the SUU-25 will be restocked as well. Please note that I will not process an order that doesn't include shipping. Instead I will refund your money and you'll need to reorder. Mark S.
  19. Gents, I was talking to the rep from Kinetic at the Nats in Columbus last year and he mentioned that their marketing analysis was that they should do a 1/72 C-17. Does anyone know what became of that? Mark Wolfpak Decals
  20. I found someone willing to cast the resin and he has my masters. I'm waiting on the test casts and if the quality is good I will repopulate the line starting in January. Which ones most interest you? Mark
  21. Gents: Website is updated, sheets in stock and the buttons are hot! Thanks all! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  22. Gents: Went to up load the new sheets to the website today and found yahoo had changed things on me. As soon as I can log on the site will be updated. Just love when they make changes. Don't remember being notified. Mark
  23. Jackmon Thanks for bumping my thread. Appreciate you keeping it up there. I will look forward to your order. Mark S.
  24. Gents: Here is the December release from Wolfpak Decals: Sheet 72-087 – The Devil Made Me do It First up is a F-15A from the 433rd TFS with the squadron devil’s head on the tail band. This is followed by a F-4D of the same unit but during the Vietnam War. This particular aircraft was shot-down on a strike in which it dropped an AGM-62 Walleye. Took a lot of research to get this one and it’s load-outs. A Red Devils,VMF-232, FJ-4B from 1958 is next. I chose the operational markings rather than those one the museum aircraft. The Michigan ANG Red Devils and the New Jersey ANG, Jersey De
  25. To me it looks like a training shape for the B28RE. The fin is narrower at the body than outboard. Mark S.
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