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  1. Gents: Heres whats on the October release from Wolfpak Decals. As usual the cost is $17.00 per sheet. One sheet is devoted to aircraft and a missile of SAC and the other once again is a compilation sheet with a variety of subjects. Sheet 72-064 The first subject is a B-58A from the 43rd BW with special markings for the 1969 SAC Bomb and Nave Competition. Note that they even painted white walls on the tires. The second subject although not in 1/72 scale (approximately 1/81) is a SM-62 Snark missile from the 702nd SMW at Presque Island Maine. The next subjects are a venerable C-45G and
  2. Gents: I have decals for a Kadena based E-3 in stock and available on Wolfpak Sheet 72-046: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-8.html Regards, Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  3. The Army evaluated the F-5, A-4 and GY91 as close-support platforms in 1962 before the Key West agreement was signed giving the Air Force all of the fixed wing assets other than light aircraft. 1/48th scale sheets have not sold for me in the past so if you are a 48th scale modeler you would need to get a couple hundred of your friends to ask for them before I commit to a sheet. Mark S.
  4. Gents: Here are the new sheets that will be on sale the first week in September: The cost will be $17.00 per sheet. Sheet 72-062 - A F-16CM from Duluth in the latest Have Glass paint scheme along with a F-104A from the 83rd FIS while stationed on Taiwan. To go with new Italeri F-35A kit is to be released this fall there are enough markings to do two (2) jets with options of 4 squadron commanders aircraft and one wing commanders jet. For the most part these markings represent those on the first flight of each aircraft. The next subject is a MQ-1 from Holloman AFB. The YF-5A is in Army
  5. Gents: Decals in 1/72 scale for the Duluth F-16CM should be out by the first of September on Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-062 along with a few other interesting subjects. Will try to post the instruction sheet artwork during this week. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  6. Gents, Decals are in, website updated and the BUTTONS are Hot! Mark S. Wolfpak Decals
  7. Wayne: Thanks for your interest. No, the MN code came first. Initially each squadron had a unique code but before deployment they changed to centralized maintenance and a single wing tail code. In addition to the "MN" code there were squadrons with "MR" and "MB" tail codes. FWIW I work from photos with credits to reduce erroneous markings. Mark
  8. Gents: Here’s the next release from Wolfpak Decals: Sheet 72-060: A-6A of VA-35, the black Panthers from the Vietnam War, options to mark one of two versions of a 356th TFS A-7D from the same period, a MQ-9 of 29th ATKS from last fall, an early F-15A of the 8th TFS, Black Sheep, 49th TFW, a UH-1H that participated in the evacuation of Saigon, a CH-3B used for satellite capsule retrieval and rescue missions in Hawaii and a F-4B assigned to VMFA-314 at Chu Lai during 1968. Sheet 72-061: A F/A-18A+, VFA-201 from OIF, a RF-4C from the 12th TRS, Tan Son Nhut in 1968 with kangaroo markings f
  9. Gents: Been busy with the real job. The RF-8G has special markings and is from VFP-63. The new sheets should have wet ink at the moment. As soon as they ship I'll post the instruction sheet artwork. Some other subjects on the sheets are the CAG bird from VFA-201, a F-14A from VF-191, a F-8E Mig Killer from VF-191. Additionally a very early F-4D without the chin IR fairing and armed with AIM-4D missiles. Also have a F-15A from the 8th TFS on the sheets. Mark S.
  10. Big thanks to Jim Rotramel for his help on Wolfpak sheet 72-051. Jim has a wealth of information on the weapons and such from the Vietnam era and readily shares it with us modelers. Thanks Jim Mark Wolfpak Decals
  11. The color call-out on Wolfpack sheet 72-016 is FS 34102. Regards, Mark S.
  12. Steve: You can only purchase Wolfpak Decals through my website and Fantasy Priunt Shop: http://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/WollfPack-Decals_B22M01.aspx?page=1 Looks like they have Choppers Galore in stock. Lancer512: The next release will have colorful subjects including a VA-35 A-6A, 356th TFS A-7D and a RF-8G among others. Mark S.
  13. Gents: All is well at Wolfpak Decals and Mill Creek Consultants, Inc. Hamfisted pilot error on my part. The hazard of having a mechanical engineer, yours truely, trying to be a IT expert. FWIW have new sheets at the printer. Regards, Mark S.
  14. If they would do that along with a P-19 Fire Truck in 1/72 it would be nice.
  15. Hoops, Thanks! big faux pas. Storm, Good to hear from you, thanks. Mark S.
  16. The Raptors are their unique shades of grey. Sometimes artwork appears differently when it's manipulated from format to format and on various monitors. Mark S.
  17. Gentlemen: Two new sheets available now. Website updated and the buttons are hot! 72-058 Spirits in the Materiel World: F-4S in TPS from VFMA-333, F-22A’s from both the 7th and 8th Fighter Squadrons at Holloman AFB from last fall, F-35B’s from VMFA-121 and the Royal Navy, a B-2A in markings of the 13th BS and Global Strike Command and a F-16C from the 100th FS, Alabama ANG. 72-059 Fighters & Targets: One of the first QF-16C’s, a F/A-18E of VFA-136 from the last Cruise of the USS Enterprise, F-15C from the Montana ANG, and F/A-18C’s of VFA-81 from Desert Storm. Decals are provided to
  18. Gents: I have two sheets I'll be sending to the printers shortly. Real World got in the way big time this year. Mark Wolfpak Decals
  19. Mark S.

    B-26B Invader

    Here are decals for a Farm Gate B-26B: Wolfpak sheet no. 72-039 http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-7.html Mark Wolfpak Decals
  20. There are probably no sprues labeled I or L. Those two characters are typically omitted from the alphabet used for engineering bills of materials or markings such as the sprues of the kit to prevent confusion since they are so similar. Mark
  21. Gents: Here are my first two sheets of 35th scale armor decals. The subjects include three M35 based guntrucks, two M54 based gun trucks, M113's, a M132A1, M577, M548, M48, an 8" SP, Duster and a M728 CEV. They are on sale now on the website and will be available at the Nats. Price is $17.00 Mark Wolfpak Decals
  22. Gents: Thanks for the kind words. This particular AC-130U did not have the DIRCM blisters. I do have a few in stock so if you wish just go to the Spectre resins pages and order them. Mark S.
  23. Jake:

    Yep I predict the A-10 will serve in some capacity until 20077. Thanks Will post the correction this weekend. Ever have a project that goes to hell? This is mine this year.


  24. Gents: My new sheets are in and since there are several helo's on them I thought for a change I'd post in that sub-forum. Buttons are Hot! Here's the link: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=252391 Mark S.
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