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  1. Hello everyone, here is my latest video where I build a HB2C-4 Helldiver from Cyber Hobby in 1/72. Enjoy :) WATCH HERE! Best regards and Happy Modeling! M.
  2. Hello everyone, here is my latest tutorial. I am going to show You how I made a display base for my 1/72 MiG-21 Scale model. In my case I made a hexagon pattern airfield but the technique is applicable for all kinds of concrete and asphalt surfaces. To build the base I used cheap photo frame and 3mm pvc foam board. Enjoy concrete airfield display base - tutorial Best regards M.
  3. Hello everyone, here is a short report on the event that was held in Sofia last month.Very nice models and as always super cool people to talk with. Enjoy! Best regards M.
  4. Hello everyone. I have been opening and closing the box of this kit for quite some years and finally decided to put it on the bench. Compared to modern kits of Eduard and Tamiya it feels outdated and definitely not the best fitting. I decided to do some scratch-building here and there to spice it up a little. As far as videos go the first four days of the build were on livestream and are a bit long (I will put the links for those at the end of the post). The stream is down now and I am doing some short videos when there is something video worthy. Watch day 5 here: https://y
  5. Hello everyone, This is the first episode of my video build series based on my Eduard 1/72 MiG-21 MF build.In this episode we will go trough the assembly, painting and weathering of the cockpit in detail.Enjoy. Best regards and Happy modeling!M.
  6. Thanks mate, is zvezda's offering that bad?
  7. Thanks guys, it goes together nicely with just a few fiddly bits around the wings.
  8. Hello everyone, here is my recently finished MF in BulAF markings. I bought the early release kit so no photo etched parts but the cockpit is so nice that I did't really needed them. The full video build you can watch here: 1/72 MiG-21 MF Video build And here are a few pictures: Best regards and happy modeling M.
  9. Hi guys, I want to scratch build some vehicles for my navy airplanes but I don't have any plans. Can you share some blueprints and drawings of WW2 and modern, US and British carrier vehicles? Dimensions are very important as you may imagine. Best regards M.
  10. here is link for the album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1sQ1S2AdAGQQSEYY2 Do you guys, who are not seeing the pictures, have google account?
  11. Anyone else not seeing the pictures?
  12. Hi guys, my first for 2018 the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 in NASA livery from Fly models in 1/144th scale. Subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/mmscalemodels Thanks for watching Best regards M.
  13. The finished British Hellcat, few pictures along with a video of the build I have enjoyed building this great kit and I hope you enjoy watching as well. Don't be shy and leave your comment :) Best regards and happy modelling M.
  14. Hello everyone, this is my not so recent P-51 Mustang from ICM in 1/48 scale. I was waiting for the article to appear a magazine but it is over an year of waiting now so.. screw it, I am posting the article on my website Read the build article here http://www.mmscalemodels.com/2017/12/p-51-d-15-mustang-plastic-scale-model.html Best regards M.
  15. Hello fellas In the salt weathering technique tutorial I will show you how I use this technique to fade and weather the camouflage of my scale model aircraft. This technique is now on important part of my weathering process and I recommend it to everyone who wants to step his game up. If you want to become a subscriber click here: http://bit.ly/mmscalemodels Watch here: Best regards and happy modeling. M.
  16. Very Nice Ed I can see you have included me in your post, thanks for that. I hope it doesn't bring you any trouble cause I was banned for posting my videos there. Best regards M.
  17. Hello everyone I am happy to announce that the last episode of the F6F video build is ready! Episode 6 of the Eduard 1/48 scale F6F-3 (Mk.I) Hellcat video build series will take you trough the final assembly steps of scale model build. Here you can also see how the finished Grumman F6F 3 Hellcat scale model looks. If you want to be a subscriber click here: bit.ly/mmscalemodels Best regards M.
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