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  1. Szia! Nagyon profi amit ezzel a Super kornettel csinálsz! Jó látni más magyarok munkáit is ezen a Forumon! Hajrá és alig várom hogy kész legyen. Üdv Polo
  2. Hi Gianni! Your build is as perfect as usual!!! I can't wait for seeing the final result. Best wishes from Hungary, Polo
  3. Congratulaton! Looks good this tiny bird! Burma Banshee is my personal favorite unit of the wwII. 😉
  4. The second one looks more realistic.... 1/72 or /48? Could you describe the method you did to achevied the streched metal looking of externals? Regards Polo
  5. It's so creepy.... outstanding details, your metallic paint job on the motor cover is breathtaking. Respect, perfect job. Polo
  6. Hi Gianni! Your build is outstanding... what you have done with the main landing gear bay is something to be taught in the modelling academy 😁 Anyway, I1m looking forward the final touches and result of the Bis. What kinda syrian camo gonna be this bird??? Early one or the yellowish-green late type, they applied after the local refurbishment?? Best regars, Polo
  7. Not a big surprise... I had some change in my life thats why I was away for a while. I always like to watch your step by step build... Nowadays I do not build maquetts.. just collecting reference books, photos etc.. and looking for ideas... I keep my eyes on your builds.. 😉 Merry Xmas and Happy New Year my friend! 🎄 Polo
  8. Hi Gianni! That is stunning work as usual from you. This could be a reference for many modellers, mostly for those not really expert of the Israeli Air Force. I well know the basic of your work, the Revell mystére based on the old Matchbox one. I'm just wondering what a beautiful gem came out from that old plastic. Well done my friend! Best regards, Polo
  9. Hello Rightwinger! Congratulation for building this nice bird! Awesome job. Just only one note, this version of the Mig-17 was the PFU version armed with 4 AA-1 air to air missiles (RS-2U the missile type in the soviet term). The Mig-17PF had just radar and gun armament and no missiles at all. ;) Regards Polo
  10. pics sent.... check your mail cheers Polo
  11. Hi Rob! In private, please send me your mail address and i will send you all my walkaround pics and photo collection (collected from net) to you. I think it is easier for you to pick up what you need for the next steps. Regards Polo
  12. Thx for your kindly words....Yes that mirage really had a-a victories but i did not have all-around pics about the camo from that period... and I wanted a silver arrow in my collection... but I never again turn for the matchbox two-seater mirage.... waiting for the RV or collecting money for the High Planes one.... About the mailing failure..... Maybe you should have to do an gmail adress... or i really do not know what could be the problem because i did not get any warning about the mail was failed.... in PM please send me again your address and try to send it again.... may i made a typo? (
  13. ' and finally my Matchbox Two seater Mirage III is finished... My link not an hasegawa but i like it after almost 3 years fight..... ( 1,5 years were spending in my drawer....) :D
  14. Hi Rob! What is next part of the SEM??? Do you need close up photos about specific parts??? Regards Polo
  15. Hi Friend! Did you received the mail???Is the attachment available for you??? It wa the first time to use the Google drive and I am not sure it was working or not. Please feed back some info ;) Polo
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