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  1. 👍 That's most probably how I did it 😉... more than 30 years ago!
  2. Hi Bastian, I measured 8 mm diameter. Don't ask how I chose 8mm because I can't remember... I filled the hole with a simple transparent disc... it has yellowed with time. I also put some shiny material below it. But in case you want to do something better, in this thread I found this interesting link to a page showing the SR-71 Astroinertial Navigation System. Cheers
  3. Hi Bastian, from this pic in that wondeful thread, you see a major inaccuracy of the Testors/Italeri kit: the intersection of the triangular windscreen with the nose is straight and horizontal, instead of curved and going downward as it should be. Not an easy fix, though. Davide
  4. Wonderful set of pictures! I missed it in the Research Corner at the time you published. Thank you Davide
  5. Hi Bastian, not sorry for the disassembled Blackbird... it will sure come out better. One thing you may want to consider, since the nose is now disassembled, is to correct the planform shape of the nose. The Testors/Italeri shape is midway between the A-12 and the real SR-71: a picture from an ancient IPMS Italy bulletin will clarify what I mean. The kit is in between the gray and the white shapes below. When I did mine, ages ago, I simply added a plastic card shape and blended in with putty... this is how it came out. And I enlarged the hole for the star track
  6. Incredibly realistic! I particularly like the restrained weathering. I think that if you take a picture under natural sunlight, it will appear even better... if better is possible! Cheers Davide
  7. Those products would not even exist, if they hadn't been conceived for an immensely wider market... beauty care!!! 😊 Thanks to the ladies for that!
  8. Hi roym, just a small correction, for those who are interested, the shop is http://hobby.dn.ua... not .uk! Cheers
  9. Hi, I checked on the Hobby Color Converter app for Android, and it gives as Indirect Equivalence (so an approximate match) the Tamiya XF-19. From the app, XF-19 seems lighter than 36375, but you can try it for yourself, the app is free to download... Davide
  10. Bellissimo G.55, you perfectly reproduced the characteristic "stove pipe" silver finish of post-war Italian fighters!!! Cheers Davide
  11. Thanks for the info Don. It's a proof that not always the primers recommended by the manufacturers are the best. I always use Humbrol gloss black as primer for the Alclad Metallics and never had a problem, so never tried the Alclad primers for that reason. Davide
  12. Flawless finish, Don! I am keen on natural metal finish techniques (I'm building since ages a Super Constellation to be done in NMF), so can you share what kind of "bad experience" you had with them before, and how you did "beat them into working"? Cheers Davide
  13. The Sword T.5, OOB except the Master pitot, and the fin decal. The original was totally out of scale, so I used the one of the Airfix kit. The resin seats and colored photoetched parts are from the box.
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