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  1. Thanks Sinister for posting those links! They're a great help.
  2. Stud, I agree with you, but did you read my opening post?
  3. Thank you goodsgt, I believe you are right. I guess close enough is good enough....
  4. Why are there so many different color callouts for various contemporary Russian jets? It seems every different Soviet/Russian squadron has a different set of colors for the same plane, aside from schemes that might be specific to a locale or clime. Just check online instructions for various models; if all those different colors are accurate, that could/would be a real life maintenance stores bad dream, no? Can anyone shed some light on all those colors? Thanks!
  5. Habu, my disappointment clouded my reason; I didn't know what I was e-saying....Thanks to my fellow Joisyite Hems for that info....So is it possible to mix, match, hash to come up with a reasonable K???
  6. Thanks Berkut, that's what I 'feared.' Oh well, have too many kits anyway....
  7. Is it possible to model a Mig 29K in 1/72 from currently available kits? Are the differences with other Mig-29 versions all that noticeable like the sturdier undercarriage in said scale? Thanks!
  8. Which mark Corsair? There seems to be a lot of controversy concerning actual colors, but most of that can be attributed to various paint mfg's different ingredients applied at different times. As per many color photos, the early marks were painted with USN Blue Gray and olive drab, with Sky below, or light gray, though Sky is more likely, and born out by those same color photos. Those colors would be ANA 603 and 613 respectively and 610 or 602 below. There is the question of the actual hue of 603. Elliot's volume 2 only refers to FS 36118 which was a later color, an almost exac
  9. A bit late; that plane has been restored and modified. Their choice of engines and paint is modern, and spurious at that, and those colors bare no resemblance to any applied during the war.
  10. Propeller blades were polished on the earlier models with dark brown rear faces, then painted that dark brown all over from late '42 or early '43 on. Why dark brown and not the cowling black...?
  11. So? Let's see...do you reduce all the over-scale parts or details on a model? A small photo, especially of Japanese a/c, which might be equal to a scale as small as 1/100 or more often shows rivets, depending on light of course. Anyway, I'm not alone in the rivet thing, but thanks for your contribution!
  12. Hi All, Might I try again and ask if anyone can help with the rivet pattern for the Reppu? Like the Ryusei, all the plans I've seen online just show panels. Appreciate any help. Thanks! Jim
  13. Many thanks salomon, it indeed helps. Now just need the wing upper surface.... Thanks again!
  14. Hello All, I've seen at least one other member ask about rivet patterns, in his case the Fw-190. All I've been able to find are blueprints with no rivets. Having seen the Aichi Judy blueprints, and some photos, with numerous rivets within panels, this plane also from Aichi might as well have too many to accurately guess. So, can anyone help? Thanks!!!
  15. PRU blue is the best substitute; it's too close to USN blue grey to notice a real difference and it would spare you mixing colors.
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