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  1. Trying to make decals of this. In 1/72, about 5mm in width. And also registration numbers.
  2. I want to make white decals but my printer don't have white ink... Does anyone know of an affordable printer that can print white? Any other ideas on this? I've even tried painting the white on both my model, before applying the decals, and on the decal paper, before printing. Not satisfied with either.
  3. THANKS rav pl!!! I've heard of this guy before and it was actually this one that I wanted to build! I couldn't get pictures of it anywhere. Thanks a lot! Question... Where can I get decals for this plan? And what colour was the camouflage? Same as the British Mk.Vb? Grey and green?
  4. Thanks Slartibartfast. I like this one may build it. Look how big the P-47 in the background is compared to the Spitfire
  5. If that's an American Spitfire why does it have a roundel and not a star? I thought the American Spitfires had those blue circles with a yellow lining and a white star?
  6. Better? This was my best effort. I used the Humbrol acrylic flat coat. For some reason it didn't dry to a matt finish. Also didn't seal the deacals and when I started with the weathering the Ramovky decal almost disintegrated. Anyway I'll see how I can fix it. Nico
  7. I like that pic of yours Stona! Would be a challenge to build but it'll look goooooood!
  8. Thanks Mark! I will try out your tips tomorrow and see how it turns out! Also have a Harvard I'm working on
  9. Hehe will do! The kit is the Acedemy P-40C. Decals are from MAV. But I think I'll make my own roundels next time. These have stripes in the orange bits. I'll see if the camera can capture it. I want it to be a solid colour.
  10. They've got 737-800's, only a few, and 737-400's. Had 727's and MD-82/83 in the past but retired now. Check out 1Time airlines on Airliners.net. Also a few silly liveries in their fleet.
  11. Thanks SBARC. I like the Israeli one. The corn field can make an interesting diorama. Too bad its a Mk.IX and not a Vb
  12. Just finished my P-40 of the South African Air Force. Not perfect but its my first build in a very long time. Very basic. Still deciding if I should weather it a bit... Enjoy Nico
  13. Where can I find photos of Spitfires shot down over Europe? A portrait fell on my Mk.Vb and it is destroyed! Now I want to use it do make a diorama of a shot down spitfire... Nico
  14. LOL!!! I like the camouflage scheme!!!
  15. I'm building an Airbus A320 of the Australian JetStar Airline so I guess its the Airbus factory font then?
  16. Where can I download fonts for registration numbers of commercial jets?
  17. Built one last year. I've got a crap load of photos all downloaded off the net. Try airliners.net and saairforce.com. If you want something specific I can email you some pics?
  18. Thanks guys. Yep I know the Tamiya Dark Earth is too red... I use the humbrol 29 Dark Earth, much better!
  19. Anyone know the tamiya mix for british interior green? Lost my instructions of a spitfire... ;)
  20. N-I-C-E-! What paint did you use? Looks creamy... beautiful!
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