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  1. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since my last post. I wanted to share what I have been up to recently; building the Tamiya 1/48 He219 Uhu. The night camo doesn't interest me much; so I decided to do a He219 with a green camo similar to what Mr Ian Robertson has done on MIM Magazine but since this is a whatif project, will add some of my own interpretation. This is my first attempt at 'mottle' camo, so please be gentle... He219 Uhu by Gambit, on Flickr The Tamiya decals are surprisingly good, or I am just plain lucky.. no issues here. He219 by Gambit, on Flickr Comments / advice welcomed. Peter
  2. Thanks everyone for the compliments! :)
  3. Sorry Mod.. double post.. please delete this one? All apologies!
  4. Just completed this little birdie recently and just wanted to share it here. Some details: - It's a 1/48 Tamiya kit OOB build. - Only Mr Hobby lacquer paints is used.. I didn't follow the exact color code; I mixed the paints myself so it might not be accurate. - The camo is applied with airbrush using freehand because I am too lazy to make masks. - Pin wash done using Tamiya enamel (German Grey) - The soot and oil stains done using Tamiya Weathering Set D and oils (raw amber). - This is my first "shark mouth". RAF Mustang III by Gambit, on Flickr Glamour-puss shots taken in my "home studio" last weekend. RAF 003.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 016.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 009.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 007.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 014.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 015.1 by Gambit, on Flickr RAF 007 by Gambit, on Flickr Thanks for looking...
  5. *Deleted because of double post*
  6. Hi Mike, we spoke at Mworkshop last thursday. Welcome to Singapore. We have a local forum and club meets, do a google for 'plamo' if you want to say hi to local modelers yeah? Peter.
  7. Hi Guys, this is my first completed tank in this forum, the WIP is in the armor thread if you are interested to take a look. Here are the pictures. Thanks for looking. Overview Some Closeups Last Picture Thanks for looking :)
  8. This box has missing part "L" which is the canopy. Buyer beware :)
  9. Beejee my man you are right, it is wrong! Doh! Can't do much to correct this now as I have started on something else. Guess I would have to do much better on my next model. Thanks for pointing that out sir.
  10. Thanks guys for the compliments :D
  11. This is the Hasegawa 1/48 F-104G Starfighter "MarineFlieger" kit with Eduard Zoom PE for the cockpit. I completed this bird recently for a local forum group build and wanted to share the pictures here too. For more information on my build journey, you can visit my posts in another forum here. The aircraft is painted using Gunze lacquers; pinwash done with Tamiya German Grey and the oil stains on the wings and other places done with Tamiya Weathering Master (Set D I think). Pictures are taken with my iPhone. Comments are welcome. Last Picture I had problems with some of the decals (can't seem to be able to get rid of the tiny bubbles!) and even managed to tear one decal out after 2 successive coats of clear. I know I need to sand the tires a little bit to simulate "weight" of the aircraft, but choose not to do this before my local meet.. don't jinx me! Thanks for reading.
  12. Hi and good day everyone, my name is Peter and I am from Singapore. I have been a lurker in this forum although I visit almost daily. I just want to share my works for 2010, clicking on the pictures would lead you to more pictures and WIP thread in another forum (which I am more active) if you are interested. Kind regards and happy holidays December 2010 AV-8B Desert Harrier August 2010 TA-7C Cosair June 2010 Hawk T Mk.1 Feb 2010 Sv-51 "Flanker"
  13. You could checkout Modelzone (http://www.modelzone.co.uk/stores/). Cheers!
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