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  1. Don't know the HB kit, but for me (as an average model builder) the Bobcat was a lot of fun and I'm happy with the result.
  2. I've installed the MiG-29 parts (1/48) and I'm more than happy! This is for sure an innovation - easy to use and the look is impressive. Highly recommended! Edit: Order via ebay, delivery to Germany approx. 4 weeks. But again, I'm very happy...
  3. If you want to build a Russian 9-12, you should forget the wing tanks. Only the German 29G (9-12 modified) are able to carry wing tanks. From 9-13 it was standard.
  4. middle and outboard must be the same. the location was "Merseburg"
  5. There are German stencils here: https://www.tailormadedecals.com/decals/jets/mig-21/airworld-15/luftstreikraefte-der-nva/mig-21-nva-wartungsbeschriftung-981-wasserschiebebilder.html?language=de Ok, the price... Edit: Scale is 1:9... NVA airforce got some MiG-21, obviously originally planned for Arab countries (Syria?). All stencils and documentation was english.
  6. well done! I really recommend to build their twin, the Yak-130 as the Zvezda kit is a dream to build (among the best kits I've ever build) and might look nice side-by-side.
  7. It's great that you've included East German 28U as well. I do have some doubts about shape of bort number, rescue markings and - definately wrong - the time. Note that the Target Towing Wing 21 (ZDS-21) was founded in 1966, in April 1971 renamed to ZDS-33 and moved to Peenemünde on November, 14th 1972. The Quality "Q"-marking was introduced in 1972 (first yellow, later blue Q). I could not find any proof for shape of number (very untypical), existance of rescue markings and "Q" - do you have any? It would be great if you share it.
  8. Real Colors of WWII Aircraft (AK Publishing) says: "The Initial finish of the first serial-produced Bf 109s that reached Spain, i.e. the 14 Bf 109As coded 6-3 through 6-16, is still a matter of numerous discussions between the researchers. This author tends to agree with Lynn Ritger, who proposed a silver (with some parts left in bare metal as can be seen on photos of 6-7) overall colouring. David Johnston cites a S/88 document from January 1938, which mentions a silberweiß (silver-white) camouflage colour, and Lt. Josef Föröz description of his Bf 109A coded 6-16's finish being silver-grey. What is certain is that some kind of coating had been applied, as some photos reveal damages to the paint layer, down to bare metal. Worth nothing is the very smooth finish of "Antons", the panel lines were apparently taped over (AF Editores Archive)" Interesting discussions with lots of pics here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/early-bf-109-spanish-civil-war-t186474.html
  9. But this is neighter an interceptor nor a PD...
  10. expensive: yes rare: no https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/c22/Komplekt_Zip_1%2F48_scale.html
  11. I had a discussion with the Head of German Airforce Museum (Gatow/Berlin), Lt.Col. Leonhard about their Il-28. They got this plane camouflaged (see Diego's post) as a target tug, flew in early 80's. Today the Gatow-Il is silver painted - and I'm not convinced that this was originally the case. Lt.Col. Leonhard mentioned that they found during restauration layers of silver colour under the camouflage. Another hint could be that the radome (on some pics) seems to be silver as well (originally green plastic). So my POV is still - delivered NMF, maybe later painted. It is known that East German AF made experiments with at least 4 silver painted MiG-21F-13 at this time. Gatow: https://www.behance.net/gallery/40894385/German-Aviation-Museum-Gatow
  12. The boxart shows a RBT, I don't know the differences to RB/RBS. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-25RBT/2083292/L Edit: RBS have side-looking radar, no cameras, complete different nose
  13. HAD had a fuel truck and a APA-5D starter, but it seems to be OOP. http://hadmodels.eu/?product_cat=full_kits_in_scale_en&lang=en
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