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  1. Very nice Impala! I can't wait to get my hands on one as well!
  2. Thanks for the compliments! This was the 4th 1/72 rescribe for me in a years time. It is my least favourite part of the hobby but it really is worth all the work at the end of the day. After masking the canopy with Tamiya masking tape and Humbrol Maskol... ...the model was primed with Tamiya gray primer. I forgot to take a picture of it before painting the main colour (Tamiya X-3) The first coat of future is on. I'll wait a few days before applying the decals. Thanks for looking. Cheers Nico
  3. Progress... I'm done rescribing the panel lines and fitted the major parts together. A lot of filling and sanding had to be done especially aroung the wheel bay doors. I need to do a bit more sanding and fit the canopy then its of to the paint booth! Nico
  4. Thank for the heads up and info mawz! I have to agree with you on the decals. They really are something special. You did an excellent job on yours! I'll be happy if mine turns out half that nice. Thanks for sharing the photo. Progress... After painting the interior I decided to rescribe the panel lines. I used a hobby knife and followed the raised panel lines. I used a compass to make rivet holes. After sanding with P1200 wet and dry sandpaper I went over the lines again using a slightly thicker knife that went blunt over the years. The result... The plastic is very soft and quite thin i
  5. I'm going for the British Pacific Fleet markings. I have been building way too many camouflaged models lately! @SERNAK: That is not a bad idea but the detail on some of the parts (landing gear, propeller, engine, cockpit) is so bad that it will have to be replaced completely! I'm thinking in-flight, gear up, prop spinning...
  6. Hello! I'm starting of with this 1/72 Airfix Corsair... ... and yes, that's all the parts! I have never been a big fan of Airfix kits but some of their newer kits are very nice. That's why I bought this one, before doing research first, only to find out that it's an old kit in a new box . "Never again!", I told myself! I'm building this one out of the box. I have a few new tricks that I want to try out!
  7. Hi everyone! I would like to join this GB with my 1/72 Airfix F4U! Its not a very nice kit an has been sitting in my stash for a while so wish me luck!
  8. Hi guys! I'm building the Revell 1/32 EC135 in the colours of Air Zermatt. I'm looking for photos of the interior/cockpit of the helicopter in particular, the area between the 2 front seats, the curtain behind the pilot seat, the switches and panel above the pilot's head and detailed pictures of the front seats. Thank you in advance! Nico
  9. Well done Jorge! Excellent build! Loving the detail! The Black Hawk is a beautiful helicopter...
  10. Hi Recently finished these 2 WWII SAAF Harvards. Both are the Academy 1/72 kits with minor scratch built modifications. Critic always welcome! Nico
  11. Mirage 2000 is one of my favorite aircraft. You did a great job! Well done!
  12. Good news! Thanks guys! I'll check the tail fins out.
  13. AS-15 for the buff but AS-14 Olive Green (USAAF) not AS-6.
  14. Hi I bought a 1/48 Hasegawa CF-188A at a model sale yesterday. I want to build a Swiss AF F/A-18C. What are the differences between the F/A-18A and F/A-18C? Only thing I can see is the formation light? on the port side of the Swiss F/A-18C's just in front of the cockpit. Thanks in advance Nico
  15. Wow Vinny! Awesome build! Beautiful A/C.
  16. Sho! What a model! And the base is fantastic!!! How did you get the cracks in the lines on the base???
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