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  1. Good Day I will take it if it is still available. shipping to 98239. please advise regarding payment. Thank You Dennis
  2. Heartfeltfarms

    F/S 1/35 Cobra Company Black Hawk sets

    Good Day If they are still available I will take them. Thank You Dennis
  3. Good Day Do you have a price in mind? Thank You Dennis
  4. Heartfeltfarms

    Airfix 1/24 Sea Harrier FRS-1 instructions

    Thank you! Much appreciated! Dennis
  5. Help please. I seem to have lost my copy. If any one would be willing to make a copy or send me a scan I would be happy to pay for the time. Thank You! Dennis
  6. Heartfeltfarms


    Message sent
  7. Heartfeltfarms

    1/48 helos for sale

    Hello I am interested in both kits. What might the total be to see then to a Coupeville WA 98239 address? Thank You and Happy New Year!\ Dennis
  8. Hello! You can reach Sammy directly at skysno1@hotmail.com he is great to deal with and is a fantastic source of information on all things IAF
  9. You can reach Sammy at Sky Decals directly at skysno1@hotmail.com . He is great fellow modeler and is the best source of information on all things IAF. I have used the 1/32 F-15I set with great results!!!
  10. If you have one you would be willing to part with please let me know. Thank You!
  11. Heartfeltfarms

    FS, 1/48 1/32

    PM sent on kit.
  12. Icaerodesign released one before their current 1/48 conversion. I even included a dvd. Thank You!