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  1. I build model aircraft and military vehicles. I also like to go hunting with a .22 rifle. I fund these pricey hobbys by being lucky enough to paint models for a living. I always wanted to build models professionally but had no idea of how to do anything about it until oneday my best mate called me and said " ive just spoken to a bloke who builds models for museums and stuff and hes looking for some help". He gave me his number and the next day i met him and picked up my first job.
  2. Ive just finished painting my f15 in the 65th aggressors squadron desert camo, only to realise ive ordered israeli decals (1/32) If i want it to be at least semi accurate do i need new decals or do israel have f15's without the green in the camo and the gray underside? Could i get away with using the israeli decals on the 65th aggressors squadron camo?
  3. Im currently building a 1/32 F-15 that is far too big for my cabinet and i would like to get an acrylic display case for it but its huge! any ideas where i could get a cheap one or if it would be cheaper to make my own? If i was to make my own what glue would be suitable for acrylic?
  4. Cheers for the replys. Ill take a look now
  5. Ive just started to build an f15e in 1/32 but it came without decals. Its nice to build something for the cabinet instead of airliners for other people lol. Just wondered if anyone can recommend any good decals for either a full grey or full desert camo scheme? Any help would be much apreciated.
  6. The hawks been put on hold as my eyes have stopped working properly :0 For the past 3 days I havent been able to see anything up close without my eyes going funny. When I look at the instructions I cant focus on one thing, its asif my eyes are trying to focus on the whole page at once
  7. Thats a pretty good idea. I did wonder how thick they were
  8. Yea ebay have some made up circuits with flashing bulbs but they have a diameter of 5mm. The wing tip itsself is only around 4mm on the outside.
  9. Any ideas where I can get led's with a diameter less than 5mm?
  10. Cheers for the help. Im picking up the hawk tomorrow so ill have to check to see if a 5mm led on ebay will fit as they have some cool flashing led's. I was thinking of using fibre optics for the instrument panels but im not too sure at the moment.
  11. Im about to start on a 1/32 BAE Hawke and I want to put a few working lights in it, any ideas where I can get some for it and what I would need.
  12. no_man_army

    Junk Cars

    take a lok at this, hope it helps http://site.scratchmod.com/Techniques.php
  13. yesterday i started building academys 1/48 scale F-86F-30 SABRE, its the first fighter jet kit with an engine/interior (engine inside the full length of the fuselage) and i think its pretty cool, what other kits are there like this? sorry for being an idiot but i usually build armour James
  14. its a very good game im just useless at evading missiles
  15. i think its good, theres a thing called u play or something where you unlock credits a get redeem codes for the ps store so thats cool and i think its better than the first one
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