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  1. @K5054NZ, I have not. I sometimes chat with a Hasegawa rep at their booth at the hobby shows in Shizuoka and Tokyo, but unfortunately they were cancelled again this year. Anyone can send Ebay price screenshots to their official Facebook (株式会社ハセガワ) or Twitter (ハセガワ @hasegawa_model) though.
  2. The Hasegawa 1/48 A-4s with non-U.S. markings don't seem to do well in Japan though. I've picked up Falklands, Kuwait, RNZAF, Singapore, and IDF Skyhawks from various hobby shops/second-hand "recycle" shops around Japan and all of them seem to have been sitting on the shelves since they were released in the early 2000s (thick layer of dust, faded box, etc.). I've actually passed on buying a few because there were dead insects/mold inside some of the boxes. So their overseas distributors will need to push them to repop these versions, because they certainly don't seem to sell in their home mark
  3. This type of document shows up every now and again, for both their scale models and R/C cars. For example: http://motorsportmodeller.blogspot.com/2012/10/tamiya-releasing-red-bull-rb6.html If they have a Japan Standard Time announcement date for the domestic market, but they need to get the info out to their international distributors before that date to let them plan the logistics/set up customers for the earlier sell dates outside Japan, then the instructions for those international distributors to keep quiet until the domestic market knows seems reasonable. Clearly people don't co
  4. I guess what I was trying to say was that they probably had set dates at one point, but on that date a shipment could be ready to be EMS'ed from HLJ, getting on a truck at a port in Asia, or still on a boat in the middle of an ocean, hence the gnashing of teeth. If you look on Amazon Japan right now, the release date for this F-4 here in Japan is July 31. Nobody in their right mind is going to sit on their goods and wait for Japan or any other date. They'd want to get to market ASAP, even if it'll mean a lower margin due to higher logistics costs. Anyway, back to people fondling the kit.
  5. That may have been the case before. But it meant places like HLJ in Japan and shops based in Hong Kong usually got to sell them first, so by the time the rest of the world got them many had already bought theirs online. Naturally those affected were upset, so now we in Japan get new Tamiya releases later than everyone else.
  6. Well if any news comes, it won't be at this year's Shizuoka Hobby Show in May, because that's been cancelled. https://www.hobby-shizuoka.com/
  7. The product page on Tamiya's website generally has the Japanese release date. https://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/61120/index.html Amazon Japan's product page is also a good indication. Not to mention the nice discount. https://www.amazon.co.jp/タミヤ-傑作機シリーズ-No-120-ロッキード-ライトニング/dp/B07XBJHSVD/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&keywords=p-38&qid=1572128182&sr=8-1 Both state Nov. 2, which is a Saturday over here.
  8. Tamiya Item 32559? https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/32559staff_car/index.htm
  9. As in the retail boxing MSRP will likely be higher. For reference, the 1/35 JGSDF Type 16 white boxing for the early release event at the Tamiya Plamodel Factory was 4,174 yen (incl tax) while the MSRP listed on Tamiya's site for the final retail boxing is 5,184 yen (incl tax)
  10. And there's already a Yahoo Japan auction listing for twice the price (8,000 yen). https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n358519833
  11. http://www.tamiya.com/english/THS/index18.htm Would've been nice if they had timed it with the actual 100 years of RAF a little while back.
  12. Close to 30% off from Amazon Japan for the D. Over 35% off for the A as well.
  13. If the US release date is August, I'd assume HK retailers will get theirs after that and Japan even later as per recent trends to offset lost sales to the likes of Lucky and HLJ.
  14. Is George even referring to the Tomcat with his Churchill quote? This year is the 100th anniversary of the RAF after all, so maybe another SHS release announcement?
  15. I would assume that a Tamiya America rep would know stuff that we don't. His hands are probably tied as to how much he can reveal to build hype. Japanese hobby companies aren't exactly innovative when it comes to their online/social media presence.
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