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  1. Sorry, but Revell kit is twenty year old... i have interest about newest kit, because SuperBug is still updated and upgraded and 20 years old kit probably isn ' t in current config. Thank you very much.
  2. Which is better ? I like a Meng AFV but i don' t know as accurate is. And HobbyBoss have often many errors & mistakes... Ol' Hawa i have šŸ˜‰
  3. Interesting ! Thank you very much. I wrote it a fall in love couple, not married couple. Pilot and his girlfriend.
  4. Hmm, when i understand, wife and husband isnĀ“t likely in one crew - because he has a problem with "submarine" - and later coming it into divorce, or you can have unadequate reaction in style: "You canĀ“t mess with my Wife !" and used "brutal force" against criminal ? And Canadian Police force is most similar with United Kingdom or European style of policing - on common criminiality, withnin many violent crimes (because Canada is more Liberal as USA) and USA are specific with any Cityzen can held gun because it is a constitution right and US Police is for this reason a "small army
  5. Hi mates ! I have an idea to story - but plot is a guy is pilot and his WSO is his own wife/girlfriend. It is a real, or you canĀ“t service with your spouse in one combat crew ? (On USAF F-15E or NAVY/Marine Super Hornet...). Or it is restricted ? And in Law enforcement you can service with your spouse as classic Road Patrol ?
  6. Model is gorgeous ! But when any producer donĀ“t make a new kit - we can deal with Kitty Hawk. I have it in stash and donĀ“t look ugly... and was better as HobbyBoss. Maybe in future make a Zvezda or G.W.H. new Su-34 ? (I donĀ“t critised, because i wait for quarter scale Su-34 a twenty years - and never compared surface details with original. Why ? I canĀ“t re-worked it and complete kit looks as "Fullback".
  7. Gabor.... a colleague have right. You write on "bad" Airfix MiG-17 here, on Britmodeller, on czech modelforum - everywhere.... Why ? It is a cheap "Fresco" kit, most sell in Toy shops.... This doesĀ“make sense - Airfix in this phase, when is kit short on the release really donĀ“t make any adjustments.... And on czech forum modellers write - we bought, we build and we see šŸ™‚ Any error here, any error there - it is a cheap kit for Kids, with attractive marking and gorgeous boxart for Pocket - money.... Their MiG-15 is horrible and ugly - this new MiG-17 is much better šŸ™‚ Maybe in future make an
  8. From today is on market a brand new 1/48 Tamiya kit of P-38F&G version. And is far superior to Academy or Hasegawa kit ! Yup, isnĀ“t cheap but 25 year mold Progress is see at first Glance. When you can a beautiful early Lightning is Tamiya best choice. Hawa and Academy are now suitable for "J" version - because Tamiya isnĀ“t make a "J" now. I build a Hasegawa kit a many years ago (in 1994) šŸ™‚ it is nice kit, but Tamiya is more detailed in all partsā€¦ I have a few years old limited "Bougainville" from Hawa and surface details isnĀ“t sharp- quarter of century is quarter of century - and when you
  9. I donĀ“t know a B-17 in quarter scale is good choice for young (beginner) modeler. It is a huge aircraft and young modelers painted their kits by brush (not airbrush). I never had Monogram B-17, but i have a B-58 "Hustler". Nice kit - but - warped parts.... And this is problem. I was shocked (in a good sense) with teriffic details in cockpit etc... (in 35 years old kit), but quality of moulding was a little problematic. 1/72 small scale Fortress you can paint with brush, but not quarter scale (today it is a obsolete method). I love Hustler, it is a very beautiful Aircraft, but i sold Monogram k
  10. AlCZ

    Richard Bong P-38

    Hmm, F-51...but P-38J is another "mug of coffe". It is most important version of "Twin-tail Devil", with many attractive markings. Tamiya make an "Rocket firing Mustang" in P-51D/K box.... with parts for two important versions (or subversions) of "Mustang". Probably isnĀ“t F-51D a potentional best-seller, donĀ“t forget - TamiyaĀ“s big scale P-51D/K isnĀ“t cheap kit... And Tamiya may be little worried for sales.... I bought first P-51D (only D). Later, when i need a money i sell it, and now i can bought it another Tamiya (in future). Revell is cheap, but it is an early D-5 and quality isnĀ“t compar
  11. AlCZ

    Richard Bong P-38

    In new Tamiya kit are two instruments board - so - i think a "J" version coming soon. T-bolt have Tamiya in three versions (Razorback, Bubble top and M), Mustang in two, Gekko/Irving too, big scale Spit 3x, Corsair 3x, Mustang 2x... DonĀ“t worry, P-38J coming soon. And i think with Ira Bongs personal mount so it is a very famous aircraft. And very cheap and still nice "J" for few bucks have Academy - only decals are horribleā€¦ But Tamiya is better. (And naturally - Hasegawa, but their kit is more expensive as Academy).
  12. Early B-17 in quarter scale (and in big scale 1/32) too is financial suicide. B-17 in both scales is big and early after war versions havenĀ“t a "mark of glory" as "F" and "G" which offer a many attractive (anti)camouflage, nose arts etc... Nobody can risk with early "Fortress". You must make a whole kit from zero... In classic injection plastic we havenĀ“t an more small and simple FW-190A-1. Early Fortess exist as Academy kit in 1/72 and iĀ“am very sceptic for any big scale initial B-17. WW 2 production can be an bestseller, but early ? Simple not. And i donĀ“t believe an company offer this earl
  13. At last ! Hip hip hurray ! https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/09/yes-its-new-tool-48th-scale-b-17g-in.html?m=1
  14. HoNew tool Airfix. Best "G" Flying Fortress in 1/72. Academy is simplified in many parts and it is batch betveen early and late versions and Revell have minimal horrible Matchbox style ("trenches") details on nose. Airfix is winner. But when you need in future a "real" Memphis Belle of "F" version you must bought a Revell "F". (Airfix make a "G" version only...) And movie Memphis Belle is gourgeous, especially with gigantic Pin up on starboard...
  15. Few weeks back i have a 7x Airfix. But i all sold and waiting for new Eduard 1/48 Mustang in over trees šŸ™‚ - because quarter scale is quarter scale. But all - Tamiya, Hasegawa and Airfix are best Ā“Stangs in small scale.
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