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  1. I'm having a hard time with Academy decals. It always shines too much and never sets into the panel lines no matter how much Micro Sol/Micro Set I use. Should I use something else or are there other tips out there? Please help!
  2. Is this a new kit or a re-box?
  3. Nice cockpit! Those screens looks just like the real deal! Inspirational work...
  4. Thanks! XF-52 seems to be perfect. I'll try the XF-21 with XF-5 but XF-57 looks to be to light... I'll try it anyway and see how it comes out.
  5. Thanks Gianni. Unfortunately I don't know where to find Gunze paints in South Africa :(
  6. I love those colours! Best camouflage out there!
  7. Haha oky sorry. Then the South African News has the story wrong again...
  8. A bit off the topic: Why would the White House release photos of the bodies of the 2 dead couriers and the son of bin Laden but not bin Ladens body? A lot of questions here...
  9. Thanks Curt. I'll use the Humbrol colours!
  10. Can anyone help me with Tamiya colours for an Israeli F-4E? Thanks!
  11. I like the exhaust stain you did there. Good looking plane!
  12. Z-9 has more blades on its tail rotor and is built into the tail section or vertical stabilizer. Why would anyone fake something like that? And there are no other photos of the downed helo accept for the charcoaled one on the other side of the wall?
  13. I've got a canon inkjet photo printer. It prints better than any other printer I've tried for the job but the lack of white ink is still a problem.
  14. Yep I've scribed a few lines without the cement and I see your point hehe. Thanks for all the advice!
  15. Maybe this can help with the iii? http://www.mavdecals.co.za/product_info.ph...products_id=789
  16. Thanks! Started this morning with the first one. So far so good
  17. I've got 4 models with raised panel lines... Any tips on how to do it? I'm pretty much clueless. :D
  18. Not where I live at the moment hehe. Maybe someday...
  19. Coolest diorama I've ever seen! Wish I had the space, money and time to create something like that! Very nice!
  20. Made a set of decals for my 1/48 Heller AS-350. This is for a Netcare 911 medical helicopter used by Netcare in KZN. Can't wait to see it on the finished model! The photo quality aren't that good but the decals look pretty neat! Im also busy with decals for a SAPS AS-350 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_5rQt0EWmOeI/TUx0...600/Netcare.bmp So many other decals I want to make but I can't print anything that is white!
  21. I don't like the nose of this kit. Something's not quite right over there... But I love the cockpit! Good job!
  22. Anyone got pics of a shot down SAAF spitfire perhaps?
  23. Thanks J.C. I'll try that. Funny how technology is so "advanced" but there's no affordable printer to print white... Oh and where do I get white decal film? I'm in South Africa so hobby supplies are limited. Don't know if you'll know?
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