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  1. Sorry, but Revell kit is twenty year old... i have interest about newest kit, because SuperBug is still updated and upgraded and 20 years old kit probably isn ' t in current config. Thank you very much.
  2. Which is better ? I like a Meng AFV but i don' t know as accurate is. And HobbyBoss have often many errors & mistakes... Ol' Hawa i have šŸ˜‰
  3. Sorry, but this heavy critic is endequate, sorry guys. "Frelon" is heavy classified aircraft. I bought in this summer a J-20 "Mighty Dragon" from Trumpy. How many pics are from B-2 Spirit ? And this is a thirty years old aircraft. Hind is different case, it is very popular helicopter and Zvezda can make better suface details (rivets). Su-35 aka "Flanker - E" isnĀ“t classified aircraft. It is a standard fighter. But price of GWH is about 100% highers.... And GWH Su-35 is little overhyped kit. New "old" Flanker may have better surface. But it is a nice kit,
  4. Interesting ! Thank you very much. I wrote it a fall in love couple, not married couple. Pilot and his girlfriend.
  5. Hmm, when i understand, wife and husband isnĀ“t likely in one crew - because he has a problem with "submarine" - and later coming it into divorce, or you can have unadequate reaction in style: "You canĀ“t mess with my Wife !" and used "brutal force" against criminal ? And Canadian Police force is most similar with United Kingdom or European style of policing - on common criminiality, withnin many violent crimes (because Canada is more Liberal as USA) and USA are specific with any Cityzen can held gun because it is a constitution right and US Police is for this reason a "small army
  6. Hi mates ! I have an idea to story - but plot is a guy is pilot and his WSO is his own wife/girlfriend. It is a real, or you canĀ“t service with your spouse in one combat crew ? (On USAF F-15E or NAVY/Marine Super Hornet...). Or it is restricted ? And in Law enforcement you can service with your spouse as classic Road Patrol ?
  7. Model is gorgeous ! But when any producer donĀ“t make a new kit - we can deal with Kitty Hawk. I have it in stash and donĀ“t look ugly... and was better as HobbyBoss. Maybe in future make a Zvezda or G.W.H. new Su-34 ? (I donĀ“t critised, because i wait for quarter scale Su-34 a twenty years - and never compared surface details with original. Why ? I canĀ“t re-worked it and complete kit looks as "Fullback".
  8. Gabor.... a colleague have right. You write on "bad" Airfix MiG-17 here, on Britmodeller, on czech modelforum - everywhere.... Why ? It is a cheap "Fresco" kit, most sell in Toy shops.... This doesĀ“make sense - Airfix in this phase, when is kit short on the release really donĀ“t make any adjustments.... And on czech forum modellers write - we bought, we build and we see šŸ™‚ Any error here, any error there - it is a cheap kit for Kids, with attractive marking and gorgeous boxart for Pocket - money.... Their MiG-15 is horrible and ugly - this new MiG-17 is much better šŸ™‚ Maybe in future make an
  9. From today is on market a brand new 1/48 Tamiya kit of P-38F&G version. And is far superior to Academy or Hasegawa kit ! Yup, isnĀ“t cheap but 25 year mold Progress is see at first Glance. When you can a beautiful early Lightning is Tamiya best choice. Hawa and Academy are now suitable for "J" version - because Tamiya isnĀ“t make a "J" now. I build a Hasegawa kit a many years ago (in 1994) šŸ™‚ it is nice kit, but Tamiya is more detailed in all partsā€¦ I have a few years old limited "Bougainville" from Hawa and surface details isnĀ“t sharp- quarter of century is quarter of century - and when you
  10. I donĀ“t know a B-17 in quarter scale is good choice for young (beginner) modeler. It is a huge aircraft and young modelers painted their kits by brush (not airbrush). I never had Monogram B-17, but i have a B-58 "Hustler". Nice kit - but - warped parts.... And this is problem. I was shocked (in a good sense) with teriffic details in cockpit etc... (in 35 years old kit), but quality of moulding was a little problematic. 1/72 small scale Fortress you can paint with brush, but not quarter scale (today it is a obsolete method). I love Hustler, it is a very beautiful Aircraft, but i sold Monogram k
  11. AlCZ

    Richard Bong P-38

    Hmm, F-51...but P-38J is another "mug of coffe". It is most important version of "Twin-tail Devil", with many attractive markings. Tamiya make an "Rocket firing Mustang" in P-51D/K box.... with parts for two important versions (or subversions) of "Mustang". Probably isnĀ“t F-51D a potentional best-seller, donĀ“t forget - TamiyaĀ“s big scale P-51D/K isnĀ“t cheap kit... And Tamiya may be little worried for sales.... I bought first P-51D (only D). Later, when i need a money i sell it, and now i can bought it another Tamiya (in future). Revell is cheap, but it is an early D-5 and quality isnĀ“t compar
  12. AlCZ

    Richard Bong P-38

    In new Tamiya kit are two instruments board - so - i think a "J" version coming soon. T-bolt have Tamiya in three versions (Razorback, Bubble top and M), Mustang in two, Gekko/Irving too, big scale Spit 3x, Corsair 3x, Mustang 2x... DonĀ“t worry, P-38J coming soon. And i think with Ira Bongs personal mount so it is a very famous aircraft. And very cheap and still nice "J" for few bucks have Academy - only decals are horribleā€¦ But Tamiya is better. (And naturally - Hasegawa, but their kit is more expensive as Academy).
  13. Early B-17 in quarter scale (and in big scale 1/32) too is financial suicide. B-17 in both scales is big and early after war versions havenĀ“t a "mark of glory" as "F" and "G" which offer a many attractive (anti)camouflage, nose arts etc... Nobody can risk with early "Fortress". You must make a whole kit from zero... In classic injection plastic we havenĀ“t an more small and simple FW-190A-1. Early Fortess exist as Academy kit in 1/72 and iĀ“am very sceptic for any big scale initial B-17. WW 2 production can be an bestseller, but early ? Simple not. And i donĀ“t believe an company offer this earl
  14. And is in prepare Twin Mustang too ? F-82 was a derivate from "H" version, not ? And i saw a time ago a new tool Twin Mustang announced, but i forgot a company.
  15. At last ! Hip hip hurray ! https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/09/yes-its-new-tool-48th-scale-b-17g-in.html?m=1
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