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  1. hi modelers i made this beast OOB self-made modified radome(sanding/file to conform) i added only decal 48-72 from authentic decals Painted camouflage free-hand with dedicated colors of mrpaint range thank for looking ciao ciao from ITALY -GIO-
  2. for first...i applied on tail surface a gloss black base,after with more more more patience(5 hours for 4 decal...) the decal...i use mark softer and microsol to conform decal above bulged antenna..... is printed wonderfully....e respond well to solutions... -GIO-
  3. hi modelers i made this BUG using academy kit 1/32 BB cockpit aires exhaust and super decal made by SYHART.... hope you like thank's -GIO-
  4. i received mi 3 new replacement parts direct from producer a days a go.. new parts fit perfectly as well as the level of detail seems improved.. I want to thank Andreas for coordination and support but especially a big thank for mi friend ADI which has produced and sent me new parts perfectly moulded congratulations to all the seriousness demonstrated ciao ciao from Italy -GIO-
  5. hi Geronimo.. i use the tail of Kinetic kit...also the bulged antenna on underside air intake and extend antenna/light in two side of air intake.. yes i use modelmaker decal...very good....i dont use the CFT decals...mi models is aicraft number 4062 for tigermeet13 and not Painted cft equipped.... i think is not more difficult added cft decals on it... thank for appreciate... -GIO-
  6. for first...thank for appreciate to all... i used the decal content in Eduard striking eagle kit(made from cartograf)...only for squadron markings the stenciling is from afterburner...leftover of another kit.... -GIO-
  7. hi modeler's finished model for a friend in Honor for this longlife airframe Flying up to 10000 hours revell kit....aires ex and pit...weapons from various kt(aca/hase/kin) royale resin wheels.. hope you like thank ciao ciao from ITALY -GIO-
  8. hi guys..finished this model.starting from tamiya thunderbird kit..add cft from hase,and antennas from kinetic..decal are Modelmaker from poland..very good. brassin agm-65 and royale resin wheels.. hope you like ciao from Italy -GIO-
  9. I'm looking for the decals sheet SKY'S DECALS F-32017 15BAZ ...... someone owns it and would like to sell it ...?? thanks for all -GIO-
  10. fully approved....thank Doug your beautiful wheels is mounted on this 2 models.... ciao ciao -GIO-
  11. the final coat i sprayed the testors flat laquer thinned at 60/70% i dont use polarized filter for photo...i use the canon lens 50mm f1.8 and eos7d camera.. ciao ciao -GIO-
  12. all paint is gunze acrylic....thin with tamiya laquer thinner(Yellow cap) ciao ciao -GIO-
  13. i guys finished this 2 model....hasegawa kit with little modificatiopns and aftermarket parts... decal for F is fightertown and for G is twobobs...hope you like next step is build the part of carrier deck and accessories... ciao ciao from italy -GIO- the RHINO the GROWLER the COMBO...
  14. hi Chris order placed for one set... many thank's for the fantastic job of this intake+++++++++++++ ciao ciao from ITALY -GIO-
  15. for HOKUM%" and BATANA plus Others interested... I added to the base color of white and I cleared in case the central part of the panels, then I did a mixture of clear yellow and one drop of brown, much thinner. you get a caramel color, passing around the panels with the airbrush you get a low-pressure effects are normally of shadow/wear--- you can also simulate trails of oil and grease in the desired area insisting more ... to the trails on the bolts and rivets, I used colored chalk dust (dark brown / gray / black / orange and dark blue) ..., pull with the applicators microbrush fine and s
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